[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes + Blood Knight: Patch 4.9 Released

Thanks for the info, cant wait!

The Archangel of Justice

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Since players will fight bosses at early levels, some of them are getting nerfed, specially Tyrael. He has a lot of lifestealing, CC and invulnerability skills right now. All of this is being removed/reduced, on his Normal and Elite versions at least.

He also is getting new voice lines when he spawns as an enemy and different ones after becoming… an ally. Yes, Tyrael will have a small background story, in which he is corrupted by the Cairn’s evil forces after crossing realms. Defeating him means saving him from corruption and keeping his angelic essence. With this essence, you can reform him back to fight by your side for 5 minutes, in a final act of gratitude, before returning to the world of Sanctuary.


Waiting for one more new mastery…

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I’ve been playing it since it came out yesterday, very fun class

let’s see what we will receive from FoA and start from there

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I would ask exactly that, I just saw the release of the new tempest class in d3, are we going to have it here too?




:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: That’s very, very, very good

Been playing the mod for quite a while, thanks for all your hard work! Would it be possible to add a Crusader’s version of Voldrak’s Crusher?

Also I may have found an issue with your version of the Rylok Crest. There is a 0% bleeding damage modifier to frenzy that is not present in grim tools.

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During some gameplay testing, I noticed that some enemies have a kind of redundancy, becoming a waste of room to enemies with different damage types, and decided to create some new ones.

Of course these new monsters will drop new MI items, which will focus on modify D3 skills that have poor item support currently, like Exploding Palm, Hydra and Spray of Teeth, and also to add an alternative to play some skills using a different damage type at early levels. Here are two examples:



These two items will be dropped by the new enemies:

Fleshwarped Icecleaver (replacing the Fleshwarped Butcher)

Embergaze (replacing Corruption)

There will be 5 more new enemies to encounter across the first acts:

Fleshwarped Frosteye (Replacing the Fleshwarped Trolls)


Voidforge Clan (Replacing Leech)


Death Seraph and Death Maiden (replacing the Male/Female Apparitions)

Succubus (Replacing the Voidfiend)

And all bosses are ready to give heroes a hard time (or not xD). Here’s a glance of the visuals for Malthael and Diablo shrines:

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i dont know if people have asked befor will you be adding diablo immortal pets system to the mod?

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I liked the suggestion, it would be really nice to have immortal diablo pets in the mod.

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Is it possible to add this mod to Reign of Terror?

I believe so, but it must take a lot of work because both files are huge to make them into one.

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Since the latest patch 4.9 of this mod, a bug has arisen that freezes the character in place as soon as you want to carry a 2H melee weapon. As soon as it is put on, the character can no longer move. In the picture, I am wearing the “Hevils Greatsword”.
Tested without selected mastery.
The base game is not affected by this bug
All other items (Offhand, Shield, 1H Melee/Ranged, 2H Ranged) Works fine without any issues.

Another bug I noticed is that when you restart the game, you see your created with a choosen Mastery char as “Tag not Found: tagSkillClassName”. As soon as you go into the game and restart the session, the “tagSkillClassName” is complete again.

Game Version: Playtest
Plattform: Steam
Cloud: Disabled Both
Mod Version: 4.9.x
Other Mods:

  • IA Installed, but not used at this moment
  • DPYES: Installed, used and not used for Testing pupose (not affected)


Small patch:

Based on a recent bug report, this is a hotfix for the movement animation of the male character while dual wielding ranged weapons. It also includes stats update for some Crusader weapons.

Extract into the Diablo_III/database folder over the old file.

4.9 Hotfix