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Mod - Grimarillion

Grim_Expression - Martyr (Dream + Champion) - LvL 45 HC Normal finished, Self-found. Aether/Lightning. OP combo, hold LMB and win.

Black Sepulcher for shrine video.

Log yawn battle video.

Build images :

The Champion is tough, gaining lots of HP and HP regen with mastery investment. Ceno has expressed his Zenith masteries are designed for, yet-to-come, more difficult game play. Having said that, it did exceptionally well in normal and I believe that will carry on through to Ultimate later. The two skills I maxed proc when I am hit and do Aether/Lit aoe damage. I used a toggled buff skill that provides resistance reduction, and another that provides various bonuses as the character loses health. I tested the summon skill and found it fun, but gave it up to keep the build simple. Other abilities were not tested.

Dream provided the active attack spells. Similar to cadence, every 3rd hit does physical damage and a modifier for added aoe. The class provides two passives to convert phys to Lit or Vitality. I went with Lit to maintain the Lit/Aether synergy. Dream also provides some solid passives and buffs to OA and ADctH. The mastery has a pbaoe skill that also stuns that I will likely invest back into later on, a wave skill that also slows, a sleep spell is fun and debuffs, multiple exclusive skills to pick from, and a passive buff line. I believe Asylum101 did well to update and round out this class. The ability to convert to Lit or Vitality allows for build diversity.

Devotions were basically chosen for more Lit and Aether damage along with Kraken for 2h bonuses. Aether Bomb from Widow is currently the only attack skill and is attached to Dream’s blink spell. Ultimately I will probably finish with Tempest and/or Spear of Heavens.

Overall, I like the class, though around level 20 it became a sleeper. I hope Elite and Ultimate bring more challenge.


Grim_Expression - LvL 66, HC Elite finished.

Seal of Log video with Boss yawn battle.

The Martyr is still pretty tough. This build uses many ‘when-hit’ types of procs. The most dps comes when more critters are chewing on you. Though if you get cocky, a heavy group could still drop the HP bar into the danger zone.

I used Pionic Touch as my LMB-to-win skill and I picked up Sands of Sleep with its moddifier on the RMB. Sand of Sleep and it’s modifier provide some good debuff action along with deploying aether bomb devo. The roll of the Champion tree hasn’t changed. The ‘when-hit’ procs and survivability skills keep the Martyr going.

Elite did have some challenging moments, though the Martyr still breezes through much of the content with little risk if you are awake at the mouse. I did get bored after Homestead and did my best to rush through to finish. I’m hopeful Ultimate will bring the challenge the Martyr needs to motivate me to finish.

Mod - Grimarillion

Grim_Heart - Warmonger (Soldier + Warfare) - LvL 49, HC Normal finished, Self-found. Phys/Trauma. Rush in and bash face. Shout and toot the Horn to suppress large groups. Throw the banner against heavy targets for added badassery.

SoT run video.

Log battle video.

Build images :

Soldier - nothing needs to be said about this. I basically took the bar to 50 and dropped a point or 2 in a few skills.

Warfare brought more physical and trauma damage to the table. I used Warwind as my main attack with Bull’s Rush attached to it which proc’d 100%. Basically she would rush in and do a double spin attack. The Horn skill is fun, it has a large aoe with long duration stun. And battle standard is great for those tough fights where you need more muscle to give and take punishment.

Devotion not shown is the Autumn Boar for the on-block trauma damage. Everything else is focused on phys/trauma damage as well; Bull’s Rush on attack and another on-block proc from Anvil. I have yet to plan beyond that.

Overall, another enjoyable run through normal and I could see playing this build through to Ultimate. This build isn’t as fast or tanky as the Martyr, though felt more balanced towards the environment. I used sword/board setup and found clearing large trash areas a bit tedious at times. Though phys damage seems to rock undead pretty well. With further investment in Soldier’s Break Morale and Warfare’s Doomhorn and Triump, she would be doing some serious debuffing. With more investments into the Soldiers passives and similar gear, I can see this build rivaling Warder builds in vanilla.

Mod - Grimarillion

Grim_Nights - Wight (Rogue + Necrotic) - LvL 46 HC Normal finished. Pierce/Acid/Poison. Shooter with a few tricks.

Seal of Log and Boss battlevideo.

Build images:

Rogue - Surprisingly, Rogue turned out to be a hidden gem for ranged. Calculated Strike is a single target shot, though the second hit does 255% weapon damage and 624 pierce damage. The shot also has a 40% chance to pierce the target. Lethal Strike is another single shot skill on a CD, though the damage is high with 100% chance to pierce the target and stun for 3 sec. Envenom Weapon buff line converts Phys to Acid, adds flat Acid, and can confuse and cause fumble. Boomerang Blades is an amazing skill. It orbits your location, though does not follow. High pierce damage eats trash and you can set the blades and fall back to force enemies into it. Combined with Noxious Posion Gas Bomb, any mob that made it into melee, didnt last long.

Necrotic - Mastery bar investment brought stats and ADCtH (24% at lvl 40). There is a skill at level 50 investment I want to check out. Other than that, my original idea fell apart and the Necrotic skills no longer fit what I am trying to do.

