[MOD] Better looking / sounding Fire Forcewave

I really don’t like the fire one (my favorite are Lightning, Elemental and Cold in higher settings only)

Original Fire Forcepuddle:

Stolen from Korvaak himself:

The sweep sound changed to more fiery and less tiring.


I want this NOW

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how much would this cook our hardware spammed in crucible ? :thinking:

And I want to level it with 50% Phy to Fire to Bulvwark from Sunherald :wink:
Here you have link if you’d like to test it out:


  • The look of various Forcewaves (for example Cold) changes depending on your graphical settings quite significantly. The Fire Forcewave we have here might have been 1/3 too short when I was using different options.txt. You might want to check my graphical settings if it doesn’t look like mine.

  • Changes the sounds of all Forcewaves (should’ve made it separate).
    But I think it’s fine because it sounds better even for non-fire Forcewaves in my opinion

  • You have option to change

    • Physical Forcewave look

      • for leveling for example when you don’t have endgame items
    • the Fire one

    • Both.

Probably won’t change anything. Also if something cooking your hardware, just tweak for settings. On other note - I recently discovered Grim Internals greatly reduces my FPS when there are many monsters on the screen.

:crate: should make it so that we inherit Korvaak’s Forcewave after killing him :wink:

reason i mentioned it was on appearance it could seem like that “new” fire FX would/could take up a little bit more resources when used compared to the old, since it’s way more detailed and intricate

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Btw if someone has some cool ideas with what skills replaced with what FXs from the game (I don’t remember them), please share @Maska322 I wanted to change Cold FW to 1/3 of Leviathan wave but I was only able to replace the lower part and it didn’t look good.

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Wait a sec, how did you change the sound of a forcewave without modifying sounds.arc?

I swapped it with existing one, I mean Forcewave has a database entry what sound it should play so I just change this entry to some different Grim Dawn sound already in Sounds.arc.

Cool, but I suppose it only works with existing sounds

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Sad because if I wanted to make a meme sounds pack or something that means you must download whole .arc files and the sound ones are 1gb and more

There is no need to include your own sounds into the existing sound.arc.
Just create your own meme_sound.arc and put it in the folder “/resources”.
Grim Dawn reads all .arc files, so your sounds will be recognized by the game anyways.
You only have to adjust the .dbr files in database.arz.


Also modding in Yellow Seal as the default one for them Fire Forcewave Tacticians:


My build would love this!

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