[Mod] Nydiamar

What is Nydiamar?

In short, Nydiamar is a stand-alone campaign offering much new content to explore and new challenges to overcome.

A Very Long Description

Nydiamar is a stand-alone campaign - which means that you need to start anew to play through a campaign that is fully separated from the original one. Depending on how fast and well-prepared you advance through the world, a full play-through of the first difficulty might take you 6 to 8 hours. Exploration is highly rewarded and you are encouraged to face optional challenges, which will further add to your time spent.

Here you do things a bit differently. Devotion Points are not gained by finding shrines, but through special dungeons that you unlock by finding certain Devotion Spheres, which are well-hidden and scattered around the world. Faction Reputation is exchanged through various tokens, which can be acquired by completing Siegmar’s Challenge, a 3-part Rogue-Like Dungeon.

Many of the 25+ new environments are not alike the ones from the original campaign. Travel through narrow mines, large catacombs, ancient ruins within an open desert, a snowy, frozen landscape, a flooded, dreamy farmland, the aftermath of a gruesome, bloody massacre, an otherworldly realm, and more!

Of all these environments, ten of them are Rogue-Like Dungeons, of which each one has at least one new mechanic or twist to it. Sometimes only a key is required to reach its treasury, but often times a new challenge must be overcome to be able to further advance. Besides these dungeons, there are also six Devotion Dungeons, including a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-type text-based dungeon.

The mod is also accompanied by a new soundtrack, which is long enough so that many of the new environments have their own unique theme.

Quests have choices, which determine the reward you will receive in the end. Six Bounties with six different bounty-types let you focus on your current needs, such as experience, equipment or materials.

Beutekugeln (Loot-Spheres) are exactly what you would expect them to be. They come in many different variations and can be hold onto until you actually want to pop them to acquire their contents. Experience Scrolls are regularly rewarded and do ease the leveling progress, but only if you want so. Stash Scrolls let you clean up your inventory wherever you are, and Divine Crystals offer you several powerful buffs.

But in the end the core of Grim Dawn stays the same. There are no new classes and balance is untouched, although the overall difficulty is higher due to more dense encounters and an increased chance to spawn Hero-type creatures.

Mod Review of Nydiamar by Smattymatty

A More Recent Mod Review by Smattymatty

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All Released Updates

The Gods Are Watching You
Patches 1 / 2 / 3

Final Update

Update 13

What's new?

New Location — Shady Woods & Fields

  • Fight Wardens — not one, but many of them. They also somehow split into even more.
  • Find a hidden trapdoor taking you directly to the Outpost.

Changes to Existing Content

  • Updated Diablo 3 Classes mod to the most recent version
  • Added a Sound Effect for when a Beutekugel drops, as well as when you pop one
  • Renamed several NPCs to the same format as in Nydiamar Dungeons
  • Suspicious Scarecrows can now be found more often
    • When destroyed now has a certain chance to spawn One Punch Guy — Hunts you down very slowly; Can not die; One-shots you
  • Reduced the drop rate of Epic and Legendary Items — Before you were bombarded a bit too much with good loot, but now that there is plenty of content to do, I thought to reduce it a bit, but not by much
    • Chance to not drop an Epic or Legendary Item when you should is around 10% / 6%, instead you now drop a low rarity Beutekugel
  • Fixed a Main Quest bug
  • Fixed a scaling issue in Nightmare
  • Increased the level scaling of enemies
    • Enemies of Normal rarity +2
    • Enemies up to Champions rarity +1
  • You can now increase the difficulty on your own by modifying the files (check this post to see how) — You can adjust:
    • Enemy density
    • Level scaling of enemies
      • Change the value averagePlayerLevel+0 to whatever you want
    • Drop rate of Epic and Legendary Items (Undo the change from above)
      • Reduce the Weight of the last entry in both mastertables

Update 12
Patch 1

What's new?

New Location — Mystic River

  • A grid. A hundred fields. You move. It moves.
  • Access a miniature version of the Nehada Desert to find the entrance

