[Mod] Nydiamar

Have you tried the Windows 32 bit version of GDStash to see if that cures it? mamba made a non-Java version.

The two are functionally identical (it is the same source code), so it should work in both or neither.

Did you fix it? For me it is working fine, and you did everything right. Don’t know what else you could do …

I have created a miniature version of the Nehada Desert where a marker shows you the (randomly chosen) entrance to the new dungeon. Dog for scale.

NO, it is still the same, perhaps a corrupted file in the mod, bit it looks working well.
I try to reinstall entirely it.

Update 12

New Location — Mystic River

Miniature Nehada Desert

A pointy shadow offers you guidance — Can be found inside the Ancient Ruins. It shows you the entrance to the Mystic River.

Mystic River

A grid. A hundred fields.

You move. It moves.

Each move has consequences — Whenever you move to an adjacent field the grid advances by one. As such, any entity located on the grid might also take its chances and move on, but only if a certain threshold is met. This could be a chest, a shrine, or something completely different.

Shrines are nothing to get excited about — Each time they move they also spawn a pack of hostile creatures. Since their threshold is quite low, this might happen very often. If you don’t clear these encounters, their presence can easily overwhelm you.

After a while, new things may appear — A chest. Another shrine. A bigger chest. Another shrine, but now it spawns a boss. A goat?! A curse taking your loot?! A chest so small you need to hunt its pixel. A teleporter taking you to a treasure island. Eventually another shrine.

Watch your step — Some fields got some juicy mutators on them. These might make you really fast, but could also slow you down to a hold. One can be deadly, another very healthy. Not only do they affect you, but your enemies too.

Keeping track of everything seems impossible — If you are not afraid of heights, then you can get an overview by visiting a very high platform located in the middle of the grid. Four scattered teleporters let you take a shortcut to it.

The further you get the more chaotic but also rewarding it gets — And since it can get extremely chaotic, the performance might drop too. Keep this in mind if you access the middle.

Play the Main Campaign through a new mod entry

There is one obvious problem with Nydiamar, and that’s that you can not acquire many of the Monster Infrequents. There is just not enough content to put ALL monsters and bosses in.

Here’s the unhandy solution: The main campaign as a separate mod entry (NydiamarMainCampaign), with all Nydiamar items included — Completing Nydiamar gets you a Difficulty Merit for the difficulty you have played on, which can be used to unlock all Riftgates of the main campaign. This way you have easy access to specific monsters or bosses you can not find in Nydiamar. Switching between both mods should work smoothly, but most Nydiamar items won’t work, except e.g. Experience Scrolls.

Incorporated the Diablo 3 Classes mod by Grimer

You need to download a separate version to have the classes.

Unfortunately I screwed up my character during testing (by choosing the wrong mod entry, deleting most of my items). Could therefore not test everything yet. If you encounter any bugs, please report them.

Changes to Existing Content

  • Added 3 new Soundtracks
  • Added Sound Effects to the following interactions
    • Opening chests of high value
    • Opening Soul Vessels
    • Using a Binding Stone
    • Moving onto a correct/wrong tile in Depraved Ruins (Path Puzzle)
  • Increased Run Speed cap from 135% to 145%
  • Increased Run Speed buff granted by Sam, the dog from 5% to 15%
  • Reduced Farmer Life (Set Bonus) Level Requirement Reduction from 100 to 30
  • Reduced the drop chance of Bounty Tokens required for Hero-type Bounties from 60% to 40% (Due to increased spawn rate)
  • Renamed the generic sounding ‘Loot-Sphere(s)’ to Beutekugel(n) (German for Loot Sphere) — Name was too placeholder-y and the ‘-’ was bothering me for some reason
  • Improvements to dialog
  • Renamed certain items and their descriptions (e.g. A Key (Quest) > Yosefina’s Key (Quest))
  • Fixed typos (e.g. Cementry > Cemetery; Matress > Mattress)
  • Added the Completion of Nydiamar Quest, which shows you what content you have not completed yet — You can easily miss content, so this quest is intended to help with this; You receive this quest after reaching the current end; Quest can be removed through a dialog option
  • Changed Pants! Quest so you no longer need to craft the pants
  • You can now use your Personal Riftgate near the Ruined Shrines in Sacred Halls (2nd Devotion Dungeon) and Cold Ruins (3rd Devotion Dungeon)
  • Added several new bosses to the following locations
    • Lorshade Mine
    • Tomb
    • Sanctuary
    • Ancient Ruins
    • Passage I
    • Depraved Ruins (10% chance if you fail the puzzle)
  • Increased the chance for Hero-type creatures to spawn in the following locations
    • Nehada Desert & Ancient Ruins
    • Passage I & II
    • Snowy Landscape
    • Ice Cave
  • Changes to existing environments
    • Improved lightning of Edge of Eternity
    • Improved path leading to the Weerhoalt Cemetery Riftgate
  • Some other quite minor changes and fixes, including
    • A fix for the invisible shrines when using a controller (more like a band-aid)
    • Secret tile in Depraved Ruins being accessible after having finished the puzzle

Read the Update 10 Patch Notes if you have not played since then. It has overhauled a lot.

The new area can be really tough. Some encounters could potentially spawn up to four heroes at once. Now you also could get multiple of these encounters right next to each other — at once. Add a random boss or two to the mix, and you are almost certainly dead. That’s the fun, tho. I hope someone tries to survive 350 moves. Also be impressed with Miniature Nehada Desert, I think it is really cool.

Some things were not tested by me. I assume they just work, but one never knows.

Enjoy. ~

– Update can be played with characters created in Update 8 –

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!


