[Mod] Nydiamar

Hey it’s been a while :smiley: I made an updated Video on this awesome mod - Grim Dawn Mods - Nydiamar Overview - New Endgame System and "Ultimate Mode" - YouTube - I love seeing how far it’s progressed !!! This new stuff is awesome


Thanks a lot, very much appreciated! I have added it to the OP, great to have some video that explains both these systems.

Let me know if you have run into any issues while playing.

I recently re-uploaded the mod with some changes, such as different God Event effects, improved maps, fixed dialogue, low chance version of Affixes for Uniques, as well as updated Diablo 3 classes to 3.9. No update post for that, but still putting it here.

Nice video.I haven’t had much time for games been playing some dom over the weekend.I actually think i’ll download Ultimate d3 as it’s look much more interesting.How well does pet builds work?One of my favorite classes are witch doctor.

Leveling is so quick here that you can find that out quickly on your own by just trying the class! Though I expect it to work really well.

ah thank you.I will try a summoner for first playthrough on ultimate.I have enough experience to play on ultimate(i think :grin:)

Remember if you die a hero,your still dead :joy:

Minor Update


  • (CLASSIC) Fixed the Nydiamar Dungeons version included in the Classic standard version not working at all
  • (+) Improved text and dialog by rewriting stuff and fixing some typos
  • (–) Improved visuals of
    • Prison (Prelude)
    • Edge of Eternity
    • Mystic River
    • Passage II
  • (+) Added FX and sound effects to several actions, such as receiving Level-Up Rewards
  • (+) God Events
    • Reworked the cluster and debuff events
    • Improved FX and sound effects; Different effects depending on which one was triggered
    • Fixed some of the summons spawning hostile creatures (e.g. through on-death skills)
    • Rebalanced Sacrifices, making them more viable
  • (+) Mystic River
    • Fixed the entrance portal sometimes not appearing
    • Added several difficulty levels that limit the Grid Level
    • Added dialog option for current Grid Level
  • (+) Where the Time Goes
    • Mutator (Monsters): Increased -25% Health Points to -500%; Removed +15% Total Damage modifier
  • (+) Adventurous Dungeon
    • Reduced Health Points of Harpy bosses was ridiculously high
  • (CLASSIC) Devotion Dungeons can now only be skipped on difficulties higher than Normal
  • (+) Reduced amount of loot dropped from armor and weapon stands, as well as the monster-infrequents chest
  • (+) Updated the Diablo 3 Classes mod by Grimer to version 3.9
  • (+) Reduced mod size (the map file was previously bloated)

(+) = Nydiamar & Nydiamar Dungeons
(–) = Nydiamar

EDIT: Rewrote this post.

Play-through is taking too long, have to take a break. I might continue eventually in the coming months and improve some other stuff.

Mod is quite difficult, gotta admit that.

Enjoy. ~

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!


Hello, I had a chance to play your mod and it’s great work what you have done. If I may, I have a few questions I would like to ask you if possible.

  1. What is the “Merit Token that unlocks level 100 playthrough” for using a new character and how do you use it? Does it level up the new characters we make to level 100 automatically with all 55 devotion points given? I don’t think I have seen the unlock requirements on that note since it wasnt added in my inventory.

  2. If you make fixes in this mod, do I need to create a fresh install of the mod, such as deleting the old files and downloading the new updated ones?

Other than that, keep up the great work.

Yes, it is basically a cheat mode where your character gets either leveled up to level 80 or level 100, with access to unlimited iron bits and equipment. You can only unlock this playthrough in the Classic version when completing Ultimate. If you still want to unlock this in the other version, you have to use the in-game console for that — Type character.grantplayertoken L100_PT_SKIP into the console after having created a new character on Ultimate and then continue to the first lectern. Though keep in mind, has been a long time since I tested this.

No, you just have to copy the new files over the old ones, that’s all.

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Okay. So… If I have Grimarillion in my mods folder with this one, I won’t be able to check out all the cool new stuff?

You can only play one mod at a time so either Grimarillion or this one, not both.

Okay, that makes sense. Well, at least I know there is still more to play if I ever get tired of Grimarillion. The best of all, the characters would be legit too. But for now, Grimarillion. I haven’t touched the Zenith classes yet and I barely looked into the Diablo 3 ones.

Need different characters for different mods otherwise it’ll screw up said characters.

Keeps the game fresh and replayable, so I like it. Good game. I can’t wait for any prequels or sequels. So much the superior vs. Diablo 3 and yes I will say it, Diablo 2.

