[Mod] Infinity Chaser

General Info

  • The mod introduces a system for infinite level ups.
  • Earn experience by slaying monsters, crushing totems and exploring the Shattered Realms.
  • Upon level up you can choose to level up a skill to boost your attributes.
  • Available ONLY on Ultimate and level 100.
  • Compatibility: Ashes of Malmouth / Forgotten Gods 1.2.
  • Multiplayer: May or may not work.



  • Download mod from the link above
  • Navigate to your Grim Dawn install directory → mods folder
  • Place the downloaded archive file in the mods folder
  • Right click on the archive, choose “Extract Here” option
  • Start Grim Dawn, on the left side, click Main Campaign > Custom Game select “InfinityChaser ~ world001.map” and press accept.
  • To confirm the installation went properly: double click on the mods/InfinityChaser folder and inside you should find 2 folders - “database” and “resources”

How it Works

  • When the mod starts and from time to time during play you will see visual indicators hover over your character. One will show your progress towards the next level and the other how many infinity points you have available.

  • Once you have leveled up you may summon the Infinity Lord and earn your first infinity blessing. The skill is avaialbe for assignment to the skill bar by default. Speak to the Infinity Lord to level up blessing or receive a manuscript describing what blessings are available.


  • The mod will always save upon level up and spendind infinity points.
    Additionally the mod will save every 10 seconds and print slightly more information in the game console. The console can be accessed by pressing ~


Future Plans

For now the mod offers a fairly basic set up and only allows you to increase one or a combinations of your primary attributes. Nothing for pet users till next major update :frowning:
There is also no option to respec at the moment.

Goal for the next update is to respecing an option while bringing more tailor made and focused blessing choices.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see added in the mod.


The first Mod based on 1.2, must support it. :hugs:

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Great work and ingenuity to make it work, so the blessings are buff granted by a pet.They don’t have a duration and are not dispellable, so do they last all the session ?
Does the pet auto summon when launching the game to cast all buffs ?
I wished we could make new UI interface to choose which points to affect where and see the total we allocated in each category.
Very cool number display and UI work.

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

The UI problem took a long time to crack till it gets to this workable state. I too wish we could do more.

To answer your questions. Yes tey are buffs, not dispellable and last forever or till death. They are cast at the start of the game and then every 10 seconds as a back up. And yes cast by pets, guess friendly units would be a more appropriate term.


I recognize I’m asking questions about an older thread/mod, but I was hoping you could shed some light on how things are looking under the hood.

My assumption would have been that you had to attach an onDie script to every enemy in the game (sans summons/SR monsters, etc.) in order to grant experience to players.

First of all,

If that assumption is true, was there any noticeable performance impact from this?


I’m confused about the state of script assignment. Within infiniteprogression.lua, you have a number of ‘Function Overwrite’ functions enumerated. The first one, for instance, is

function gd.InfiniteProgression.nemesis_eldritch_01(onjectID)

Which should in theory trigger off of Kaisan dying…no? Yet Kaisan doesn’t attach this script; he still uses the vanilla one (which is named in the above script)


Am I misunderstanding something or is this just an error (stemming from autogeneration, perhaps)? Also, you have a script for Alkamos

  function gd.InfiniteProgression.ghost_stepsoftorment_02(objectID)

But don’t seem to include Alkamos in your files, and ergo have no means to call this script. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, I think your autogeneration ignored most enemies in boss&quest that had an initial onDie script already.

I could be completely wrong about the assumptions I’m making above.

Please tell me if I am.

Just trying to wrap my head around how things are working in here (before I try to do the same-but-different).

Edit: Oh also there’s an indentation problem beginning here which I’m reasonably sure may cause issues because Lua is fairly whitespace-sensitive:

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Don’t worry, i know that a mod has added onDie to all enemies, which has no impact on performance.