[Mod][Open]People Are Lazy

Hi Elfe,

I’ve tried your version and it doesn’t seem to be working… neither components nor scraps were autopicking when I loaded a character into the ‘peoplearelazy’ world with this updated version.

Any suggestions? Any other information I can provide?

I tried to version and is working well, but it has a bug, I use the language in Portuguese and this makes the names of the components become red as potions and food.
With English language this bug does not occur.

Well yeah that’s due to the localization since it overrides the original name and the name is set to have the usual color since the changes that were done for auto pickup affect the item tag’s main color.

This could probably be fixed but then localizations won’t apply anymore to all components.

I managed to fix it.
I edited in my LOCALIZATION (Portuguese in the case).
In the file “community_portuguese.zip” => “tag_items.txt” just put a “^ o” (without quotes) without space in front of the names of the components.

P.S .: Sorry my bad English, I’m still learning.

The basic method of localizing MOD is translating the text extracted from MOD and copying it to your localization file. In the case of this MOD, you translate a tags_autopickups.txt and should just add it to your localization file. With this, you don’t need to change a localisation file.
See here, if you are interested in translation of MOD.

Just started using this mod and having trouble
Auto pickup seems to be working item is getting picked up but not showing in bags
any help would be appreciated


using custom game version

So only the custom game version is currently supported?

So i installed the custom version, put it into the mod folder.
I started it via the custom game menu:

My existing Chars do not appear, i have to create a new one.
I Created a new one to see if the Autopickup works - not the case.

Yes. According to the OP, the Soft and Hard versions are no longer supported starting in version of Grim Dawn.

Elfie has supplied the source files for the mod, so if you know how and if other mods provide the source files; then you can merge them and make a new mod with this mod included in it.

I can try this later to verify if this does or does not work in a Custom game.
Otherwise, anyone else have this issue?

Edit: The Grimarillion mod has this mod in it. The Grimarillion is a conglomeration of a number of mods. You might want to check it out.

I installed the mod and created a Custom Game with the mod and found that Scrap did not auto-pickup. I did create a new character.

Edit: Also components do not auto-pickup.

Edit 2: This is version HF2.

Mod has been updated to hotfix 2.

Mod + source can be found at the same link as before all other (now for clarifying reasons removed) files.


  • Applied Crate’s onPickup trigger to fix an issue were player could duplicate components on the ground unlimited times
  • Fixed an issue were certain vendors would sell strange blue yellow chess fields (special thanks to jiaco for pointing this out to me and providing some sample)

Another note regarding me not updating this mod frequently: My theory study part has begun which means that I’ll be much more busy than before and therefore probably won’t be able to keep track of versions and can not guarantee that this mod will be updated frequently when new game versions get released.

I’m getting the blue and yellow chess field for the accessories tab for Isaiah Reddan.

Can you show me a screenshot of him, tell me where the npc is and what difficulty you’re playing?

Hey Elfe,

UPDATE disregard previous post content, I am an idiot.

NOTICE to anyone else attempting to use this or other similar mods: The name of the folder you place in /mods/ is important and must match the name of the file in /database/ inside that folder, or the mod’s functions will not load properly (apparently).
Upon placing the folder with its original name in /mods/ the mod did load properly (autopicks worked) and I discovered that in my testing I neglected to notice that items you deliberately drop don’t autopick. Smart! I was also able to reproduce the blue-yellow chessfields in Isaiah Redding’s inventory.
(Elfe: if you rescue him earlier he appears as the Specialty Goods vendor in Homestead downstairs from the main vendor.)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sometimes aether crystals don’t get picked up.

I downloaded the source. (I had to turn off my virus protection to get it.) Then I built it with AssetManager, but it doesn’t work the same. Components turn up red instead of the normal orange, and while they are picked up, they don’t show up in the inventory.

It would be nice if someone wrote up a tutorial on how this mod works. Reverse engineering it seems difficult.

Thanks, I’ll look into it as soon as I get some spare time.

As for the source you probably forgot to add the assets. Go to the source tab in asset manager, there will be a folder text and scripts.

Right click all files inside them and choose auto create asset -> ok and build the mod again.

I noticed that aether crystals and shards stop getting picked up after around level 32. Scrap from chests seem to stop getting picked up too.

The merchant north of the Blood Grove, Benevald, has the blue checker bug too.

I see big RED not supported text in the OP. Is anyone still using this and does it still work ok?

Only the custom game version still works. The other versions are not supported anymore due to changes in and above builds.