Incorporated the Diablo 3 Classes mod by Grimer

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added 3 new Soundtracks
  • Added Sound Effects to the following interactions
    • Opening chests of high value
    • Opening Soul Vessels
    • Using a Binding Stone
    • Moving onto a correct/wrong tile in Depraved Ruins (Path Puzzle)
  • Increased Run Speed cap from 135% to 145%
  • Increased Run Speed buff granted by Sam, the dog from 5% to 15%
  • Reduced Farmer Life (Set Bonus) Level Requirement Reduction from 100 to 30
  • Reduced the drop chance of Bounty Tokens required for Hero-type Bounties from 60% to 40% (Due to increased spawn rate)
  • Renamed the generic sounding ‘Loot-Sphere(s)’ to Beutekugel(n) (German for Loot Sphere) — Name was too placeholder-y and the ‘-’ was bothering me for some reason
  • Improvements to dialog
  • Renamed certain items and their descriptions (e.g. A Key (Quest) > Yosefina’s Key (Quest))
  • Fixed typos (e.g. Cementry > Cemetery; Matress > Mattress)
  • Added the Completion of Nydiamar Quest, which shows you what content you have not completed yet — You can easily miss content, so this quest is intended to help with this; You receive this quest after reaching the current end; Quest can be removed through a dialog option
  • Changed Pants! Quest so you no longer need to craft the pants
  • You can now use your Personal Riftgate near the Ruined Shrines in Sacred Halls (2nd Devotion Dungeon) and Cold Ruins (3rd Devotion Dungeon)
  • Added several new bosses to the following locations
    • Lorshade Mine
    • Tomb
    • Sanctuary
    • Ancient Ruins
    • Passage I
    • Depraved Ruins (10% chance if you fail the puzzle)
  • Increased the chance for Hero-type creatures to spawn in the following locations
    • Nehada Desert & Ancient Ruins
    • Passage I & II
    • Snowy Landscape
    • Ice Cave
  • Changes to existing environments
    • Improved lightning of Edge of Eternity
    • Improved path leading to the Weerhoalt Cemetery Riftgate
  • Some other quite minor changes and fixes, including
    • A fix for the invisible shrines when using a controller (more like a band-aid)
    • Secret tile in Depraved Ruins being accessible after having finished the puzzle

Update 11: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

What's new?

New Mechanic — Capture Creatures (Including Bosses)

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added a bridge right after the Abandoned House — This opens up the first area a bit (skips the whole Cruesle Canyon), which I think improves it by a lot, even tho it is a small change
  • Reduced the cost of unlocking the teleporter leading to the Underground Fortress (Extension) from 750 000 Iron Bits to 150 000
  • Increased the cost of all Uniques of Legendary Quality from 200% to 400% (from an average of 300 000 Iron Bits to 500 000)
  • Increased Level-Offset by 1 on Elite and Ultimate of Rogue-Like Dungeons
  • A few other minor changes

Update 10

What's new?

New Location — Depraved Ruins

  • Including a new puzzle where you need to find the correct path to be able to further advance

Reworked Existing Locations

  • Noteworthy are the Lorshade Mine and the Tomb — both are now more accessible

Updated World Map

Added Grim UI

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added 8+ new Soundtracks! Examples:
  • Added 5 Cosmetic Pets, so you won’t feel so lonely — You get one for free, the others can be bought from the Special Merchant
  • Added a short prologue dialog for some exposition, as well as some dialog commenting your progress
  • Changed the tone of dialog and lore to a more serious one; Fixed some typos
  • Enabled the Dismantle option
  • Enabled the Transmute option
  • Added a Shovel, a Rake, and a Farmer Hat as new Leveling Items
    • Shovel and Rake grant an Experience Bonus of +75% each
    • Chance of 2% to trigger Farmers Might, which deals 5000% Main-Hand Damage
    • Wearing all three pieces grants a Set Bonus of +30% Movement Speed, -100% Reduction of Attribute Requirements, -100(%) Reduction of the Level Requirement
    • Can be acquired by a new short quest — Talk to the Filthy Peasant and get him some new pants
  • You now get 2 Devotion Points instead of 1 from Non-Battle Shrines
  • You now get 5 Devotion Points as a reward for reaching Level 10, and again for reaching Level 45 — You can now acquire up to 40 points from only Normal
  • Completing a Devotion Dungeon now rewards you 1 Attribute Point
  • You can now use your Personal Riftgate near the shrines in Illusionary Dungeon
  • Added Loot-Sphere (Blueprints Components)
    • Blueprint can be bought from the Special Merchant
    • Drops blueprints for components, including ones that can only be bought from Faction Merchants
    • Very high chance to drop blueprints required for early shrines
  • Faction Tickets can now be crafted
    • Blueprint can be bought from the Special Merchant
    • Requires a Skeleton Key, as well as other cheap components
  • Faction Tickets can now drop from certain Loot-Spheres
  • Changed the entry fee of Siegmar’s Challenge
    • The later parts are now drastically more expensive on lower difficulties, but cheaper on higher ones
    • The early parts are cheaper on lower difficulties, but get more expensive on higher ones
    • Reasoning

      Part II and III are supposed to be difficult, to be something the player has to grind or prepare for a bit to beat them, but playing on Normal trivializes them. I could have locked them to higher difficulties, but I don’t think anyone would bother to play up to Ultimate for only one dungeon, so you can still do them on Normal, but it will cost you a bit

