Mod changes don't show ingame(FIXED!)

Issue: No changes ingame after making changes to a mod, or making a mod.
Solution: Do not copy from working folder to mod folder, asset manager already does that,
just play the game after the manager is finished building…and don’t forget to save each
file you edit.

no answer?

Can you describe the exact steps you did to do your changes?
It’s hard to help without knowing what you’re doing.

From my experience, changes not appearing, means you messed up the path of the file you want changed.

Found the issue, for some reason, copying from working folder to mod folder messed the mod up…idk why, but i noticed that asset manager did that already while building the mod after changes, so i just started the game without copying to mod folder and now it works…woot, thanks for trying though, at least some people bothered to replay.