[Mod] Nydiamar

As I said, the source is quite a mess …

Creatures.arc only contains scenery animals. Needed? Depends. For example, the dog would went missing, which actually can’t be tolerated.
Yes about the other two. Drop your files into the source-directory, then Auto-Create Asset them through the Asset Manager.

I will upload the actual source files next time, so you can build it normally. Just forget what I wrote in my last reply.

Looking forward to it! Thanks

This update looks sick! I’m going to play it tonight, super excited!

Hey! Unfortunately I did not find a way to add (and compile) the source files the normal way.

I’m using a few TQ assets like the Snow Textures or Scenery Animals. These assets can’t be compiled through the Asset Manager. Throws something like 1300 errors should you try.
This annoyed me, so I removed them from the source and wrote a short batch file to copy the finished .arc archives to the resources-directory every time I build my mod for the first time.

I also don’t think you can easily rebuild the archives even if I added the files. So lets do it with the Archivetool.

You can read this tutorial about the Archivetool here, but it doesn’t cover what you actually need to do.

Therefore a short tutorial from me instead.

Create a folder somewhere and drop all you need into it (to avoid messing up). That would be:

  • ArchiveTool.exe (from Grim Dawn installation directory)
  • zlibwapi.dll (from Grim Dawn installation directory)
  • All .arc archive files from Nydiamar, for example Creatures.arc
  • Your files from your source-directory (not the folders named Creatures, Textures and so on, but only their contents)

Now open a Command Prompt. Use the CD command to change the directory to your newly created folder. For example:

CD "C:\New Folder"

You can type Archivetool for a list of available commands. Use -add to add your files to the archive.

Command might look like this:

Archivetool Creatures.arc -add Animation.anm "C:\New Folder" 0
Archivetool Music.arc -add Songtitle.ogg "C:\New Folder" 0
Archivetool TerrainTextures.arc -add Texture.tex "C:\New Folder" 7

Or if you want to add a directory/folder with eventually multiple files:

Archivetool Creatures.arc -add Foldername "C:\New Folder" 0

Check if you did everything right with this command:

Archivetool Creatures.arc -extract "C:\New Folder"

Afterwards drop the updated .arc archives into the resources-directory of Nydiamar. You need to readd them every time you build Nydiamar for the first time (after opening the Asset Manager).

I will release the update with an updated source probably tomorrow.

Thanks for the update and the explanations! I appreciate it. I’ll have to play around with it to add my own source files

Update 9: Dreaming

New Location — A Nightmare

How about another dream? You have a 35% chance to trigger a nightmare when sleeping on Your Mattress (after completing the main quest objective).

You will play through 4 different environments with varying twists to them.

Bloody Massacre

Has a very high monster density and is overall a bit fucked up.


Lies in full darkness. Monsters scale 50 Levels above the player. A buff called Courage increases the players Health and Damage drastically, but it will only last you 45 seconds. You can renew it at differently located lecterns, but only once on each one. Hurry to find the exit.


Requires you to activate four different levers to unlock the exit. You will only encounter Skeletal Golems. Many of them.

Abandoned House

Covered in spikes and many chests. While the chests do look very worthy, they actually contain nothing, except one, which drops the key for the exit.

The area can only be accessed if the player is Level 40 or higher.

New Quest — A Young Girl and Her Heirloom

You may encounter a Young Girl and her friend Papenbard in front of the Entrance of the Catacombs. Helping her out yields you great rewards, including a Skill Point.

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added a Pet Bonus to the Nydar Mode (+20% Health & +40% Damage)
  • Added Exchange option to unlock Nydar Mode for 25 000 Iron Bits
  • Added Exchange option to get Experience Scrolls
  • Added Exchange option to get absolutely nothing
  • Increased rewards of A Quest in the Desert
  • Quest Items are no longer Soulbound (they now drop on the ground should you have a full inventory)
  • Fixed some enemies not counting for Bounties
  • Fixed Pathing in Overrun Fields (you could previously walk out of the map)
  • Fixed some Pathing issues in Sanctuary
  • Fixed Respawnpoint not triggering
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Cleaned up the Source

Feedback or discussion appreciated. Especially since I’m running out of ideas.

If you have not played since the release of Update 8, then check out the various patches.

They added ...
  • A New Location & Mechanic — Underground Fortress (Extension)
  • A New Secret Location & Quest — Crate
  • Monster Totems
  • Difficulty Merits
  • Entrance & Quest Markers
  • Level 100 Play-Through
  • Various fixes and balancing

– Update can be played with characters created in Update 8 –

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!

