[MOD]Nemesis Alert System - Vanilla Compatible!


Credit goes to Davoodinator for this mod. I just pulled it out of DAIL as a stand-alone for use in vanilla or other mods.

NAS will display a message on your screen when a nemesis is nearby. I’m not really sure the range as I have not played with this feature much. It’s a simple script edit to include a message when the game spawns the entity.

Example: (Notice the addition of the UI.Notify command)

function gd.nemesis.aetherialNemesisOnAddToWorld(objectId)

	if Server then
		local player = Game.GetLocalPlayer()
		if (player:GetFaction("AETHERIALS") == -20000 && aetherialSpawned == false && aetherialChestDestroyed == false) then
			aetherialSpawned = true
			monsterId = objectId
			local totalNemesis = table.getn(aetherialNemesisDBRs)
			local coords = Entity.Get(objectId):GetCoords()
			local randomizer = random(1,totalNemesis)
			local spawn = Character.Create (aetherialNemesisDBRs[randomizer], CharacterCreateArgs())

For use in vanilla, locate grim dawn/resources and back-up scripts.arc and text_en.arc. Unzip Nemdar.7z and place the modified scripts.arc and text_en.arc in grim dawn/resources.

For use with a mod, the source tag file and _nemesis.lua file are included. Assets for the two files will need generated.

I am not seeing a link for the download…

Ya, that would help. Fixed :smiley:

FYI the alert range is about a screen to a screen and a half away. If you know the nemesis spawns you can check some of the more clustered ones pretty quickly and easily.

I will definitely be trying to put this into Vanilla when next I play. Very handy. Gets really old searching however many places… Especially when trying to farm the more varied ones like Benny. As if farming his shoulders wasn’t time consuming enough…