  • Reduced the time you have to complete the Time Challenge in Siegmar’s Challenge
  • Reduced cooldown of Flying Kiss (from the I’m Attractive armor) from 360 seconds to 120
  • Ammunition for the Bomber can now be crafted
    • Blueprint can be acquired from Beauregard
    • Cost reduced from 250 000 Iron Bits to 100 000
    • Requires now additional components
  • Reduced the damage you receive from ground effects from 30% (4 ticks to kill) to 20% (5+ ticks to kill)
  • Increased amount of Dynamite required for Treasure Troves from 1 to 5
  • “Hero”-Bounties were a bit too easy, therefore I changed the script to only have a chance of 60% to drop a token when killing a hero-type creature
  • Some enemy encounters are now more varied
    • Chthonic Cultists can now be found in Ashes
    • Fleshwarped Trolls can now be found in Sanctuary (Fields)
    • Mummies can now be found in the Nehada Desert
    • Ghouls can now be found in the Ancient Ruins
    • Skeleton Golems can now be found rarely in the Ancient Ruins
  • Reduced crafting cost of the Merit Token from 1 000 000 Iron Bits to 750 000
  • Chthonic Crystals now have a chance to drop Chthonic Seal of Binding or Blood of Ch’thon (the chance drastically increases with enemy rarity)
  • Updated a few portal effects
  • Renamed the world file to Nydiamar (previously named “MapTest”) — This was a last minute change, I hope it did not break something

Update 9: Dreaming
Patch 1

What's new?

New Location — A Nightmare

  • 35% chance to trigger a nightmare when sleeping on Your Mattress
  • Play through 4 different environments with varying twists to them

New Quest — A Young Girl and Her Heirloom

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added a Pet Bonus to the Nydar Mode (+20% Health & +40% Damage)
  • Added Exchange option to unlock Nydar Mode for 25 000 Iron Bits
  • Added Exchange option to get Experience Scrolls
  • Added Exchange option to get absolutely nothing
  • Increased rewards of A Quest in the Desert
  • Quest Items are no longer Soulbound (they now drop on the ground should you have a full inventory)
  • Fixed some enemies not counting for Bounties
  • Fixed Pathing in Overrun Fields (you could previously walk out of the map)
  • Fixed some Pathing issues in Sanctuary
  • Fixed Respawnpoint not triggering
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Cleaned up the Source

Update 8: Relaunch
Patch 1
Patch 2 & 3
Patch 4

What's new?

4+ New Locations / 16 New Environments

  • A Dream
  • Siegmar’s Landing & Challenge
    • Part I (Arena)
    • Part II (Ruins)
    • Part III (Volcanic Ruins)
  • Devotion & 6 Devotion Dungeons
    • Adventurous Cavern
    • Sacred Halls
    • Cold Ruins
    • Illusionary Dungeon
    • Overrun Fields
    • Scorched Grounds
  • Sanctuary
    • Swampy Graves
    • Thick Forest
    • Fields
    • Sanctuary

New Mechanics

  • Main Quest
  • Divined Devotion Spheres — New way to acquire Devotion Points
  • Attribute & Skill Shrines
  • Faction Tokens & Tickets — New way to gain Faction Reputation
  • Material Merchants
  • Bounties (Reworked)
  • Nydar Mode

New Quests

  • Hawton Mine — Stolen Supplies
  • Strange Well — Investigation: Strange Well
  • Tomb — An Once Forgotten Legend

New Items

  • Loot-Spheres
  • Experience Scrolls
  • Stash Scrolls
  • Divine Crystals

A New Soundtrack

Changes to Existing Environments

  • Completely Reworked Nehada Desert & Ancient Ruins
  • Prelude — Refined ground textures
  • Edge of Eternity — Reworked the atmosphere, more diverse weather
  • Cruesle Canyon — Reworked the cliff, which is now accessible
  • Flooded Mountain Woods — Lowered the cliffs for a better view
  • Strange Well — Refined ground textures
  • Transition Part I — Removed the fog, refined ground textures

Changes to Existing Content

  • Completely reworked all dialog with coloring and a better structure
  • Completely reworked all level-up rewards
  • Balanced encounters — Lowered overall difficulty in the starting areas; Limited the level enemies can go up to on each difficulty; Higher level offset in late-game areas and challenge dungeons
    • Hawton Mine — Added additional spawns to the boss fight
    • Strange Well — Final fight has slightly more spawns
    • Tomb — New scripted encounter before final fight
    • Odul Aela’s Dungeon — Reworked some encounters, now slightly more difficult
    • Ashes — You can now encounter Salazar (required for a recipe); Increased difficulty of the optional additional encounters for the final fight
  • Reworked the unique armor I’m Attractive, as well as added a long duration version — You can now actually build an army
  • Changed up the boring Necklace Quest a bit
  • Fixes — Opened doors still blocking the path (Hawton Mine & Odul Aela’s Dungeon); Ashes final fight not working after dying once and reentering; Enya’s Vision teleporters not working correctly; Odul Aela’s Dungeon rewards given even if the player died; No more duplicated blueprints

And more . . .

