[Mod] Reign of Terror - Legendary Item Notification?

Yesterday I announced legendary notification system (similar to what’s in Diablo 3).

Video: Legendary Item Notification

People have different preferences so I decided to make this poll to get better understanding of public opinion.

Final note: the minimap icon (star) can be customized so you don’t have to worry about confusing it with quest related items / monsters.

I voted no, I think the item filter system is more then enough. the other issue is, if the game gets busy, then those lights might not help with performance. unless the thing is an option? but I would rather have it not enabled.

Unless you are playing on a calculator I really doubt you would even lose 1 fps if there were 30 legendaries on the floor. The game hardly gets ‘busy’ enough to have one or two legendaries lying around distract you from combat. They are rare enough where this should hardly even be an issue.

Yeah, that is a good point. disregard what I said then, still, I don’t think I would like the lights in my game still, as I still think the filter system is more then enough.

I voted for YES. This effect adopted for D3 is very popular and I like it, too.

While I think the filter system is enough, I think it looks pretty cool so I voted yes. I always have the filter off anyways, so this ought to work just fine and look snazzy while doing it.

Exactly this. It definitely makes those epic drops feel so much better.

I think it’s fine, my only issue is that when Diablo 3 introduced this feature it was combined with a terrible itemization system where when you see these cool shafts of light emanating from an item drop you aren’t excited about the drop but dread at whether or not the stats are going to be even decent.

GD doesn’t have this nearly as much - perhaps MI’s otherwise item rolls for affixes which is good.

Can you tell, please, how do you create this effect for legendary items? Its gonna be great to apply this for the standart game.

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I also posted the source there on the 2nd page.