[Mod] Mob Density Increased

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a version 5 x 100x mob density for people to get their 250 kill achievement real quick.

Would probably melt your PC before you got the achievement. :smile:

Not for the faintheared butmy machine can handle it :stuck_out_tongue: I stand by how much i would love it :stuck_out_tongue: On normal difficulty no problem visiting a hive and be done with thatkinda spawnrate :smiley:

If you want adjustable mob densities then have a look at Grimarilllion

which includes this

ooh thanks! that will do also :smiley:

I’m using V4 and i’m loving, however, i’m getting rekt, or should i say, my summons are.

Since one cant control where summons move, they should not have to suffer for it and for their sthooopid AI.
Diablo 3 had an issue like this with pets and while its a bit cheesy and cheaty, they fixed it by giving them a ~99% damage reducation, or something similar. Essentially they became immortal.

Would it be hard to implement such thing?

Second: Would it be possible to reduce the amount of bosses spawning in a cluster? I would prefer to fight bosses “more often” but having 4+ come at you at once is a chore.
Less at a time, but more frequently.