Mod help- altering lvlup stats

The mod that I want to make is quite simple, just the alteration of a few numbers.
Unfortunately I cant find the numbers to alter them.
What I want to do:

Change Skill points per level up from 3 to 5
Change Attribute points per level up from 1 to 2
Change Devotion points per shrine from 1 to 2
double faction rep earning

Can someone please tell me how to do this with GD’s editor?

Level Up Parameters

Edit CharacterModifierPoints and skillModifierPoints

records/interactive/[all the devotionshrine… .dbr files]
StaticShrine Config


Edit devotionPoints[/INDENT]

records/controllers/factions/faction_aetherial.dbr, faction_beast.dbr, faction_chthonian.dbr, faction_exile.dbr, faction_kymonzealots.dbr, faction_necromancers.dbr, faction_outlaw.dbr, faction_undead.dbr

[INDENT]double the following values (if they exist):


Thank You.
I’ve finish the mod, but now I cant get the game to use it.
According to the supplied guide, I just tell the editor to ‘build’ via the build sub-menu and it should work.
How do I tell the game to select and use a mod?

Open Grim Dawn.
Under the big Start button there should be Main Campaign -> change this to Custom Game and select your mod.
You will have to play around with your save files to be able to play your vanilla characters though. I’m in the process of doing this and it’s bugging out a bit.

Thank you.

I’ve done these steps -

I’ve used mods made by others that affect skill/stat points awarded per level. I’ve altered it myself and created a standalone mod for the purpose.

Third party mods all seem to be in place and functioning - but on first levelup I find that the stat/skill points per level are still at default levels (using brand new test char with mod active).

The game has apparently hidden/buried them somewhere new, and I haven’t a clue where to look.