[MOD] NOinventory


Further to crazy idea from Jiaco

[li]NO MORE STASH and SHARED STASH[/li]> [li]NO MORE BAGS[/li]> [li]MAX POTION STACK TO 5[/li]> [li]NO MORE INVENTORY EXCEPT a few blocks depending on the NOinventory difficulty chosen*[/li]> [/ul]

  • You start the game with a filled inventory with item that can NOT be removed (except depending on chosen difficulty)
  • Every Shared stash NPC have been replaced with Wiccan
  • Every quest item now takes 1 slot
  • Talk to Wiccan to choose your difficulty

NOinventory DIFFICULTY is not the same as the difficulty (veteran, elite, Ultimate…) it’s cumulative : you can be on Veteran SUICIDAL or veteran MASOCHIST for example.
You start the game in the HIGHEST NOinventory DIFFICULTY and you can only chose to decrease it to make it easier.
BUT you will never be able to increase it again.
So once your choice is done you won’t be able to reverse it.

  1. SUICIDAL : 3 blocks
  2. KAMIKAZE : 6 blocks
  3. MASOCHIST : 9 blocks
  4. PAIN : 12 blocks
  5. VERY HARD : 15 blocks
  6. HARD : 18 blocks

Beta version

Attachment: Noinventory.zip

reserve waiting for answer thanks

well I havnt started it and Im surprised you are going to :slight_smile:

NOInventory means…? No Inventory? Anything else to know about this mod?

Can we get a little explanation about what this mod involves and it’s intended experience?



Edited the presentation the number of blocks can be discussed here, and the available difficult slider (for example change the number of potions depending on difficulty).
Also what is the minimal number of inventory blocks to complete the game quests if every quest item takes 1 slot ?

Keep in mind you won’t be able to craft some items on SUICIDAL difficulty.

I won’t play it :wink: !!
It’s just that it seems easy to make the mod and there seems to be some crazy people who like to play with these rules!!
Waitin for Jiaco and Davood or other modders to tell me if they have started doing it, I don’t want to waste my time doing it if someone is already making it.

I honestly dont see the point in making it at all :smiley: since you could cheat just by changing the mod, of course you could make EVERY item in the game without stats and create new copies of EVERY item and only have those drop in this mod, someone would actually have to build the mod again with the old items to transfer them from another mod.

IMO if a group of people wants to challenge them this way they can just not use the stash/inventory :smiley:

no i have not started this. i do want to play it though

can i make a DAIL version of this after your done? should it be a 3rd dimension on the existing options? or just add it as a vanilla mod?

we REALLY need a CLI arz repacker

My comment was in jest…never intended to make it, but I think I would play it. IMO, inventory management is the least fun part of the game. Good luck okami29, you have my blessings.

Well, I wouldnt play that sorry

Im switching between S/B/X Grimmest on DAIL and I cant find a good balance of difficulty but having no pack space just seems irritating and impossible with 3 tiles

If you want to play suicidal mode just play X mode on DAIL its completely screwed on 0046, reflective mobs one shot you, mobs have insane DA/OA and HP/Resists. You cant crit or dodge an attack so its quite suicidal and then turn your loot filter to Epic/Legendary and behold you pick up hardly anything but scrap/components which you can just skip

Well it was just for the fun, I just realised a beta version I think it might just takes a few hours to complete this mod, but I have a crash with the invenotry bag icon.
The first time I load a character it’s the good one (32*32pixel with black baground).Then, it becomes the old inventory bitmap background transparent.

I don’t know if I will use more time for this mod.
If anyone wants to complete it feel free to do so.

Ok changing the name of the bag seems to have solved the issue very strange.
ok I think it’s good for players who want to test this stuff.
The only thing missing might be some quest items to have 1 space, but most of them do including skeletal key.

Yes you can do what you want and modifiy it, just add credit me.
But I have only done simple test (I tested the conversation and effect of each difficulty, and that you start with “unremovable items”).
I had a bug with the bag icon but it seems to be solved, please tell me if it appears again !

Don’t be sorry , I will not play this either ! I like collecting loot in this game !!
It’s for the few people who wants it, bcause it’s a fast done mode.

The mod I want to play now if possible is ‘every mob is a hero’ but with the Grimmest ruleset but without trash enemy mobs

Currently in them modes you have to kill most of the trash mobs just to gain trickles of xp and all I want to do now is just fight Hero mobs, ive played Grim Dawn enough to not really want to kill them anymore plus you feel like you need large AoE just to deal with them quickly - with the Xmod you can play more builds like auto attack builds as there is much less enemies

The X mod XP is nice but its too exhausting too play and honestly dont know if you even can in Ultimate

Thanks for the Omega mod btw