Update 7: Doubling the Content

What's new?

7+ New Locations

  • Hawton Mine
  • An Ice Cave
  • Odul Aela’s Dungeon
  • Ancient Ruins (Inner Part)
  • Transition Part I & II
  • Snowy Landscape
  • Above the Waste
  • Ashes

A New Enemy TypeChthonic Crystals

Completely Reworked the Previous Content

  • Changed ‘Shard Quest’ – Quest will be initiated by picking up the first shard; Quest progress will update only when all segments are found; No NPC-interaction required to complete the quest.
  • Balanced the fun items – The Rusty Knife increases experience gain by 250%; The Bomber requires expensive special ammunition to not annihilate the holder (don’t exploit this!); I’m Attractive makes you extremely squishy, but attractive; Illuminated Hat does what it does; Sword In Stone got tuned down; Removed Don’t Touch Me, Smelly Pants (You can still sniff the filthy peasant) and Flashy Shoes.
  • Denial Play-through – You may now access the Redemption Hub when you are higher than level 85 for a high fee, but you won’t be able to receive iron bits from the Lectern of Wisdom anymore, so you might actually save your iron bits to be able to buy anything there.
  • Added new level rewards to the Lectern of Wisdom – Besides some new higher level rewards, all Talismans (Relics) have been added as rewards.
  • Balancing of existing quests, including the Lectern of Questing.
  • Environmental improvements – as in Music; Sounds; Weather; Expanded the Yamuna Forest a bit; Changes to the Graveyard and Entrance to the Catacombs.
  • Dialog & Text rewriting and improvements – Renaming of many NPCs; Rewriting of nearly all dialogs and quests, leading to less cringe and better readability.
  • A new NPC added to Edge of Eternity. Pet it.
  • Changes to enemy encounters / placements – Relocating and removing many encounters, for example Alkamos; Making encounters less chaotic and drastic; Reduced the difficulty of the first area.
  • Chests – Balancing loot from chests and adding many new ones to the world (~10-15 new variations; an example: jewelery boxes); Hidden One-Shot chests added (currently 11).
  • New Quest – a small new quest given by the Woman at a Campfire, now named Yosefine (will reward Mistborn Talisman, since you could not acquire it till now).
  • Quite a lot of other changes and fixes

Update 6: Expansion Update

What's new?

New Location — Underground Fortress

  • The Underground Fortress is a small extension to the current hub, Edge of Eternity
    • New merchants with all items which were added with the new expansion, Ashes of Malmouth, are located there, as well as the new faction merchants and an illusionist

New way to play!

  • You can now easily switch to the main campaign with your character created within Nydiamar
    • Use the second mod entry at the main menu, called ‘NydiamarMainCampaign’, to switch campaigns
    • Restart the game before switching the campaign! (the correct world map only loads after a restart)

Changes to the World

  • Increased the level cap to 100. This is optional – you still can play a level 85 character as before
  • Updated all items and enemies to their current version (as in: they now include all balance patches / changes which came since last year and are now up-to-date)
  • Updated many textures and assets placed in the world with new ones from the expansion (as well as music)
  • Balanced some enemy encounters, new encounter in the Tomb
  • Dialog changes / improvements & more chests in the world, as well as some changes to loot / drop rates (better chance to drop uniques on Ultimate)
  • Some fixes, including Vision Quest Sphere & Canister Skill (which accidentally got the nuke effect from ‘Bomber’)

The expansion ‘Ashes of Malmouth’ is now required.


List of Features —

  • A 12+ hours long campaign (for a full play-through including Nydiamar Dungeons)
  • Building a character is fast due to higher drop and experience rates
  • A Detailed World, with currently following locations:
    • Prelude
    • Edge of Eternity & Underground Fortress
    • Devotion & 6 Devotion Dungeons, with each one having a new mechanic!
    • Siegmar’s Landing & Challenge
    • Escalation
    • Sedaah Ruins
    • A Dream
    • A Nightmare
    • An Abandoned House
    • Shady Woods & Fields
    • Cruesle Canyon
    • An Outpost
    • Yamuna Forest
    • The Hawton Mine
    • The Lorshade Mine
    • A Strange Well
    • Flooded Mountain Woods
    • Weerhoalt Cemetery
    • The Tomb
    • Sanctuary
    • Catacombs of Khueel
    • Odul Aela’s Dungeon
    • Nehada Desert & Ancient Ruins
    • Miniature Nehada Desert
    • Mystic River
    • Passage I & II
    • Duunart Swamp
    • Snowy Landscape
    • An Ice Cave
    • Depraved Ruins
    • Crate
    • Where the Time Goes
    • Above the Waste
    • Ashes
    • And more . . .
  • Working Riftgates with a Custom Map
  • Head-Start Option that lets you start with Level 15 or Level 45
  • 9+ Unique Quests with great rewards, as well as simple bounties, for example hunting down Suspicious Scarecrows
  • New Enemy TypeChthonic Crystals
  • Capture Creatures (including bosses) to let them fight for you wherever you are
  • Acquire Devotion Points by completing 6 different unique Devotion Dungeons, which must be unlocked by finding hidden Devotion Spheres scattered around the world
  • Acquire Faction Reputation by completing Siegmar’s Challenge, a large Rogue-Like Dungeon with randomized encounters and increasing difficulty
  • Plenty new items to have fun with, for example Beutekugeln that you pop for loot or an unique armor that lets you raise an army
  • New Soundtrack, which creates a whole different atmosphere
  • Play a restructured version of Nydiamar after reaching the end, with new mechanics and twists (such as raised Level Cap to 200, higher enemy density, new secrets)

