[Mod] Mob Density Increased

Yes, I found the way, I just added it. Is funny how fast they run.

By stash you mean inventory bags?

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Yeah, sorry.

I’m testing it out now by moving all the folders except for the “skills” folder to the version 4 mod folder, dont know if it’ll work. (it didn’t :D)

that being said there are some increased stash space mods if you’re interested in adding those (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=551712)

I dont know if you need to get permission though

I don’t know why it can’t be used on mods. Probably a bug?

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What about our characters are not visible on Main campaign? We can only play on your mod right now, any ideas what can be done?

Main Campaign and Custom Game are diffrent game modes. Custom Game characters are for mods.

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Ty for release 4.1, you’re the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply,

Is there any way to enable those stones for your mod then? We would like to start new characters but are unable to use these stones from FG expansion on our new characters as it says that game mode is wrong, is there any way to fix that by ourself?

No, but the devs are planning on fixing this for us. So for now, just be patient. Merit stones will come to mods someday.

“In a future patch, Merit Tokens will work in modded games.”


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is it possible to add auto pickup mod?

Could you please fix the problem where increased attack speed or movement speed doesn’t seem to do anything?

Could you make a version that is basically version 3 but with 10 times monster spawns, increased hero spawns, and keep the increased movement?


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You are using an older version. The available ones doesn’t have that issue.

another version like version 2 but 10x spawn rate with no other feature(s) please? :eyes:

Hey there, is it possible to get the 250k kill archievement with this mod?

Hi, first of all thanks for the mod, great job! Second: I’m pretty new to modding Grim Dawn and I have a few questions:

  • To use this mod I would need to create a new character in a custom game right? Or does it apply to an existing one in normal game?
  • I see that the original mod would be “Path of Grim Dawn”. Are this versions stand-alone? For example, I like the 4.1, if I just install those files I will only have those features instead of the whole mod, correct?

I don’t know if I can make a request, but I was actually look for a mod that increase exp gained and loot dropped, mostly legendaries. (not by a huuuge amount, something like +20% exp and +40% loot drop). I see that two features of your mod are more density, which will help with the exp, and drop rate increase. Would it be possible to have a version with:

  • Mob density increased 6x
  • Hero enemy spawnrate increased (how much?)
  • Drop rates increased (how much?)
    • Player Movement Speed Cap Min/Max 150% (if I understand correctly it means that it’s fixed at that %, correct?). In case its too hassle, the 200% that you already have is fine
  • You will always get 3 skill points per level.
  • All devotion shrines gives 2 points.
  • Increased Devotion Cap to 65 points.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Do these need updating for the new patch? It seems to have broken multiplayer since the patch. But base game plays just fine.

Can you please update the Path of Grim dawn please.