[Mod] Nydiamar

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Hey. Just wondering if there is a way to save the gear that you buy from the vendor on your character when changing mods… (I like playing with modded classes but love your easy 85…). The gear disappears when I change mods, but the augments/relics/bits stay in my inventory.


The item files would need to be merged with the other mod.

I’m currently creating a separate entry of every item (only armor and weapons) that you can buy from the vendors. To show you why:

All items, ranging from level 1 up to 75, are located in the main database directory, e.g. “items/gearshead/”. But I only want those level 65+ items. Adding them manually to the vendors would take way too long, so I’m just generating a long string through a script which has every item listed in it.
If the vendor can’t find an item, it will ignore it. So I’m creating a separate directory with only the items I actually want (65+, with a script), e.g. “items_range”. The string will the then look like this (vaguely): items_range/gearhead/c001_head;items_range/gearhead/c002_head; … .
c001_head, which may be a level 1 item, will be ignored, since it’s not located in “items_range”, but c020_head (level 70) will show up, since it’s located in there.

Other mods therefore won’t find the equipment you are wearing, since the directory “items_range” doesn’t exists.

This is not a good solution, and I already got a neat idea to change that, without having to select every item on my own. (I will just generate a string of all items in “items_range” and change every occurrence of “items_range” in the string to “items”)

I will release an update next week, which will add every epic item (and some rares), some lore, and some polish to the world. You should then be able to use your character in other mods without any doing. :slight_smile:

Edit: Changed it, next update will include it.

Awesome, thanks for the replies.

I just released the second update. I consider everything included as done, except some notes / books, (custom) items and quests (shard quest is missing). I may from now on occasionally work on new locations or a story.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of A Hill next to a Graveyard:

I’m going to release the mod on the Nexus, too (today or tomorrow).

Still here. No update.

Just some pictures.

For a larger resolution, click here: Link to the Imgur album (or click on one of the pictures)

Catacombs - Alternate Entrance

Catacombs - Entrance Hall [Not done, still missing decoration]

  • Big door (right corner) leading to the rest of the Catacombs, requires “runes”/“keys” to unlock, which are going to be dropped by “portal-”/“world-” bosses or found near the end of each “world”.

Catacombs - First “Portal”

  • The Entrance Hall branches into small “rooms” (as shown in the picture above). In each one there’s going to be a portal, leading to another location (or “world”), like the one shown in the next pictures. I may do 2 or 4 portals, the second one may be a “snow” world.

Desert ~

Ruins / Long Hallway [Not done]

So yeah, still working on it occasionally.

Impressive work

Looks fantastic

Update 3: Ancient Ruins

“Sand — it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere”

What’s new?[spoiler]

  • [li]New Locations[/li][LIST]
    [li]Catacombs I - Main Hall[/li][LIST]
  • Introduction to the Catacombs

[li]Desert & Ancient Ruins[/li][ul]
[li]Large new open map, with one Completion Quest and 2 Events[/li]
[li]Quest specific version of the Outpost — Enyas Vision[/li][ul]
[li]A new unique quest, which leads to an alternate version of the Outpost and the Yamuna forest[/li]
[li]A new way to play Nydiamar![/li][ul]
[li]Start out with level 1 and level up on your own by playing the mod[/li]
[li]Alternate Edge of Eternity version, with faction merchants and other things[/li]
[li]5 unique (3 of them are repeatable) quests with rewards[/li]
[li]1 repeatable fetch quest to ease the leveling progress[/li][LIST]
[li]Choose your reward-type on your own, e.g. get rewarded with 5 levels instead of 3 random epic items or materials[/li]
[li]Gain every ~10 levels some rewards, e.g. Devotion points or faction reputation[/li][/LIST]
[li]Overhauled Enemies[/li][ul]
[li]Many enemies are now going to ambush you — Compositions are random and less predictable[/li]
[li]Balanced enemy compositions[/li]
[li]Certain encounters are only going to happen on Elite or Ultimate[/li]
[li]Only one version of the mod from now on (but I could add different ones again, if requested)[/li]
[li]… some minor tweaks and a lot of polish …[/li][/LIST][/spoiler]

Some more pictures
Click on them for a higher resolution

Catacombs I


Ancient Ruins


You surely level up your editing and intuation skill this time on update tree.
Love all the nifty trick and details given to the randomness and classy pathing. I’d love to see more of that sunshine-ray in your map.

With all these thematic word build, I could only imagine what mobs could seriously breath these Nydiamar underworld living:D

Edit: on another note, you could seriously fill up few blank area. Its perfectly fine to have more scenery area (for alive looking) while its not passable for the player.

scenery look from behind*

complete world down the bridge*

scatter obstruction, which can ONLY be enter through hidden river/ obstruction

a clump of destructible artifact/building

*you almost nail this down
**pardon for my language barrier

just started playing this mod after update 3 and wow is it impressive. Chose the build up a character option. Can’t wait to see what all there is to offer. Looks very well done so far and loving it!