I made a short Infomation Post where you can read more about certain things.

(ONLY Classic) You get Difficulty Merits as a reward upon completion of this mod. You could level a character through Normal and Elite, take the merit(s), then switch over to the main campaign and continue playing on Ultimate the way you normally would do.

Here's a short guide about how to move your modded character to the main campaign
  1. Go to “Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save”.
  2. Copy your character from the “user”-directory to the “main”-directory. Make sure you don’t already have a same-named character in “main” / Don’t overwrite anything.
  3. Download this useful tool.
  4. Now open the tool, navigate to the “Char Editor” tab, select your character (the one in “main”) through the drop-down menu and remove the “In Mod” flag. Afterwards save your character.
  5. Your character will now appear in the character select list (Main Campaign) in-game — load into Normal and use the Difficulty Merit to unlock the difficulties.

Do not use the Difficulty Merit while being in Nydiamar — it won’t work and will be wasted!

Keep in mind that you will end up with more Attribute and Skill Points than intended. Nydiamar has a few ways where you could potentially get unlimited points, although they are extremely rare and hard to grind. Use GD Stash to remove them if this bothers you.

You will also lose all Nydiamar specific items, and therefore won’t be able to play this mod again with the same character. But you could just use the mod entry called NydiamarMainCampaign instead. It includes all items from Nydiamar, which enables you to switch back and forth between both mods, although the items won’t work there. Due to a recent bug, you also need to do this in addition.


READ THIS (Clarification about the two versions)

CLASSIC version — Offers a play-through similar to the actual Grim Dawn Campaign (where you play through three difficulties), with identical balancing. For people who want a slower and more balanced progression.
ULTIMATE version — Offers a play-through on only Ultimate, with all new mechanics introduced in The Gods Are Watching You update. For people who want a fast but challenging progression, and who do not want to do multiple play-throughs to see everything.

Both versions are not interchangeable — you can only play one! It is up to you to choose which version you want to play on, but I recommend to try ULTIMATE version for a different experience.

Nydiamar Dungeons is included in all downloads. You can access it after completing Nydiamar on Ultimate and reaching Level 100. You receive the Entrance Key through the Lectern of Wisdom then.

[Full version | CLASSIC — Size: ~2000 MB]

The Gods Are Watching You

Read The Gods Are Watching You Update Notes to learn what this is about.

[Full version | ULTIMATE — Size: ~2000 MB]

Grim UI created by JMD is included in the download. The UI is fully optional. You need to install it separately — Instructions are within the download. Check out the mod page here!

New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) created by tt300 is merged with this mod. It not only increases the stash size, but also the inventory. Check out the mod page here!

Alternative Download

[Full version | Diablo 3 Classes | CLASSIC — Size: ~2400 MB)]

[Full version | Diablo 3 Classes | ULTIMATE — Size: ~2400 MB)]

Diablo 3 Classes created by Grimer are incorporated in this version. Only one download is required. Current version is 3.7. You can view the mod page here!

Patches 1 / 2 / 3

All three patches are already merged with the full version — You might need to re-download the full version to have the changes!

Patch Notes

Patch 6

Overwrite the existing files with the patched ones.

[Patch 6 | All versions (Re-upload)]

Patch 5 Notes

Patch 6 Notes

Optional Patches

Reduced Loot Drops

What is this about

Nydiamar sometimes seems a bit too rewarding, which takes away the great feeling of finally getting a good drop something something sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as the grind which the game is built on.

Recommended for people who want a slower progression with more meaningful choices when it comes to deciding which dungeons to run or what mechanics to focus on (e.g. the Arena of Sedaah).

Affixes for Uniques

What is this about

Normally intended for Nydiamar Dungeons to make the loot a bit more relevant and interesting. Can also be applied to Nydiamar.

Included inside the Patch 6 download.

