Mod Request: XP Potions?

Would it be possible to create xp potions? Something that you could buy that increases your xp gain from kills/quests for a duration of time? Say like 25% increased xp from monster kills for 10 minutes. I love creating alts in grim dawn, but I’m getting pretty sick of the leveling process and would like something that helps pushes it along.

Well we got a few +% XP items already as well as mods including +% XP items/sets as well so it’s definitely possible I believe.

Yes it is possible. Use OneShotScroll template. It has ExperienceReward field, as well as attribute/skill/devotion points. But it is not a % bonus unfortunately. % is not possible.

Dude what.

OneShot_Scroll > Scroll Config > skillName > make it a buff > make the buff give you %XP


Or you can just use cheat engine. A lot simpler and less time consuming… for everyone

I don’t understand this. You’re tired of leveling new characters but you want to make new characters, so in order to make everything great again, you just want to level them slightly faster?

I enjoy the leveling process, it’s just in some areas I feel like it drags on quite a bit. Also with new classes being released I want to level a bit faster. I thought it would be a good idea, because modders are looking for feedback on their classes and instead of just granting 20+ levels though a cheat engine people can actually go through the leveling process still and see how the class plays out. I feel like this would be a better indication in seeing the strengths and weaknesses in a class and seeing if they struggle anywhere.

IDK, it was just a suggestion. Not a lot people have a crazy amount of time to dump in the game and they may enjoy the leveling aspect, but they just want to hit end game a little faster.

There is a buff that gives %bonus XP? Not something that I looked deep into…
Ok, just forgot how I hate editing this _itemskilltree.dbr (or whatever it is), because this stuff greatly reduces your mod compability with other mods (like Good-looking who brings the changes to this file already). Yea right, it is possible via buff. Me bad.