[MOD] [Mastery] Skelethon

the mod looks interesting and I like the theme, I will try it out. On a second note, Somerled, did you manage making PSEditor work in the end?

To ctfx: google image search is your friend. Just upload the img file or paste the url in the slot and you will find all sources. You’ll have to look for the right one, but it’s not that hard really (it’s ofter among the first results)

No, even after upgrading to W10 and after the next update of GD. I fucked up somewhere in extracting the files, although I can still make mods I can’t use the viewer or the PSEditor correctly and I don’t know why.

Not work for me. Character stuck at lev 1, no exp…

All I did was create a new mastery and change items. I didn’t touch anything else, so I’m pretty sure that this problem isn’t on my end.

For now you’re not missing out so don’t worry too much about making it work.

I had that issue, fairly certain it’s caused by DAIL. verify your files thru steam, it should redownload a couple and fix it.

Today I did, finally, manage making it work. I don’t know if your issue, being similar to mine, shares the same solution (my tex viewer works fine, so it could be different), but you should check the thread out to at least try.