Alternative Website to Download


Nydiamar & NydiamarDungeons both go into the ’mods’ folder inside your installation directory.

Create a new character. Don’t use characters from other mods - you will mess them up (You could name each character after the mod you plan on using for better readability — e.g. Nydiamar Norbart). Again, you can not use an existing character!

The expansions Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods are required.

Multiplayer does not work — Not possible, unfortunately.

These are the minimum graphic settings you have to have set. Not required, but recommended.

Feel free to message me directly on Discord to report bugs, suggest changes or discuss the mod:


Feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.

I have already invested an insane amount of time and work into Nydiamar & Nydiamar Dungeons, and to ease my mind a bit about this, I’m offering anyone to buy me a coffee or something. Would be very much appreciated, but is obviously not expected!


This is the source of Nydiamar. Enjoy lurking around. Don’t judge me.
[Source of Nydiamar (Ultimate) & Nydiamar Dungeons (No Patch 1 to 3) (Size: 3650 MB (Download) / ~9800 MB (Unpacked))]

Credits (Soundtrack)

Some pictures for your pleasure

Edge of Eternity

Siegmar’s Landing

Siegmar’s Challenge — Part I

Siegmar’s Challenge — Part III



Tree of Eden

Abandoned House

Cruesle Canyon & Yamuna Forest

Hawton Mine

Strange Well

Flooded Mountain Woods

Weerhoalt Cemetery


Swampy Graves


Catacombs of Khueel

Odul Aela’s Dungeon

Nehada Desert

Ancient Ruins

Passage I

Snowy Landscape

An Ice Cave

Above the Waste


Ashes — Finale

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Below are some progression screenshots I randomly took of new environments while creating them, since I love seeing things come together! Some are already 2-3 years old.

Overrun Fields (5th Devotion Dungeon)

This area took me roughly 6 hours (only the environment, all the scripting and enemies took me longer).

Sanctuary & Sanctuary (Boss)

12 to 15 hours.

Hawton Mine

6 to 10 hours.

Coolest Set-Piece I have created yet!

Edge of Eternity

2 to 3 hours.

Pre-Update 7

Update 11/12

Siegmar's Challenge Part II & III

15 to 25 hours.


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Very very beautiful job, man… Unfortunately, idk anything about monsters/quest creation, but I hope you can add all the gaming/playable stuff into the map soon or find people to help you with it… the forum needs more map mods.

Keep it up!

I loved the screens the first time you posted. Somehow, they look even more awesome now. Downloading it and will give it a run in the morning.

Pretty sure that what you have done is a million times harder than dropping a bunch of proxies together, in any case, I would be more than happy to help if you need it.

Amazing work!

If you need/want any assistance with making enemies, feel free to ask.

On the other hand, if you do figure out how to get a custom riftgate map working, let me know. I’ve been having lots of issues with that in Zenith.

I just wanna say… these look bomb as hell yo. Awesome job! I wish these areas were basegame. :smiley:

This looks incredible, downloading now. Will give ya more in depth opinion soon.

Really detailed and atmospheric, I definitely like it. Some forest and foliage can make the correct path difficult to figure out, so it kind of impacts the immersion, even with it’s beauty. And I really liked the town.

Good stuff Van Houck! I had tried your first iteration back then, it was beautiful. You won’t mind if I have another peek.

Really nice changes to your original environments, fantastic atmosphere.

Well, I gave it a run. Not really sure what kind of feedback you are after, but as I mainly just set out to explore and really have no idea what percentage of the map I managed to reveal, I will just post these two screens that show you where I manged to get to.

As long as you first accept my completely positive reaction to your work, if I have to be critical, my main critique is that you basically have to use camera rotation to navigate and find certain points. Not sure if you should really try to fix this at this point or not, but as a player that never rotates the camera, that was kind of annoying. After that, my main issue what that the mini-map felt less than helpful for finding the correct path a lot of times.

But overall, 99/100 for a map. Really happy to see somebody was dedicated enough to make it as far as you did.

@Ceno, the portal map in this mod is functional. Looks like Van Houck figured it out (I remember from my failed TQ map editing that that was like a 3-day learning event for me).

I found 9 Odd Stones - one of them in a Marked Rock… but thank you for the hint. :wink:

Time to decompile the source, since looking at vanilla was no help. :rolleyes:

Some things:

You can go off the pathing from the position below:

And from there, you can go as deep out of bounds as to here:

All in all, this one spot in particular was my favorite little thing you did; a very nice transition between scenes:

Your attention to detail is superb and your environments visually stunning. I intend to study your world quite a bit as I continue to work on Zenith. Hell, even Crate should take a look at what you’ve done, as I found Nydiamar to be vastly more captivating than Cairn. Having said that, if you do intend to start populating the world with enemies, I’ll caution you that many of your pathable areas are very narrow and combat adheres to wider spaces.

