Mod request - more existing mods with "Monster Power" mob settings

There is this little known older mod called Monster Power i just picked up. I have had soo much fun playing it. I wish more mods would use similar settings for mobs. It’s on Nexus. Between the density and the aggressiveness / movement speed of mobs it has made the game pretty exciting for the first time in a while.

Just play to level 10 and you will see what i mean.

Wish list:
added drop rate, extra skill char and div points, attack/cast speed cap increase. If anyone is willing to do this i would be greatly appreciative.


I doubt you are going to get much luck trying to convince every mod maker to bundle in something they “may” not want to bundle in. You’d be better off learning how to merge such a thing into the mods you want to use yourself I imagine.

I wasn’t asking everyone to add this in, but i think people tried it they would see the appeal. I just wanted to let modders know it’s out there so maybe there might be more mods like it in the future.

Although if someone decided they also liked it and did something similar with the items on my wishlist i wouldn’t complain :wink:

Both Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries have options where you can increase the density of mobs/heroes so you might want to have a look at those. Even turning the density up just once you can run into 6-7 heroes at a time right from L1.

Thanks, i just made it myself. was easy enough.