Well, you’ll be waiting a while. Crate have made it clear they want a break from ARPG’s and are focusing on their other projects: Farthest Frontier, a town building game due to go into early access on Steam some time in 2022; a horror survival game and also an RTS game which they said recently would be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era.

To be honest can’t really compare diablo to grim dawn.It’s like comparing a 1990’s golf to a 2021 golf.It’s a 20 year difference.Diablo 2(not resurrection)will always be num 1 in most old players best played arpg’sWith that being said.I will agree diablo 3 on pc is crap on switch it’s actually a lot better.

I don’t think they will make a squeal/prequel any time soon.I would love to see it happen but at least not for the next 5-6years or even more.We will see what crate will bring in the future.I will always support them.Rather crate than blizzard in my opinion as at least from what i can tell,they look after there players.We had so much free content and i personally would love to see an act before act 1 of gd to tell hte story of what happened till then.But we can only hope for :smiley:

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There you go, prequel. Well of sorts, minus the ARPG. RTS sounds very interesting.

If the horror survival game is set in a fantasy realm, I’d look into that for sure. If it’s something along the lines of ‘strolling down the streets of Brooklyn and I encounter a vampire making a midnight snack out of a gangsta in the Rockaway,’ no thanks.

In short: Don’t put Nydiamar items into the Shared Stash. Equipment and components are fine.

There is a significant issue when someone puts the Defense Materials (that can build a defensive tower next to you) into their Shared Stash (not the normal one!). So don’t that.

I assume all Nydiamar items that are used by destroying them will have this same issue, so don’t put them in there either. These are probably all such items:

  • Defense Materials
  • Binding Stone
  • Capture Apparatus

Beutekugeln should be fine.

Summon Stash spawns the stash on log-in when put into the normal stash. Weird, but not really an issue. Remove it from the stash should it start randomly getting summoned. Fixed.


^ Read the post above before playing this mod!

Minor Update

This update brings over new stuff from the Lightweight Mod.

(+) New Feature — Recycling

Normal items get instantly recycled into something else the moment they drop. You receive a permanent item through the Lectern of Wisdom with which you can enable and disable this feature wherever you are.

Recycle Chances are:

  • Nothing
    • 45%
  • Iron Bits
    • 47%
  • Iron Bits (High amount)
    • 1%
  • Beutekugel (Monster Infrequents)
    • 5%
  • Loot Explosion (Components)
    • 1%
  • Loot Explosion (Legendary)
    • .5%
  • Loot Explosion (Divine)
    • .5%

The idea is that you now acquire new rare equipment through the Beutekugel (Monster Infrequents) that commonly drops from the recycling process.


  • (+) Added the legendary Beutekugel (Iron Bits) — Popping it causes lots of small satisfying explosions around you dropping plenty of Iron Bits
  • (+) Recycle (Changes from Lightweight)
    • Added a 45% chance to recycle into nothing
    • Popping a Beutekugel (Monster Infrequents) now disables the recycle feature
    • Added an effect for when an item recycles into a Beutekugel (Monster Infrequents)
    • All effects now appear where the actual explosion happens instead of on the player
  • (+) Removed the Nullification skill from enemies (I have not tested this)
  • (+) Updated the Diablo 3 Classes mod by Grimer to version 4.0

(+) = Nydiamar & Nydiamar Dungeons
(–) = Nydiamar


  • (+) Updated the Diablo 3 Classes mod by Grimer to version 4.0 update 1

[Minor Update (3) | Re-upload | All versions — Size: ~550 MB]

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Hi, I’m Italian, I would like to ask you 2 things:
1- can you use your mod with the game in Italian?
2- is Smash N Grab implemented in your mod?
3- is there a way to make multiplayer work?

Obligatory “You should first give the Ultimate version a try”.

  1. This should work, so that at least skills, menus and such are in Italian, though the rest of the mod such as dialog obviously would stay in english. So just give it a try.

  1. No, but is has plenty of its features. Here’s a comparison:
  1. Yes, due to the many loot-spheres.
  2. Yes, due to the Experience Tomes, Blessing of Doggo and overall bonuses due to playing on Ultimate.
  3. Yes, there’s a loot-sphere that drops a lot and you can use the recycle feature, which yields a lot.
  4. No.
  5. Sort of, Nydiamar Dungeons, which you can play after reaching level 100, has an increased limit.
  6. Yes, you start with 5.
  7. Sort of, Nydiamar Dungeons rewards additional ones.
  8. No.
  9. Sort of, Nydiamar Dungeons has a level 200 limit.
  10. Yes, there’s a merchant that sells all available components.

Nydiamar also has increased inventory and stash sizes.

  1. Multiplayer does not work!
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