Devotion - Scorpion Sting on Boomerang Blades. Anything that tried to melee would get eaten up pretty quick. Acid Spray on Calculated Strike for the Acid and debuffs. The rest of the points went into skills to unlock Kraken, Hydra, Behemoth, and eventually Assassin.

Overall this has been a fun build. And it’s not the typical “hold LMB to win.” When forced to kite heavey mobs or bosses I would trap with Boomerang Blades and Gas Bomb and fire with Lethal Strike when it was off cd. With the main ranged skills being single target with pierce mechanic, it’s not the fastest trash clearing build. This strength did do well vs heavy mobs and bosses.

Wow, i enjoy your review and share!!

Might drop some of mine too… We did have a weekly run, it’s either 2 or 4 person per session. Tbh, my GD comeback this year was cuz of you guys, grimarillion community.

Please, continue your effort.

Mod - Cornucopia v0.3.3

NeverSayDie (grimcalc link) - Vitality/Fire/Cold Saboteur - Dualwield with Sacred Balance set - SC Ultimate Finished, no deaths

Videos - Coming soon!

Stats shown are with all permanent buffs and Pneumatic Burst active:


Cornucopia had big changes for the Nex/Ortus set. It was reworked from a hybrid Fire/Cold set into a Hybrid Fire/Cold/Vitality set, which sounds even worse, except there’s some really solid Vitality gearing options available. Here’s what’s going on:

The Sacred Balance skill gives Saboteurs a pseudo-Curse of Frailty to utilize, where they otherwise would have no form of Fire/Cold resist shredding in one skill or any form of Vitality resist shredding.

Beyond that, the Scourge relic has a completion bonus that further converts Cold into Vitality (although I’m not sure if this actually functions; damnit, Crate):

Because Scourge Strike was reworked to be a Shadow Strike clone, we can forego skillpoint investment into the latter.

We’re also using Fiendflesh Mantle and Fiendscale Jacket, both of which give +skills to Anatomy of Murder. Why is this important? In Cornucopia, Anatomy of Murder gives further flat Vitality Damage. The Jacket reduces enemy resists slightly and the mantle greatly improves our survivability against Aetherials and Chthonics while converting a little more Fire into Vitality Damage. Also, turns out the Fiendflesh Mantle looks really cool, which you’d never know because the original item sucks:

Finally, we have an Ellena’s necklace (which converts Physical -> Cold) with its handy new proc (which shoots out ice orbs that freeze enemies):

And we have a Spectral Crown with its handy new toggled buff:

Do note that for testing purposes, neither of these items were acquired legitimately. We wanted to see how far the Sacred Balance set could be pushed in Cornucopia, and I think this about does it. The skilltree is entirely vanilla-valid with no new skills and performs much like your typical Saboteur. With more skillpoints in the expansion, I’d be looking to acquire Blast Shield and Flashbang.

Any questions? :slight_smile:

Mod - Grimarillion

Grim_Tea - Channeler (Nature + Arcanist) - LvL 46 HC Normal finished. Elemental pet/caster hybrid [WIP]

Seal of Log and boss battle vid.

Build images:

The Arcanist tree provides the elemental buff to myself and the pets along with the aoe cold+debuff spell. I’ll take the mastery bar to 50 and invest in Star Pact for increased cold and CD reduction.

The Nature tree provides the pets, a buff, an aoe heal, and a debuff spell. I’ve stopped the mastery investment at 40 and will continue to invest in the pets for additional strength. The nymph pet has a high rate of fire and her second modifier deals good elemental damage. The wolves act like shock troops and help with clean-up.

For devotions I have Acid Spray proc on the wolves for the flat debuff, Elemental Storm on the nyphm, which she procs often, and Shepard’s on my Greater Fireball. I’m working on filling out Bysmiel’s Bond and would like to eventually get Leviathan for use on plague.

This build had some slow moments at the start. The wolf pets do low damage despite decent investment early on. Once I got flash freeze and the nymph, things really picked up. I plan to invest heavily in the pets, Nature’s plague skill for debuffs, and Arcanists IEE for the buff. On the hybrid caster side, I will continue to invest in OFF and aim for a relic or item skill I can spam for some DPS assist. I’ve managed to use Greater Fireball for most of normal.

I’ll let this one rest for for a bit before I continue on through Elite. Pet builds aren’t really my style and the slow moments were hard to play through.

Hi Kathanious,

What are your plans for further development of your Martyr?

I’m going to wait and see what the Zenith update brings before playing through Ultimate.

Thank you for your prompt reply!

Looking forward to see how this is going to develop :cool:

The Coronus tree provides Many of the pets and only pets.

The Spirit tree provides the rest of the pets used.

I now have a proper army that can fight. Most of the aggro is on them, but some of the monsters seems to be designed / coded to ignore pets and attack the user instead. Thankfully it’s a small group coded that way. If i group my pets correctly, the monsters get stuck trying to get to me and my pets kill it. I’m not doing any damage, pure pets.