[Mod Idea] Ways to improve group play

Hi guys! I know this game is developed as a single player game with multiplayer capabilities but I was thinking about how to change that a little and this is what I came up with:

  • New difficult level: Past legendary, a whole new difficult level where you really need a group to finish it, doesn’t sound too hard to make but I have no idea how to mod.

  • Support classes: How about a healer/holy buffer class? at the same time, how about a debuffer class, with totems and auras? with two support/themed classes you can have a new class combination totally made for support characters, useless in solo tho but still it can work with other masteries.

Another idea would be a paladin with something like zeal from D2 paladin, with a whole lot of “on hit” procs, like auras, debuffs, CC/Stun type of skills, etc.

  • New items w/spells: ok, maybe you don’t have a healer on your group, but how about a consumable that does something like that, not at the same power as a support but still something to work around.

  • New dungeons: Like BoC and SoT but a whole new one, really hard, with mechanics like Kurast 3000 on Median XL (diablo 2 mod) where you need to destroy some pylons in order to be able to kill the mobs.

That’s what I have for now, just wanted to share this thoughts, mostly because I always loved playing healer in groups (I still remember the fun of going aura/holyhealer on D2 hardcore with my friends).


I actually have an Elementalist support/tank character using Demolitionist/Shaman.

This character was made to compliment a fully offensive melee character in co-op who so far has achieved a critical hit of 146k I believe. I also have items that give buffs like Empowered Combat Medic’s Mark (heal) and Legionnaire’s Triumph (battle cry dps buff). Devotion also gives a few AoE buffs from Tree of Life and Obelisk of Menhir.

sorta like a mini MMORPG where mobs have tons of HP and require a balanced party requiring someone to tank, another to DD, and a healer? that would be cool indeed