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Hello I love the mod, this new update is amazing! I have a few points of feedback though

the devotion dungeons are amazing, but I wish we didn’t have to go through super tedious and hard to find areas like the tomb and sanctuary to actually unlock them.
I’ve had to scour the internet to find a reddit comment explaining that I have to activate a random torch to unlock a secret passage in the tomb (which was already so difficult to navigate through). I don’t think hard to find places like this are a bad thing if it’s optional, but we’re basically forced to go through this for devotion points :confused:. Same thing with sanctuary, I’m still yet to find the devotion sphere for sanctuary and I’m about to give up haha

I LOVED the adventerous cavern dungeon!!! That was a lot of fun, I love how all the choices are permanent even after death.
The devotion dungeon from the ashes is really annoying, I usually kill waves within 20 seconds or so, and have to wait 100 more seconds for the next to spawn :frowning:

then it goes from 0 to 100 in difficulty haha
faction arena is amazing, so happy for it.

keep up the good work.

edit: also, loot spheres are amazing, I have so much fun collecting them and popping a bunch at once, and I love how there are so many different kinds!

Great feedback!

I will think about something, maybe add a Notification or Lore Note about the Torch Lever. Or making the walls transparent.

The Devotion Sphere in Sanctuary can be found here (You need at least 4 Vanishing Keys to get there):

I might add for each Devotion Sphere a Notification if you are near one, for example “You are close to a divine revelation”.

Yeah, it’s quite hard to balance this dungeon, especially since I’m only using one character build for testing. But this one is supposed to be incredibly hard, considering it’s the last one and rewards 6 Devotion Points without requiring any offerings. I might even say it’s currently the hardest part of the mod and probably can’t be brute forced. Consider using the Nydar Mode to get through it for now!

Tho, I think I will reduce the downtime in the beginning and add a few seconds to the last few waves, so the player experiences the expected difficulty sooner but doesn’t get too easily overwhelmed.

Great to hear about the rest, the Adventurous Cavern took me a really long time (and motivation to actually finish it), so I appreciate that you mentioned it.

Awesome dude, I made another video on the mod :smiley: I hope it gets many more people to try this out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYVTL6sfU2Y

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Perfect video for new players to get an idea about the mod! Thank you a lot, very much appreciated. Added to the OP!

After seeing this video i am much intrigued to try this mod. Should i just download ver 9 or older version then patch?

Download the newest version (update 9) from the Opening Post, all patches are already included.

ah tyvm.It looks good.With this lockdown i actually have time for some gaming :joy:

Patch 1


  • Added the Loot-Sphere (Divine) — A Loot-Sphere that has a chance to drop other Loot-Spheres
    • You can drop them the same way as others
    • You get one as a reward for finding all Devotion Spheres
    • You get one as a reward for restoring each shrine of the first three Devotion Dungeons
    • You get one as a reward for restoring each shrine of the last three Devotion Dungeons
    • You get two as a reward for restoring each shrine of all Devotion Dungeons
  • Chance of 15% to have A Rare Offer at the Lectern of Wisdom — This Special Exchange has cheaper offers than the normal Exchange, as well as a few new ones (including an exchange for Loot-Spheres (Divine))
  • Reworked dialog of the Devotion StatueEach Devotion Sphere now has a cryptic message about its location; Receive a note which has all of their locations written down, so you can still look them up while traveling
  • A Notification gets triggered if you are close to a Devotion Sphere
  • A Young Girl and Her Heirloom Quest: Added Quest Markers to the Hidden Lever and the Hidden Entrance, which only appear if the player is close enough
  • Shard of Nebulbeth Quest: The hint you receive in the beginning is now more detailed about the locations of most Fragmented Stones; Now rewards a Skill Point upon completion
  • Nightmare: Improved script of the Catacombs instance; Added Notifications
  • Entrance to the Catacombs: Made most walls and pillars transparent so the player doesn’t need to rotate the camera
  • Tomb: Removed the Torch Lever that unlocks the Hidden Pathway; Added a new side room to the final room where there is now a normal Lever that unlocks the Hidden Pathway instead
  • Scorched Grounds: You now have less time for each wave up to the 5th wave and a bit more time for the 6th and 7th wave (Overall, time to reach the last wave is reduced from 960 seconds to 720 seconds); Added more spawns to most waves — the Devotion Dungeon is now a bit harder than before, but it takes less time to reach the difficult parts again after dying
  • Further improved text coloring


— Patch can be played with characters created in Update 8 —

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!

Currently playing through Nydiamar.

You can pet a dog. 10/10 Mod, would play again

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Just reached the Catacombs after having started off as lvl 1. The mod is great overall, I love the maps, soundtrack, difficulty and the faction system is very cool. Bear in mind my feedback is from a player who prefers gameplay over exploration/lore (can you guess how I died? :stuck_out_tongue:) .

