[MOD]AoM Extension (Non custom games) for GD1061

Because my English expression is not good, so the main function of MOD can only be demonstrated with pictures. I’m sorry! :wink:

AoM_Extension_MOD(Non custom games)_for_GD1061.rar (232MB) Yandex.Disk

Extract content of “GDX1” into your “Grim Dawn” folder (Covering the same name file). Or put GDX1 folder in …\Grim Dund\mods\ as custom game.


Not sure what the mod does, but it overwriting the AoM expansion (which it does from my understanding) sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Why don’t you make it a regular mod ?

I actually tried it and it didnt work after ovewriting the existing files, maybe i did smth wrong, I had the Tag not found everywhere but anw
As mamba said you better make it into a mod

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “make it a regular mod”. If it’s a custom game, just put the GDX1 folder in …Grim Dawn\mods.

Perhaps your path of release is incorrect?

Lord Infernus and the two Iron Maidens do not attack me, and I cannot attack them.

Maybe your character is not up to that requirement.

I don’t think that is the cause, I do not have that status with any faction (char only completed Normal so far), yet these were the only ones not attacking, the other Nemesis did attack (I got 5 shoulders from drops…)

I assume the missing status only prevents them from spawning in vanilla, since you placed them on the map, they should attack (just like the others did).

I misunderstood then, as you wrote in the OP to place it in my Grim Dawn folder (not Grim Dawn\mods) - and there it would have overwritten the expansion

The two faction mentioned above are different from others faction.

You can use your GD Stash to revise faction and try again.

You didn’t misunderstand. That’s what I meant.

Kind of liked the idea of this as an ultimate region with all nemesis around so i played along. Indeed I tried with Kymon Chosen character and Iron maiden wont attack due to standing, and when i tried with an Order of death they did attack me.
Btw Lokarr and Ravager fight each other ha!

then my original criticism stands, turn it into a proper mod that does not overwrite AoM.

You are surprising me though as your initial reply was to put it in the mod folder

I actually did that and it works (no surprise there… it just means you packed too many files in your mod as you intended to overwrite the originals and therefore needed to include all files, not just the ones you changed)

Yes, yes, you finally understood my intentions. :wink:

The effect of overwrite the originals is that the map is valid for most custom games. E.g: Grimarillion, Cataclysm, Coronus, Grim Quest…

ah, ok, so that is why you did it this way… of course the downside is that you will need to update with every new GD patch :wink:

Well, this is a very headache. But fortunately GD updates are not frequent, and then consider whether to follow up.

OR you can make a folder with your files and in the same directory put Archivetool and a .bat file with -add or -update to update it even if AOM is updated.This way your mod file should be a lot ligher to download and people will only need to execute the bat to update their own AOM file.

However this method is interesting because it allow to make 2 mods stack.

Thank you for your advice, but your method is not suitable for updating the game.


  1. old data may not match new data.
  2. map can not be automatically updated synchronously.