Clicking on these portals doesn’t respond at all. The game can’t continue. What’s the reason?

Hey! I need a bit more context here.

Looks like you need to advance the Main Quest to unlock the entrances, but there are no quest markers for some reason and the quest log is missing on your right? Is the quest active at all (called ‘Save the World of Nydiamar’ or something)? Did you use the Level 100 Skip?

You won’t be able to advance without the Main Quest, although you could try to unlock the entrances through the console. But since the mod seems to be broken, I do not know what else would not work properly.

These are the tokens:


Open the console and type character.grantplayertoken [TOKEN]. Restart the session.

EDIT: Do other quests work, like the bounties?

Where i can get this separate version?
Checked OP post but didn’t found it.

In the OP, right below the download, listed under Alternative Download.

Oh sorry, there it is. Thanks.

I have made some changes to my version of Nydiamar which I plan to release next week or so. If anyone has anything more to fix for me, then let me know — releasing a patch takes quite some time now that I also need to merge the Diablo 3 classes too, so I prefer to get as much done with one patch as possible. Although I assume that everything is working fine, besides that one entrance.

EDIT: Moved to Patch Notes.


Patch 1


  • Fixed the entrance leading to the 2nd Devotion Dungeon
  • Changed the icons / bitmaps of many Beutekugeln
  • Moved the 5 Devotion Points rewarded for reaching Level 45 to Level 55
  • Reworked the start area of the Nehada Desert, since the lighting was bad
  • Added more enemies to the Nehada Desert, mostly Mummies in the outskirts
  • Increased amount of waves one encounters in the Strange Well (Bamboozled)
  • Limited the amount of Chthonic Crystals from the last tier (Nemesis tier) to spawn, so you won’t face four at once (Mystic River and Siegmar’s Challenge)
  • Colored some more dialog & some other minor changes

Diablo 3 classes were also updated to the latest version.


Update 12 Patch Notes

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!

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Excuse me, isn’t this area open?

Anyway, I didn’t find a way to get here, or can you give me some hints?

Might be a bit confusing the way it is shown on the map, but the entrance to it is located in Edge of Eternity, the starting hub where all the merchants and the dog are at.

The area is the one from Update 11 and can only be accessed if you are at least Level 35. Have fun!

OK!I found it。 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why are there no monsters in the arena?

You are not supposed to fight anything on your own in there, but instead to watch your monsters fight other monsters.

You can acquire new monsters by gambling Soul Vessels you might already have dropped randomly (or by capturing bosses). Open them through the NPC (that soul thingy) up there. To initiate a fight just do so through the lectern right at the railing from above the arena, where you could then also watch the whole fight play out. Open some Bundle of Currency beforehand, since a fight costs you currency.

Here’s the update post with a long explanation, or read the way shorter tutorial from the lectern called Bestiary, right next to that soul thingy.

The whole thing is optional and won’t open up anything new, just something fun to grind for and to do on the side — Although you can get some Binding Stones this way, which are really cool (they let you summon your monsters anywhere, including captured bosses, but only once per stone).

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Oh, I see. Thank you for your answer. :smiley:

So I’m working on something new right now. It won’t be an addition to this version of Nydiamar, but instead a new restructured version of the whole mod, that will also play completely different.

Currently Nydiamar is a somewhat linear campaign that is designed around building a new character.

The new version, called Nydiamar Dungeons (or something like this), will feature a new large dungeon. It connects most of the areas you can find in the current version. All the areas you know of, e.g. the Nehada Desert, are repurposed into “isolated” Rogue-Like Dungeons.

The new main dungeon is structured into several parts. The first part only has the entrances to six dungeons. To advance to the second part, you gonna need to complete them all first. The order of which you encounter these dungeons is different as the campaign, for example the area Above the Waste is one of the first ones you play through, while in the campaign it is one of the last.

The difficulty of every area will be increased drastically by adding more encounters and increasing the enemy level scaling by a lot (and even more the further you get in the main dungeon).

Overall 15 to 19 dungeons will be included. So in the end you could call this separate version an insanely large Rogue-Like Dungeon.

Here’s what makes it different — You no longer create a new character but instead use an existing one (would be frustrating to level one in there)! All of you probably already have some decent end-game characters you could use.

I already wrote a simple script that copies a legit character (or all) from your main campaign to your modded games, so you could easily use your own to complete the challenging content. This will be included in the download, so you only download the mod, start the script, select the character, and then can already play.

While this is not decided yet, I plan to add a reward for completing the full dungeon that also resets everything if you take it (might be optional). Since you probably got plenty of loot from the dungeons before, it would be more likely for the reward to be 10 Skill and Attribute Points or so upon completion (the whole thing, so all 15 to 19 dungeons) — which might also apply a permanent debuff (reduced health points for example) for your second playthrough, where you could again get rewarded some more points, and so on.

You know about the weekly Diablo 3 Challenge Rifts? There, if I remember correctly, you play a random build with which you need to complete a Greater Rift with.

So my other idea would be to include a collection of already interesting (and maybe niche) built characters in the download. These characters do not need to be fully realized, maybe they have some unallocated Skill Points left, some equipment to optimize, or maybe some more levels to gain. Their inventory only has what is deemed necessary, for example certain potions.

The point of this is that you are encouraged to work with a new (sort of random) build, without the hassle to do it on your own. Since the dungeon is very challenging, you might have some more trouble to complete it with some characters compared to others, as it is intended.

Now which builds are going to be included needs a separate discussion, maybe not here, since there’s not much happening here anyway. I’m really looking for niche (or meme) builds, which use unpopular skills or skill combinations.

All of this is not finalized, currently I have only built the main dungeon, which is missing polish.