Mod request: 3x experience boost

Hey guys, I just want to unlock riftgates with my Merits and run around in a sort of “adventure mode” without bothering with quests or bounties. I don’t want to manage and transfer XP potions every time I make a new character or wear a Lokar Set (which largely defeats the purpose of itemization before end-game).

I’m guessing a 3x XP mod would be roughly the equivalent of playing the game with Lokar, XP potions and doing quests. These things hurt the game’s replayability immensely for me.

Would it be possible for someone out there or Crate to easily create this (easiest way would probably be to lower the XP per level table)? I would do that myself but I can’t get the modding tools to work on any of the platforms I’ve tried, including Windows VMs and native Windows.

To anyone wanting to criticize the idea: thank you in advance for your feedback but I’m just looking for a way to be able to replay Grim Dawn in a way that I’d enjoy personally. If the unmodded game is perfect for you, that’s amazing. It doesn’t hit the spot for me so I’m looking for help here in the modding subforum after trying to do it myself and hitting a brick wall with that.

EDIT I know that some mods do offer faster XP progression but all of them also do a lot more at the same time. I just want the base game with faster leveling. Thank you for reading. (16.7 KB)

3x XP in all difficulties

Veteran multiplies XP by 3.3x instead. (10% extra, same as vanilla but 3x)

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Thank you so much! I can’t offer any meaningful compensation for your time since my local currency is tanking hard during the pandemic but I would volunteer to set up a mod page on Nexus Mods if you’re not planning on doing that yourself!

I hate to impose further upon you but I’ve come across a bug that’s kinda game-breaking, which you can see in the image below. Is it possible you changed inventory/bag size or maybe used a modded version of the game as basis, which already had bigger bag size? I can’t even click the items outside the bounds so that would make item management very annoying :S

Would a fix be as simple as reverting inventory/bag size to default values?

I also haven’t managed to transfer my old stash and blueprints from the main game but that’s OK - nothing a couple playthroughs won’t solve :smiley: creating a new stash seems to work fine.

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Well I’m not sure how that got in there since I thought I used the FG gameengine file…

anyway, here is the fixed version: (17.0 KB)

Haven’t tested it yet but it should be fixed… let me know


Booted up the game for a minute and it seems to be working fine now! I’ll test more thoroughly later on. Thanks again so much, Asylum!

The hero we all need :fist:

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I’ve been a little busier than I expected so it took me a while to experiment enough to comment on the results of this - so I thought I’d come back and report on it, out of respect for Asylum’s time and in case anyone stumbles upon this thread again in the future or through a random web search. Long story short: you level up faster, yes, but so do the monsters and areas and the net result, experience-wise is that you kinda go through the game at the same pace as the vanilla experience.

So while you can get to level 10 really fast, after that you’re at a major deficit with your equipment (because drop rates/rarity aren’t adjusted) and also with devotion points, quest rewards… as you’re not clearing content as fast as you would in the normal game.

Still, pretty fun to play on its own, if more challenging - I found myself being able to rely less on equipment and skills and having to focus more on dodging, auto-attacks, constitution… the novelty of finding white items that are actual upgrades half the time is enough to make this worth a try if you’ve played thousands of hours already and want to see something a little different lol

However, it’s definitely not the faster experience I was looking for when I first wrote the thread. If someone decides to give this a new try, they’d probably need to adjust drop rates/rarity by the same 300% to keep up with experience or make the level ranges much narrower so that the experience boost doesn’t translate to fighting enemies harder than you’re geared for. I wouldn’t ask anyone to give it another go for myself personally but hey maybe some modder is bored out of their minds in quarantine right now and needs a weekend project to work on…

If you’re even reading this, thanks again Asylum for giving this a try! Thought I’d come back to this thread, even if a few weeks later, and give some feedback to the community - it’s the least I could do when you guys got my back when I asked for a favor :slight_smile: (and again, in case someone stumbles upon this for whatever reason and wonders if it’s worth the download or works as intended).