[MOD] Caravaner

Well, what was intended to be used with the new VX character, now we have to wait until the problem is solved. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I will continue to debug it!

The problem has been solved successfully. Thank you for your help. :women_wrestling:

What am I doing wrong? I’ve extracted it to the mods folder, and nothing. I have the GOG version of the game, but run it straight from the game, not from GOG Galaxy. The game is clean, no other mods with all addons ( AM, FG, Cr ).

Must possess AM & FG.

Which is what he said.

I have all addons, as I said. Do I need to delete anything? There is no info on the webs on this mod other that right here. Item assistant doesnt seem to work with the GOG version of the game. All Im trying to do is increase my inventory slots.

Hello, friends!
I just bought a 1920x1080 display, so I will no longer support this mod. Sorry.
Who still uses a small screen resolution, I recommend New Caravaner & VX-Character mod: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/mod-2020-new-caravaner-vx-character-include-source-for-gd-v1-1-5-2-gdx2/

Now I am almost completing a new mod with a maximum stash size for 1920x1080 with default UI Scale size. All other UI adjusted for new stash size.
Do you have any interests in this?

You use he character wings mod with this? That is awesome if you do, any chance of a version with grimmest support?

I wish all Mods used this or had a version for this Mod

Thanks. I am not currently using Character wings mod and Grimmest mod. But in the future, it will be possible to use the source files of this mod in conjunction with any other mods.

Definitely interested in that max stash with 1080p resolution.

To get additional inventory space, you could put the stats list back to it’s original height and extend the main inventory to the right.

Here’s the image from the other thread concerning the same idea:


Thanks for the idea! But at the moment I don’t have enough time - everything takes real life, I have not played the game for two weeks now. But it’s okay, I think - only two people were interested in my message about the new stash - so now I can devote more time to real life, and not the mod, which so few people need. Readiness 98% - someday but not yet.

No problem. I just figured that making the character window’s main inventory bigger would help expand the storage capacity.

Good job on your mod, by the way. :+1:

i am also definetely interested in the 1080p stash

Your idea has come true. :upside_down_face:
[MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) Apply to GD v1.1.6.2 (GDX2) - Grim Dawn / Modding - Projects - Crate Entertainment Forum [MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) Apply to GD v1.1.6.2 (GDX2)

yes, I do :wink:

Good job! :+1:

Hello! I finally returned to my UI mod for 1920x1080.

At the moment, the following is ready:

  • -Increased stash
  • -Increased inventory
  • -Increased Inventor pages image
  • -Increased Crafting screen
  • -Increased Vendor and Faction vendor pages image
  • -Increased Illusionist screen
  • -Increased Notes/Help screen
  • -Increased images for all shrines
  • -Increased faction relations screen

But I would like to know your opinion on the need to replace some text with a more readable one:

The graphic part is ready completely. Most likely I will publish a new mod after the release of a new patch. What text replacement should I include or limit myself to graphics only?

FYI - next patch will be releasing the end of this month or early next month - according to Zantai in the last Misadventure - so you have a little bit of time to polish and implement.

how to make this work with vanilla characters / crucible characters ?