Small patch (not to the source). Changes:

  • Added Lectern of Questing to the level 85-play-through.
  • Changed some rewards for leveling up (which you get by the Lectern of Wisdom). Those are now a little bit more generous.
  • Removed some skeletons right before the old graveyard and right after the bridge — because it was lagging like hell.

To admit, I still did not completely level up a level 1 character to level 85 yet — just skipped every few levels by using the console for testing … . So I’m gonna do this the next few days. Will be fun to finally play my own mod casually :slight_smile:
For the new ones: here’s the Update 3-post.

I love hidden areas or secrets! After all, I actually put some in there, like this one:

There’s a note located at the campfire about a desecrated grave, which you find if you cross the river and go up the mountain.

And that’s the reason why I put the ‘Shard of Nebulbeth’-quest or ‘Completion Quest - Desert’-quest (boring name, actually) in there — to offer the player some help in finding/discovering everything I put into the world, even the hidden areas. Now that there are huge rewards (at least for the shard), I hope that more people may complete it, since the unique otherworldly location you will unlock looks really cool, one of my favorite locations I made, even if it’s small. Totally gonna do a bigger location like this one in the future.

I hope it won’t get too frustrating since I still need to play till the end after my last changes to see if the balance isn’t off.

Really impressive mod! Love the atmosphere.

It can be difficult to figure out what is walkable at times, but it’s enjoyable to walk through the ‘dense’ environments.
I couldn’t pick up the note next to Enya.
Also couldn’t use the ‘back to reality’ orb inside her dungeon.
I chose no regret so I could kit up a L85 char. Monsters were easy enough to kill though still dangerous.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for uploading this mod! :smiley:

I started from level 1 and enjoyed to the end. And the level at the entrance to the Tomb of an Unknown was 11. But since the inventory remains small, I suffered until the end about item management. I would have been glad if there were options or quests to spread the bag.

About Enya’s quest:
I also could not use the “Back to reality” orb in Enya’s world. When I touched the orb, nothing happened. And when I entered with another character, even that orb did not show up.

Nevertheless, as I can use personal rift, there was no problem in returning to reality. However, there is no sense of tension at all for this reason. I think that it is better to be set to not open the personal rift as in the world of Void.

Enya’s note is difficult to take indeed, but it is not a big problem as I could get it when I got close enough.

I’m looking forward to future development.

About the bags: you actually get exactly 5 (so all you can have) right at the start (at Edge of Eternity) when interacting with the Lectern of Wisdom!

Here’s a reminder: Come back to the Lectern every few (~10) levels to get some rewards (mostly equipment) and Devotion points. And do the quests! Leveling up to the end level takes a lot of time already in the main game, so I included the quests and rewards from the lecterns to boost it up, since the mod isn’t really huge. The objective is always to kill skeletons, and the frequency and masses of skeletons will bump up a lot on the last map (Desert), so completing them will be fast.

I don’t know why the ‘Back to Reality’-teleporter doesn’t work. I experienced it too, but after moving it to a different location it suddenly worked again for me … needs some testing.

The idea with deactivating the personal rift is fantastic, gonna do that to Enya’s Vision and to the ‘It’s a trap’-cave — after I fix the teleporter, of course.

The note is difficult to take since it’s on the table and not on the ground. I will move it, because it’s not related to Enya but instead to the note at the house in the beginning, and it’s an ‘old relic’ of my first version, which used to grant you experience to set your level to 20/25.

Playing the mod was actually an afterthought, as weird as it might sound. I think I improved the pathing on the last location by making everything more open, but reworking the first and second area would take too much time — and it’s hard for me to ‘see’ the problem, since I exactly know the path.

But still, great to hear that the balance seems to be right, took me quite some time and testing to get it to the current state!

Thanks for the reply. Certainly the number of bags will increase with interaction with the Lectern. However, at the same time the level also increases dramatically. I wanted a bag without changing the level, because it is fun to gradually train my character from low level.

In any case, as I wrote before, I could play very fun even at the low level. For example, I enjoyed various ideas such as exploring dynamite and key, being pinched by heroes and so on. The last boss like Kilrian was quite amazing, but while running around I managed to beat it. It was a very exciting and fun time.

Please keep up the wonderful work!

