[Mod] Nydiamar

I would say that it is impossible to play it in multiplayer, or at least I guarantee that it will be extremely buggy! Really not recommended!

Oh, now I remember … you are overleveled, might even be overleveled for Elite.

If your character is good enough, you could just skip Elite and go right to Ultimate next! Maybe use the Nydar Mode to compensate the difficulty.

I really like the tracks you changed, you could have changed them all, the vanilla tracks pale in comparison. The tracks from this Kai Engel scream Grim Dawn, the vanilla game would be so much improved if they used them instead of their generic non inspired ones.

I want to like the japanese dude since the tracks you put in the game are really good, but the dude has some really freaky stuff in there, so it’s a misfire.

My spellbinder is definitely OP, I cleared the final devotion dungeon and last encounter in seconds, I might try ultimate directly although I will be missing a lot of skillpoints from elite and only at 40/55 devotion.

When do we unlock the ability to start with lv100? Just installed the mod version with the D3 classes.

Yeah, some of her music is quite experimental. But it is license free, such music is not easy to find, so I’m thankful for it.

You could use the console if it is bothering you: game.incrementdevotion for each point you want. Maybe grant you 5 or 10 points to start out. EDIT: Oh, you meant Skill Points? Should not be many you miss, maybe 4 or 5? EDIT2: It is actually quite a lot more, probably around 10?

From the Info Post: Play through Ultimate with a character (until the end) to get instructions on how to unlock it.

I seriously don’t remember what you actually need to do … and keep in mind that I have not tested this “playthrough” for a long time, so it either might not work properly, or it might be badly designed. Should you try it, let me know if something needs to be changed! Alternatively, you could give Nydiamar Dungeons a try with your existing character, after you are done.

I used a Champion’s merit I found somewhere (last fight possibly?), but it didn’t give me any skill, attribute or devotion points. Would be great if this item could count the possible rewards from Normal and mark them all as completed and award me the ones I’m missing as it does in vanilla.

The saviour’s merit should likewise award me all possible skill, attribute and devotion point rewards from elite and mark them as completed, and open all shrines and teleport locations.

Is there a shop where I can buy merits? Is there any point in getting merits for now?

I will definitely try the Nydiamar dungeons at some point!!! Already downloaded it.

Edit: lv72 items for D3 characters require 3000 attribute points in a main attribute, and lv94 items require 5000. Haven’t done a lot with any D3 character, but where are all these attribute points coming from? That’s like 10 times what a normal GD character has lol.

Are there even Difficulty Merits for Nydiamar? I can’t remember! The mod got too bloated …

You sure these were for Nydiamar and not the actual Grim Dawn campaign? Where you get them (end dialog, only once), the dialog should have this clarified (and that you should not use them in Nydiamar). EDIT: I will change them in the future so you can’t use them in Nydiamar.

Check a look of the Crusader Skill Tree, somewhere in the mid there is a passive that removes the attribute requirement. The items you looked at are all for the Crusader.

The Gods Are Watching You

Also called Another Final Update

There are now two different versions of Nydiamar:

CLASSIC Version — Offers a play-through similar to the actual Grim Dawn Campaign (where you play through three difficulties), with identical balancing. For people who want a slower and more balanced progression.
ULTIMATE Version — Offers a play-through on only Ultimate, with all new mechanics introduced in this update. For people who want a fast but challenging progression, and who do not want to do multiple play-throughs to see everything.

New Play-Through
In this play-through of Nydiamar, you can only play on Ultimate. You are now able to play through the whole mod from Level 1 to 100 on only this difficulty. When you reach Level 100 and reached the end once you receive a key that unlocks Nydiamar Dungeons, which could be considered the actual endgame challenge of Nydiamar. It is your choice to continue playing there instead of the normal campaign.

Enemies now scale with +PlayerLevel/25. The enemy density is slightly increased.

Due to only being able to play through one difficulty, some Devotion Dungeons now grant more Devotion Points than before:

  • Sacred Halls: Added one Corrupted Shrine (Full dungeon: 5 > 6)
  • Cold Ruins: Both shrines now grant one additional point (Full dungeon: 4 > 6)
  • Overrun Fields: Corrupted Shrine now grants three additional points (Full dungeon: 3 > 6)

In addition to this, the Level 10 Reward now awards 15 Devotion Points instead of 5. You now need to restore all shrines to reach the cap, but only once.

You can not use existing characters, but you can use their shared stash — you are supposed to have a rough start, so you feel the need to use a corrupting buff to survive. Use the token LET_ME_PLAY_DAMMIT to have your way.

About Nydiamar Dungeons

Nydiamar Dungeons is a restructured endgame version of Nydiamar. Almost all areas are turned into Rogue-Like Dungeons, which got connected through a large complex, called Nydiamar Arx. Your goal is it to reach the end of it.