Some things which detracted from my experience:

  • Devotions: Personally I find how these are handled to be one of the least fun aspects of the mod. Missing a devotion orb feels bad. Some of the devotion areas are not interesting (e.g the third one). Early devotion starvation + greater difficulty + expansive areas aren’t a good combination. This makes movement speed even more coveted but lacking, and also because of melee builds who may rely on devotions for AoE and adcth. It isn’t fun taking bat or playing with levelling skills for longer periods of time than vanilla. First 10 points, at the very least, should come quicker imo.

  • High shrine requirements in areas where you cannot rift back to town to craft (and some require blueprints you won’t have upon start). I wished they were all battle shrines.

  • Faction tickets are too scarce. Hopefully this improves later on in the mod, as it is an expensive entry fee to do part 2 and 3. It would also be nice to use the mod for this system then transfer back to vanilla, but tickets don’t allow it. Levelling Bounty rewarding a ticket would be great.

  • Ground damage in certain parts is a bit extreme, especially since monster totems can be completely covered. It can be difficult to see normal ground, and playing blind on hc was scary.

  • I play quite zoomed in, camera turning is needed, but what I don’t enjoy is the lack of mini-map/map + darkness + lack of monsters. The combination of all these things makes dungeons like the Tomb to be confusing and frustrating rather than enjoyable. What is supposed to be a survival horror feeling is more like tedium for me (the small part with mean hero/boss was great though).

  • I think some things are a bit too obscure. If you want people to read lore notes to get past things then say so near the beginning of the OP. Obstructions not being target-able made me mistakenly assume a dead end etc.

You played Hardcore? That’s insane! I’m sorry if you died by some stupid shit.

This is something I was afraid of! It takes a while to get a few Devotion Points, a lot longer than the actual main campaign. And it is really difficult to get them too! What I could do is reward some, maybe 5 to 10, by just leveling up.
And I might increase/double the amount you get from each non-battle shrine, to match roughly the main campaign (Currently you get up to 22 on Normal, whereas the campaign gets you up to 34?). This would mean that you would get 6 instead of 3 from the first dungeon alone, 5 instead of 4 from the second, and so on.

I will look into the shrine requirements. I mostly balanced them around their rarity, not if they are actually easy to come by.
If you don’t have a way to craft a material, you can also buy it directly from the merchant, which I did during my testing. Of course not a great but boring and expensive solution.

As for the Faction Tickets, I will make them craftable. Unfortunately adding them to bounties (even only one type) would take by far the longest.

I don’t know what exactly you mean by that? You could put them into your shared stash (which is only for Nydiamar) to save them and switch back and forth as you want (as long as it is only for leveling factions, as other parts of the mod might break, e.g. quests). If there are any requests, I could also port the system over to the main campaign (the whole arena).

Currently 4 ticks of ground damage will kill, could change it to 6 or 7 ticks.

Criticism about the Tomb always comes up, maybe I should give in and add a minimap to it? Also, increasing the Light Radius gained from the torch drastically could help with the darkness. And roaming weak skeletons could really add to the atmosphere, and make it less boring.
I have already reworked the Lorshade Mine to not require camera rotation, will come with the next update. Other than these two, I can’t think of an area that might be frustrating. Maybe the Strange Well and Transition Part I (which you did not reach yet)?

I’m improving this with each patch by rewriting and coloring dialog, adding quest and entrance markers, and so on. So more improvements might come, if I can think of any.

Overall, I guess most of your criticism comes down to the mod being too grind-y. After all, the mod is supposed to be fun, and not frustrating. So thanks for the feedback, I will look into all!

Only once. I think overall it is quite well balanced so far.

That fulfils my desire. The faction system makes for nice variety to do sometimes when I start a new character for vanilla play.

Yeah, torch is a no go for melee though, which is what I was.

And on that note. Do you mind sending a PM or something to explain how I can proceed in the mod. I completed sanctuary (couldn’t find heirloom though) but I have no clue how to get to Snowy Landscapes (Lore note says transition but no clue where that is either).

Just another minor criticism: I think enemy variety could be improved a little. There were too many skeletons I think. They appear quite frequently, adding AoM wraiths or FG undead to the desert would be welcome. Leafmanes to that sanctuary area.

You need to go to the Nehada Desert, then find and enter the Ancient Ruins (the inner part), and there at the end (outside, find the really long bridge) is a portal leading to the “Transition”. Since you are asking, I might add more details to the Lore Note.

If you got to the actual Sanctuary, where you get your rewards, it is down the roots used to get up (4th room, so 4 keys are required).

Yeah, they are used way too often. I will try to add a bit more variety.

It seems extremely difficult to gather cthonic seals of binding, unless we buy them from the special materials shop. Am I forgetting an area, because I don’t remember seeing a single cthon cultist anywhere to drop these :open_mouth: it makes crafting a little tough haha