10/12 shards found. I’ll find the other two tomorrow, and looking forward to that special unlock. :wink:

Differences of Nydiamar and the Main Campaign

Devotion Points

Gaining Devotion Points works differently than the main campaign.

Instead of finding the Devotion Shrines, you now find Devotion Spheres scattered around the world. Finding and popping them unlocks Devotion Dungeons. Playing through these dungeons lets you discover the Devotion Shrines as you already know them. But each dungeon also has an unique challenge for you to overcome before you get to the shrines.

Devotion is an area that connects all six Devotion Dungeons. You can access it through the Underground Fortress.

Leveling Factions

Siegmar’s Landing is the Faction Centre, where all Faction Merchants are located.

So called Faction Tokens are used to gain reputation for each faction. You can acquire these by playing through the Faction Arena or from Level-Up Rewards.

The Faction Arena has three different parts with varying difficulty. Each part requires an entrance fee — 1 to 6 Faction Tickets and some Iron Bits. You can get Faction Tickets from all quests or certain chests, as well as through crafting.

Skill & Attribute Points

While you won’t find any Devotion Shrines in the world, you will actually find Skill & Attribute Shrines. Restoring them gets you a Tome, which you can exchange at the Lectern of Wisdom to get either a Skill or an Attribute Point.

Camera Rotation

I have tried to address the issue that at certain places camera rotation might be required. I have already reworked two locations that were very problematic, and also made adjustments to many others.

I now believe that this should no longer be an issue, but should you encounter an instance where this still might be the case, then let me know.

Nydar Mode

The so called Nydar Mode is nothing more than a simple buff to make the mod easier for you. You are not supposed to use it.

The buff grants you:

50% more Damage
35% more Health Points
15% more Resistances
50% more Offensive and Defensive Ability
15% more Experience Points

It lasts 10 hours.

You can enable it through one of the Exchange options in-game (Lectern of Wisdom) or by doing the following:

  1. Open the in-game console (check your settings to see how)
  2. Type: character.grantplayertoken NYDAR_MODE
  3. Check the Lectern of Wisdom — There should be a new dialog option

You will also have an option to drastically reduce the amount of experience you gain — to eventually stay on a specific level.

Known Issues (Update 12)

  • None?!

Quest Rewards

Some quests can have different rewards based on the choices you have made during the quest.

Hawton Mine — Stolen Supplies



2 Beutekugeln (Uncommon)
1 Beutekugel (Components Low)
12.500 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (S)
35.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket


1 Beutekugel (Valuable)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
20.000 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (M)
200.000 XP
2 Faction Tickets


1 Beutekugel (Legendary)
2 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
32.500 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (L)
425.000 XP
2 Faction Tickets

Strange Well — Investigation: Strange Well
Tomb — An Once Forgotten Legend



2 Beutekugeln (Uncommon)
2 Beutekugeln (Components Low)
17.500 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (S)
50.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket


1 Beutekugel (Random)
1 Beutekugel (Valuable)
1 Beutekugel (Components Low)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
25.000 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (S)
1 Experience Scroll (M)
250.000 XP
2 Faction Tickets


1 Beutekugel (Random)
1 Beutekugel (Legendary)
1 Beutekugel (Components Valuable)
40.000 Iron Bits
1 Stash Scroll


1 Experience Scroll (S)
1 Experience Scroll (L)
500.000 XP
3 Faction Tickets

Outpost — Enya’s Vision
Outpost — Return the Lost Necklace
Nehada Desert — It’s a Trap!

1 Beutekugel (Uncommon)
1 Beutekugel (Components Low)
10.000 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (S)
25.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Beutekugel (Valuable)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
17.500 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (M)
125.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Beutekugel (Legendary)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
27.500 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (M)
250.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket

Sanctuary — A Young Girl and Her Heirloom

1 Skill Point
1 Beutekugel (Random)
1 Experience Scroll (S)
50.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Skill Point
2 Beutekugeln (Random)
1 Experience Scroll (M)
250.000 XP
2 Faction Tickets
1 Skill Point
3 Beutekugeln (Random)
1 Experience Scroll (S)
1 Experience Scroll (M)
500.000 XP
3 Faction Tickets

??? — Crate

1 Skill Point
1 Beutekugel (Uncommon)
1 Beutekugel (Components Low)
10.000 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (S)
25.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Skill Point
1 Beutekugel (Valuable)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
17.500 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (M)
125.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Skill Point
1 Beutekugel (Legendary)
1 Beutekugel (Components Normal)
27.500 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (M)
250.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket

Nehada Desert — A Quest in the Desert

All Difficulties
2 Beutekugeln (Components Normal)
2 Beutekugeln (Valuable)
2 Experience Scrolls (S)
2 Faction Tickets
Unique Armor: I'm Attractive (Converts enemies to your side)