There are a few very important changes in Nydiamar Dungeons compared to Nydiamar. The Maximum Level is increased to Level 200. Pahr Gon Levels replace the Skill Points one normally gains from Level 100 to 200. The Devotion Cap is raised to 100 — You can find 16 Devotion Points in each part of the Nydiamar Arx. Enemies now scale with +PlayerLevel/7. The enemy density is greatly increased. Boss encounters are changed to be more challenging.

The mod is completely optional in case you don’t like the changes, it is only intended as a continuation of Nydiamar. You really should have a very competent character before attempting it.

Nydiamar Dungeons is already included in the download (both, CLASSIC Version and ULTIMATE Version) and has its own mod page, which you can check out if you want to learn more about it — although this version is still slightly different.

New Mechanic — Favor of the Gods
The gods are always watching you. Every now and then, they will act upon you. It does not matter where you are, or what you do, they won’t hold back.

High Favor with the gods increases the chances that something good will happen to you (having Beutekugeln pop around you). On the contrary, Low Favor increases the chances that something bad will happen (enemies suddenly appearing around you).

An act upon you either increases or reduces Favor, depending on what has happened to you.

Gain their Favor by doing good deeds, such as:

  • Completing Quests
  • Completing (World) Events
  • Completing Rogue-Like Dungeons and challenging areas (e.g. Ancient Ruins)
    • The amount of Favor you gain depends on the difficulty and length of the dungeon or area
  • Bribing Offering them a certain amount of Iron Bits
  • Making a Sacrifice — You lose 75% Health or 25% Max Resistances until death (or end of game session) for the chance to gain their Favor over time

Lose their Favor through Corruption and dying.

More detailed

When an act happens upon you, Favor represents the chance that something good happens. When you gain Favor, you gain it in 10% increments, up to 100%.

For example, when you create a new character, you start with 100% Favor. When you complete the Hawton Mine you gain 30% Favor due to the difficulty. Completing a Quest gives you 20% Favor.

A good act upon you reduces Favor by 0% to 40% (that’s random), while a bad one increases it. Losing Favor is easier than gaining it, which ensures that one has plenty of reason to also use other methods, such as Sacrifices.

An act can happen every 10 to 25 minutes.

An act can happen everywhere, even during a boss fight. When doing absolutely nothing, they will leave you alone. An act can also not happen in town (e.g. Edge of Eternity).

The Minimum Level to have them act is Level 15.

New Mechanic — Blessings & Corruption
The world is gruesome, and one being declared the savior won’t save the world without a helping hand. A Squirrel is offering you its service, which are five different Blessings, granting you each powerful bonuses. But power comes with a cost, as such they corrupt their recipient over time.

As you get more and more corrupted as you take advantage of these Blessings, the acts from the gods get more and more extreme and frequent, both good and bad.

More detailed

Starting anew on Ultimate is quite challenging. Enemies get bonuses and come in greater masses, while you have lowered resistances and subpar clearing capabilities. You need to compensate these shortcomings by using Blessings, which grant powerful bonuses, such as increased Damage, Health, Speed, Resistances, or Ability.

Every 35 Levels, all Blessings lose some of their power.

You can have several Blessings active at once (four from Level 1 to 49, three from Level 50 to 84, two from Level 85 and onwards), but each one increases the Corruption you gain and the Favor you lose (except the fourth one).

There are Corruption Levels, which get split into several tiers. At first, you gain a Corruption Level about every 14 minutes (or 8 with three Blessings), but the higher it goes, the slower you gain them — and the faster you lose Favor.

Corruption Tiers can go from 1 to 6. They multiply the acts from the gods and increase their frequency, and they also improve the individual acts (e.g. increase the chance for a rarer Beutekugel, but also the chance for a nemesis to appear).

You can lower Corruption by donating Beutekugeln or Iron Bits — this option only appears from Corruption Tier 4 and onwards.

You can keep track of both, Favor and Corruption, through the Faction Screen or a dialog option.

These two new mechanics also exist in Nydiamar Dungeons. The key differences are that you can now only gain Favor through completing dungeons, Corruption is now something you gain passively, and you can only have two Blessings active at a time.