Small patch #2 (still not to the source). Changes:

  • [li]Deactivated the personal rift in ‘Enyas Vision’ & ‘It’s a trap’[/li][LIST]
  • Enyas Vision — you are required to pay a fee to enter the location again after dying or reloading the session
  • It’s a trap — once you have entered the cave, you won’t be able to enter it again during the current session, but you can leave it whenever you want through the teleporter
  • To compensate the changes, I doubled the equipment-rewards

[li]Fixed ‘Back to Reality’-teleporter in Enyas Vision[/li][ul]
[li]Teleporter will be there from the start, but locked — complete the quest to unlock it[/li]
[li]You are no longer able to enter the rift leading to Nydiamar (at Edge of Eternity) if you did not interact with the Lectern of Wisdom for the first time beforehand (characters from before the patch are required to interact with the lectern, too (again))[/li][/LIST]
Still need to do a complete play-through …
For anyone new: here’s the Update 3-post.


There seems to be a misunderstanding!

Did you choose the first option - ‘showing regret’? You can know which one you chose by going to ‘Edge of Eternity’ and then looking to the upper right corner of the screen (where the location name is written) — if you chose the correct option - ‘not showing regret’ - then the name of the location should be ‘Edge of Eternity (Denial)’ instead of just ‘Edge of Eternity’. You are not supposed to get experience / levels from the lectern.

If you want to level up your own level 1 character, you need to choose the second option ‘not showing regret’ (something along the lines ‘disgusting human, don’t show any regret’) at the start! This is absolutely necessary.

About Kilrian: If I remember correctly, there’s only one Kilrian (the skeleton priest?) located in Nydiamar — at the old graveyard. So if you think that he was the last boss, you apperantly did not reach the end. :slight_smile:
The Desert & Ancient Ruins are the last locations you will visit, from there on you can just farm equipment, do quests and level up. The last door you may see is named ‘The End (for now)’. The last boss may be the ‘cold one’-nemesis.

Thank you for detailed explanation! I seem to have made a wrong choice without reading the first option exactly. This time I made the right choice and got the additional bags and the map got through to the end.

I thought it would be nice if the devotion points I got at the beginning was 6. Because most of the Tier 1 Celestial Power requires 6 points. The journey to level 20 is long, and I finished the map without reaching there.

Moosilauke was certainly a formidable enemy. I fought at the level 17 Nightblade, but it was impossible to fight in the melee and eventually I managed to beat it with an epic rifle… it took a whole lot of time though.

BTW, Enya’s quest worked well in the new version. :slight_smile:

Update 4: Strange Well

“I name it ‘Immortal Bastard’ …”

What’s new?

Strange Well – A challenge dungeon

The dungeon offers three unique challenges. Each one is required to be completed to unlock the final area. Successfully surviving the final event unlocks the treasure room, which yields an huge amount of loot.

The challenge rooms
Click on each picture for a higher resolution




I won’t spoil them more.

Added the so called ‘Head-Start’ option

  • It lets you start with level 15 or level 45 instead of level 1
    [li]Each option nets you some uniques and materials to start out[/li][LIST]
  • … level 15: 18000 iron bits, up to 5 random uniques (epic) and 18 random materials
  • … level 45: 42500 iron bits, 12 random uniques (epic) and 50 random materials

Reworked the ‘You want to be overpowered’ option

  • You will now receive custom equipment with modified ‘over the top’ skills to cheese around, e.g. having 60 swarmlings with you
  • Some armor comes with different variations (visually) to offer a bit of customization
  • Everything is modular, so you can remove equipment, and therefore skills, if it’s too much for you (using all skills together will tank your FPS)
  • The skills on their own won’t one shot enemies, level up your masteries, skills and attributes to boost your damage if you want so


Changes to the world / Polish

  • Changed some areas slightly, e.g. making the path in the Yamuna Forest more visible
  • Added more details to some areas
  • Changed the (mini-)map of some areas (to be ‘hidden’)
  • Balanced some enemy encounters, removed mosquitoes from the Yamuna Forest
  • Rewrote some dialog, corrected some spelling errors
  • Reworked the sound / music of some areas
  • Added (modified / higher yield than the main game) chests to the world, to grant more loot overall (loot scales massively with difficulty, e.g. 3 drops on Normal, 15 on Ultimate)
  • Fixed the ‘Start with level 1 / 15 / 45’ lectern, so you are not forced to take the rewards again when changing difficulties
  • Fixed teleporter in Enyas Vision (second try)
  • Changed some other minor things, which I won’t name …

I will make a wild guess and say that the mod should now take at least one hour for completion, more if you actually complete everything (e.g. the new optional dungeon and the shard quest) and play normally on Elite or Ultimate.

Next up will be the ‘Tomb of an Unknown’ with another unique challenge (if I get it to work). And after that I already got a great idea for the continuation of the Nehada Desert. I can’t think of any improvements I could make to the mod right now besides adding new locations and more dialog / lore, the foundation is done and everything should be fine as it is now, so it should take me less time to create a new location (which actually is the fun part).

As always, comment and report any bugs or weird things you experience.

Stairs leading to the Treasure Room