World — Shard of Nebulbeth

1 Skill Point
1 Beutekugel (Random)
2 Beutekugeln (Valuable)
3 Beutekugeln (Components Low)
32.500 Iron Bits
2 Experience Scrolls (S)
250.000 XP
1 Faction Ticket
1 Skill Point
2 Beutekugeln (Random)
2 Beutekugeln (Valuable)
2 Beutekugeln (Components Normal)
50.000 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (M)
500.000 XP
2 Faction Tickets
1 Skill Point
3 Beutekugeln (Random)
2 Beutekugeln (Legendary)
2 Beutekugeln (Components Normal)
1 Beutekugel (Special Materials)
100.000 Iron Bits
1 Experience Scroll (L)
875.000 XP
3 Faction Tickets

4 additional Skill Points can be acquired inside the Depraved Ruins and the Mystic River (for each difficulty).


Nydiamar has a few new chests. Here’s a list with some of them.

Common and Uncommon Chests

Chest (Common) & Metal Chest (Common) & Small Metal Chest (Common)

Balanced between Equipment and Materials

Chest (Uncommon) & Silver Chest (Uncommon)

Slight focus on Materials
Drops Equipment
Actually quite common
Valuable Chests

Silver Chest (Valuable)

Low chance to drop a Faction Ticket
Low chance to drop a Beutekugel
Equipment focused, with a decent chance to drop uniques

Golden Chest (Valuable)

Low chance to drop a Faction Ticket
Low chance to drop a Beutekugel
Equipment focused, with a very high chance to drop uniques

Magical Chest (Valuable)

Guarantees a Blueprint
High chance to drop a Faction Ticket
High chance to drop a Beutekugel
Equipment focused, with a decent chance to drop uniques

Material Chest (Valuable) & Treasure Trove (Valuable)

Very high chance to drop a Faction Ticket
Very high chance to drop a Beutekugel
Materials focused, with a decent chance to drop Special Materials
Other Chests

Hidden Chest (One-Shot)

Equipment focused, with a very high chance to drop uniques

Jewelry Box

Drops only accessories

Chest (Iron Bits)

Drops only ~10 000 Iron Bits

There are 6 Devotion Spheres scattered around the world.

  1. Hawton Mine — End of the Infected Wasp Area
  2. Strange Well — Where you fight the final encounter, on the cliffside (the one you came from)
  3. Tomb — Where you fight the final encounter (the one after the hidden entrance)
  4. Sanctuary — Unlock the 4th reward area, move forward and take the path on your right between both bridges (made out of roots)
  5. Odul Aela’s Dungeon — Somewhere inside the 3rd room
  6. Ashes — Somewhere in the middle of the whole area

Level 100 play-through

Play through Ultimate with a character (until the end) to get instructions on how to unlock it.

Unlocking the Level 100 play-through takes quite some time tho, so I made it possible to just unlock it through the console.

Do the following to skip the grind:

  1. Create a new character and start playing on Ultimate
  2. Advance to the Lectern of Choice, where you choose the play-through
  3. Open the in-game console (check your settings to see how)
  4. Type: character.GrantPlayerToken L100_PT_SKIP
  5. Receive the Merit Token through the new dialog option

Here are the locations of the Fragmented Stones, if you are struggling in finding them all:


First area

The shard located at the Hawton Path got moved to the Hawton Mine.

Lorshade Mine

The shard located in the lower mine area got moved to the Strange Well.
The shard located in the upper mine area got moved to the Catacombs of Khueel (Hidden inside an urn, which is right at the railing in the middle of the main hall).

Second area (excluding Lorshade Mine)

The shard located at the Weerhoalt Cemetery got moved to the Tomb.
The shard located at the lower part of the Catacombs of Khueel (Entrance) got moved to Sanctuary.


  • Brown = Hidden in a stump
  • Grey = Hidden under a marked stone
  • Black = Clear / Not hidden at all

Required Settings

Do not go lower than these settings or else some areas are not going to look or work like they should. The mod is still playable without these settings.


Shadows set to Off (on otherwise highest settings)

Shadows set to Ultra

Set Shadows to High or higher.
Set Shaders to Medium or higher.
Set Reflections to Off.
Set Lighting to Medium or higher.
Set Weather to Low or higher.

Lowest possible settings do look like this, excluding the resolution:

Satisfying to see progress on your own skills, yeah? :smiley:

Jesus Christ these look fantastic

// (Edited) Reserved for future dump of images (mostly comparisons), since I have already reached the limit on the few first posts.

This looks pretty damn cool. How long you been working on this?

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I have removed the link, but I did release the first “version” one year ago. So, since then, till now, with many breaks inbetween. Currently got quite some free time, so that Update 1 did not take that long.