Changes to Existing Content

  • (+) Added 12 new Soundtracks!
  • (+) Fixed Beutekugeln not working when the player rifts away next to a stash
    • This was due to the trigger not calling the function set onLeave when rifting away
  • (+) Added all Relic Blueprints for sale to the Special Merchant
    • Some Ruined Shrines have Relics as a requirement, so it is logical to add an option to buy them directly instead of hoping for a drop
  • (+) Reduced the Cost Adjustment of prices from the Special Merchant from 1500% to 750%
  • (+) Improved An Ice Cave (Rogue-Like Dungeon) by adding a new twist to it
    • This might have been to most boring dungeon, hopefully this change makes it more interesting
  • (+) Made the following encounters longer and more challenging
    • Strange Well — Final fight
    • Ancient Ruins — Final fight
    • Depraved Ruins — First fight to unlock the door
    • Above the Waste — Final fight
    • Ashes — Final fight
  • (–) Removed the boss from the Lorshade Mine
  • (+) Removed the notifications one receives when killing a Hero or Boss creature — Required to make room for the new notifications, or else they would be too easy to miss
  • (+) Removed the notifications one receives after gaining a new Reputation Status — Required due to the new factions, which are not supposed to have any notifications
  • (ULTIMATE) Removed the Level 100 play-through
  • (ULTIMATE) Added the Head-Start option to start with Level 10; Removed the other two options
  • (ULTIMATE) Changed Quest Rewards to reward flat levels instead of Experience Points
  • (+) Added a dialog option that lets you enable a way to keep monsters that were summoned by the Binding Stone
  • (–) Added three new One-Shot Chests to the beginning
  • (+) Replaced the Tomes (Skill & Attribute Points) with Potions
  • (+) Reduced the amount of Mutators most areas and dungeons can have active at once
  • (–) Reduced the Experience Bonus granted by the dog from 50% to 25%
  • (–) Escalation and Duunart Swamp now unlock with Level 75 instead of 50
  • (ULTIMATE) Nightmare now has a 80% chance to happen
  • (+) Fixed that one bed in Nightmare not always unlocking (hopefully)
  • (–) Fixed the Lorshade Mine Key going missing
  • (DUNGEONS) Fixed the Defense or Banner not appearing when using Defense Materials
  • (ULTIMATE) Enabled Personal Riftgate in A Dream
  • (+) Improvements to some dialog, such as Adventurous Cavern
  • (–) Improvements to some environments, such as Nehada Desert or Passage II
  • (+) The previously selected difficulty in the main menu should no longer reset on every game start
  • (CLASSIC) Reverted any changes made to Enemy Scaling
  • (CLASSIC) Normal now has a Level Limit of 65 to 70; Elite now has a Minimum Level of 45 and a Level Limit of 85; Ultimate now has a Minimum Level of 70
  • (DUNGEONS) Added a new secret where you need to bully the Training Dummy

Changes marked with (+) were applied to all versions. (–) only to Nydiamar. Overall, lots of changes, so a few mistakes might have slipped through, especially since I can’t test that many versions properly — please report anything unusual.

Constantly reusing Nydiamar to create new versions … What is this, Skyrim?

Enjoy. ~

Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!


Thank you for the update, will be starting a new Character on Ultimate, just a few questions though, would the D3 classes be more balanced for this? Iam curious about the drops as well, do D3 class specific armors drop, like +skills on random rare gears or only for normal classes? Thanks!

The classes are really polished and lots of fun, so you should give them a try. Balance is up to you, just take less or more Blessings to tune it to your liking.

Yes about the drops.

Perfect, thank you!

Good day, can we post requests to features here as well. I would like to know if it is possible to add the caravaner mod to Nydiamar as well, like what you did on your other mod please. Thanks.

This was quite easy to do, fortunately. Although I did not test every version.

All Nydiamar versions merged with New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition)

Again, credits go to tt300. Mod page can be found here: New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition)

That was quick, thank you! Will check this out.

Was able to test it and it works, thank you again.

Thank you again for this mod. Enjoying it so far. I do have a question though, is there a way to cancel a bounty? Or is it like standard GD where you cannot? I have picked up the kill undead by accident and it is taking a long time to complete. Is there any place near the beginning that have lots of undead? Thanks.

Can’t cancel them, unfortunately.

Right after the Lorshade Mine (or even “inside”), which is near the beginning, you will encounter plenty of undead to complete the bounty quickly. So just keep going.

Thank you, will go there. Thanks.

Just started up the mod and everything is running fine. I noticed the stash swap button was misaligned, and the UI doesn’t match in the stash and character screen. Furthermore, some of the tutorial tool tips show up really high and are cut off by the screen edge. Is this a known issue or something I can adjust in settings? Or did I mess up installation at some point?

Also, I cannot get my character to show correctly in GD Stash. Is this a mod that I have to tick the total conversion option before importing the database? Do I need to import both mod folders or just one? Any help is appreciated!

Regardless, I am enjoying the mod and having a blast. Great work!

It seems importing the database from the [Nydiamar] folder throws some errors. Importing the database from [NydiamarDungeons] behaves as expected. After importing the database successfully from the [NydiamarDungeons] folder, I can save the settings without issue when choosing either [Nydiamar] or [NydiamarDungeons] from the mod dropdown. From there, I can view my character as expected with either option chosen. Seems like this is working for now, and I will update if I run into anything else.

EDIT: Are you playing with the Diablo 3 classes?

Can you maybe post a screenshot for me? You can drag and drop it into a reply, so no need to host it anywhere else.

This is how it is supposed to look (with the stash mod)

You can disable them through the options menu, they won’t tell you any Nydiamar specific tips.

Nydiamar and NydiamarDungeons have almost the same structure, so it really should not matter which database you use!

Sorry, I left out some details there! I am playing the classic version with the D3 classes downloaded from Nexus.

I’ll also try to grab a screen shot of the tooltips that were cut off by the screen edge.

Everything with GD Stash seems to be working as intended with the steps taken in my prior post. I was confused why one database was more cooperative than the other, but I shouldn’t look the gift horse in the mouth…