[MOD] Smash n Grab

Ok, that was weird, this mod does not even have gameengine in it. But I updated the playerlevels as there are 2 fields in the gdx2 version that do not seem to exist in the old dbr. Probably tons of other stuff needs updating. These 2 mods are quite different but it might be a lot to do with the inclusion of the Quickloot mod.


Many people seem to appreciate Bojack’s version as it doesn’t give more skill/devo points, just more mob density, xp and loot.

The original one leans more toward cheatmod.

Edit: Just saw your link, thanks Jiaco, i’m gonna test it.

Tested for an hour.
The mod behaves as usual, my character wasn’t corrupted.
Everything looks good so far.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the test. Any idea how to best disseminate this FG-compatible version of Bojack’s mod (S&G too for that matter)? The mega-links here in this thread are probably very well hidden for people that look to nexus instead of the forums.

These mods really need a curator that is willing to continue them. They are not really of interest to me so much, especially not the one when sneezing levels you up and you get 6 skill points for it. Once you get into FG content, you will be getting vanilla drop rates as all the new loottables still need to be modifed.

No idea.
A simple thing would be to ask hrwd to edit his 1st post to include your links and a quick description of the mod, if he doesn’t mind.

Sure, what do I need to do? What I meant is “what quick description?”.

Something like:

Smash N Grab:

[ul]Decreases the amount of XP needed per level

  • Increases drop rate on legendary and epic items
  • Significantly increases iron bits amount per difficulty
  • Gives 5 skill points per level / shrines give 3 devotion points instead of 1
  • All bag slots opened in first few quests and larger stash space

Bojack’ Smash N Grab:
A version of Smash N Grab with character skills and devotion points kept to vanilla levels.

  • Enemy levels now scale to the player throughout the entire campaign
  • Added the QuickLoot mod made by 3jiou, awesome work.
    [li]Skill points are frontloaded to the early game. You gain 5 skill points per level up to level 31, it is then lowered to 3 then 2 then 1[/li] gradually to even out the skill points to base game values.
  • [li]Xp to level decreased by ~30%, enemies scale to your level so the game is still perfectly balanced. This does give you more skill points [/li]earlier on but that’s addressed in the next point.
  • Enemy spawns increased by ~250%, this may cause some lag around a3-4 but it makes the game a bit more difficult and is more fun IMO.

Thanks hrwd.

Smash n grab 7.0
and few version with small changes of playgame!

MS - monster scale on/OFF
3x - more spawn
S or nS - Speed Buff ON/Off etc.

I don’t suppose anyone’s got an update for this one after 1.4.1? The stash is broken now and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Yes, the Stash is broken after update 1.4.1 :disappointed_relieved:

There is a sort of S+G inspired mod out there called…Ghost Grim(https://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/76?tab=description). Try that one perhaps.

In the meantime, I’ll try to organize something or gather new data. S+G is too priceless to get forgotten like that, it is the way GD should be experienced, especially for the first time.

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This needs some love if someone could revive it. A donation might be made. lol:smiley:

Which one is the latest version / version to update and is the only change needed the shared stash fix ?

Has anyone found a working solution for the latest update?

Hey guys, just came across this post here. I have fully updated ‘Smash N Grab’ in line with the expansions.

There are two versions now - one without the ‘Stasher’ mod and one with. This was due to the fact that updates were continually breaking the ‘Stasher’ part.

Also i have taken on board some of what was requested and changed the skill points to a front loaded system now with a maximum of 260 points. (a little above the intended amount in the base game). Also the devotion points total have been lowered but is still more than the base game again.

Sorry for the delay, but as some will know from Nexus i was in the process of moving to another country.

Anyway the update is there now for anybody that is interested in it still.



Where? You’ve provided no link for it.

added a link. OP wasn’t really about me advertising my mod so i didn’t feel it necessary to add a link but added an edited post now with link included.


Just somone one was using the mod and no way to check whether it was the updated one or not. Helps to have a link. Is that updated to

Just another one was using the mod and no way to check whether it was the updated one or not. Helps to have a link. Is that updated to and hotfixes 1 and 2?

Oh my good lord, haven’t been paying to GD lately, but did my activity and interest in S+G really kept it alive? I mean, it DESERVES to be kept alive and I’m all for just rebalancing skill points so they are more front loaded. As I’ve always been. Though the broken ass version like the old one would always be fun to have around. :slight_smile:

Cheers Moor! Keep up the good work!

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