[MOD] Grimmest FG 1.0

New: version 1.1.4 https://mega.nz/#!ZI5jxIhD!htEJ4XzZEdcEGJcegBAx4mwyAyV2Ma7mdB2O4cpuW4E
Updated with latest version of stasher mod.

version 1.1, spawns vastly reduced, at least at lower settings

To further reduce settings of 1.1, download scripts.arc.zip (attached to thread)
and replace your current mods/Grimmest/resources/scripts.arc with the uncompressed one you just downloaded.

Newer still: version 1.1a (same as the above 2 downloads, but all in 1).


At the preceding place:
you can download a mod that will permit you to meet Zeke.

You can talk to Zeke to adjust your Grimmest settings.

You can keep pushing up the hero spawns (or turn things down)

You can also toggle the Double Density [DD] Feature to spawn even more stuff.

In total, there are a lot of settings for Grimmest.

Come see which one best kills you or your PC.

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Attachment: Scripts.zip
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for some reason, this doesn’t work. however grimarillion’s grimmest does work.

whats up with that

Updated OP with v1.1.

The massive overspawns are over.

Updated OP to have the correct arc file available to downgrade the spawn settings.

Attached to this post is a version 1.1b with further adjustments to the difficulty settings. Unzip and replace your resources/scripts.arc.

Below is a description of the process and the settings in more detail.

Every time a proxy hits the map, a pool of spawnMin -> spawnMax fodder and championMin -> championMax “champions” will spawn forth.

There is some randomization and when you select DoubleDensity mode, you should see the result of two independent random proxy spawn selections.

For the number of heroes spawned per proxy, there is the following equation:

spawnCount = minSpawn + ( proxyMin + randomValue ) / 2 * multipler

proxyMin is the spawnMin + championMin generated from a scan of all proxy pools and is between 1 and 10.
randomValue is half-gaussian distribution, weighted towards 1, of values 1 to 7.

minSpawn and multipler are set per level in Grimmest.

The levels go OFF-A-N-M-P-S-11

--                            OFF   A    N    M     P     S   11
gd.grimmest.minBoost       = { 0,  -1,  -1,   0,    1,    1,   2 }
gd.grimmest.maxMultiplier  = { 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.0,  1.0,  1.5,   2 }

--                            OFF   A    N    M   P   S   11
gd.grimmest.minBoost       = { 0,  -1,   0,   1,  1,   2, 2 }
gd.grimmest.maxMultiplier  = { 0, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5,  1,   1, 2 }

--                           OFF     A    N     M     P   S   11
gd.grimmest.minBoost       = { 0,    0,   0,    1,    1,  2,   3 }
gd.grimmest.maxMultiplier  = { 0, 0.25, 0.5,    1,  1.5,  2,   3 }

Not sure if this info will help us find the sweet spot of values to make the various levels different enough and spread out between rare-heroes all the way to pc-melting insanity, but I suspect we are going to make it.

Hey Jiaco, I’ve made a fully customized audio-dialogue for Zeke, your npc.

As i’m french, it has lots of mistakes. It’s only an overview and, bells excepted, it sounds good, so don’t miss it !
I hope you will enjoy…if you like it, simply give me the right sentences, or, even better, I’ll share you the link where you can do this.

Here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dJvilGgGbc5YbKyhhJlrT7M13ZiQ6M6U

Thanks. This is some form of computer generated voice?

Yes, formaly a Text-to-Speech software.
So ? Your opinion ?

Most of the difficulties are self-explanatory, but what’s Grimmest Level 11? I assume because it’s at the bottom it’s the hardest?

And Density, I assume that’s mob density since there’s a separate mechanism for increasing heroes. Could you actually wind it down far enough to get rid of mobs altogether? Thinking get rid of mobs then crank the heroes up as far as they’ll go. Sure some players would love to do that. :smiley:

If there is no density there will be no mobs to spawn the heroes afaik

DD just means double density, for each proxy that will spawn x-y (min-max) enemies, there are 2 proxies spawning x-y + a-b enemies. I used 4 variable letters here in this description because the spawn min/max values are independent, it is literally just overlaying a second copy of the same proxy at the same place, but each one has its own randomness.

Hello, i would like to try your mod, but i’m confused by the amount of versions and the several threads regarding grimmer and grimmest (is there any difference btw? this one is just called grimmest apparently). Is this the thread i should be watching for mod updates and is this the thread where i get the latest version?

Yes, this should be the latest version, but I highly recommend pkaying Grimarillion, which has Grimmest in it.

I’ll take a look! Thanks for the quick reply!

I too am also a bit unclear as to how to progress through the settings.

Is double density harder than Grimmest Level 1 (NOT 11)
Would you do Grimmest Level 1-5 and than Double Density + grimmest level 1 -5 or
would you do grimmest level 1, double density level 1, grimmest level 2, double density level 2.

I am trying to figure out whether I should do Grimmest Levels than double density + grimmest, or if i should do double density atr first and than add the grimmest levels after that . or should i go grimmest level 1 no dd, grimmest level 1 dd, grimmmest level 2 no dd, grimmest level 2 dd.

TLDR What is the order of easiest to hardest in the settings (Taking into acount double density factor, and noot just

The levels go OFF-A-N-M-P-S-11

Good time of day. Could you please fix the shared stash bug? I’d really like to use only this mod, without the rest of the stuff in Grimarillion

Moar stash? Ugh, ok…I will get to this soon, it should not take long once I can get myself reoriented to modding again.