[MOD] Smash n Grab

It isn’t about the mod, it’s very well known, I’d assume. I’m here to ask whether anyone’s willing to take over the update duty from moorhuis(? the dev) since he has said that he can’t do updates in the foreseeable future and the GD would lose quite a lot without it.

So, anyone willing to update it once the expansion hits? Or will I have to forego updating the game, which is counterproductive for both us and Crate. Crazy, huh? :rolleyes:

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I had this very same question. This mod is what i have been using for a very long time now and would hate to see it go un-updated after the release of FG. Hopefully someone is willing to put some time into updating it.

It is a beautiful mod, brings out the best in the game imo. The best thing? It’s modular and you can use “only loot” version(so you get better loot / more cosmetics) or “madness” version(so you go vs literal armies) if you don’t like the normal version.

If it doesn’t get updated, I won’t update the game, simple as that. I’ve much more characters to play, cool designs and fun gameplay.

a) have you checked with the mod’s creator that he’s happy to let other people fiddle around with this creation?

b) if you want the mod updated then consider learning how to do it yourself if it’s okay with the mod’s creator to do so.

c) or come to the forums and threaten not to update the base game.

HINT: c will have no effect whatsoever on anything.

And since neither the mod nor the creator even seem to be on the forum where did you find it? :confused:

I found it in Nexus mod site and i…dont know…its not that amazing :x

It used to be here, I think. It’s on mod nexus for sure though. It’s pretty much a mod to make the game easy

And fun. But to each his own, you can use only improved drops submod. I don’t exactly get off on GD’s boring early game. Or on grinding, this makes the game more fun by refocusing the game on actual combat, theorycrafting etc. The best parts of an aRPG. Or at least of GD.

I haven’t actually checked whether he’d be ok if someone else adapted it for FG. A silly mistake.

(off topic: GD should ideally start off quickly with a lot of Mastery Points etc, like S+G and later taper off and end up with the same amount of mastery / devotion points. Kinda like Bojack’s version does it. Again, GD’s early game isn’t exactly bad, it could be worse-you could get like 2 points / level, but it’s not exactly interesting or rich either)

Sounds like you’d enjoy the upcoming ability to skip pretty much straight up into Ultimate difficulty. You’ll have a harder time all round with a low level character, but level up pretty quickly.

Personally it may make the game “easier” but at the same time I feel as if it’s whats “fun” for each person that really matters. Being able to get drops that would otherwise take hours on end of grinding is personally satisfying. No disrespect what’s so ever but not everyone has 5+ hours to play a day.

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Ok, I can’t believe I am biting on this, but in reality, I am not committing to anything at the moment. Just stating the facts as I see them. Currently, there are so many really hard things that I need to be doing, that if this was a task I could flake on RL with, I would do this right now.

But step by step.

  1. Get permission and source from Moordhuis.
  2. Get FG released…
  3. Make the mod and post it somewhere.

If the source was posted here and you tell me you have permission, I would probably want to rename the mod to “Ill-gotten Boodle” or something. Besides using the Stash mod, it appears to have most of its modifications in gameengine.dbr. Should not be to hard to release an open source version 1.0 when FG hits.

Jiaco, if we can get the permission of Moordhuis I would personally appreciate you stepping up and taking on that task for the rest of us. Thank you sir. Let’s hope he’s willing too.

Is it actually safe to update?

Regardless, if he 100% stopped modding, you’d be willing to update it? If not, there is a source file available on Nexus, I know this is wrong, but I’m an opportunist, whatever can be done?

Would you be willing to do it for my personal use(and Riot’s I guess ; though I can’t vouch for him - I can for me though, I don’t share stuff around)? If so, I’d have some other questions.

Ok, I just checked Nexus myself and managed to download a source. I will try to see what all actually needs updating next chance I get. Might not be before Sunday though.

Ask away whatever other questions you have.

Ok, would you be willing to touch a few skills? And will the stash / cosmetics be preserved?

edit: No hurry, take your time and do it properly.

Thanks for taking the time to see what you can do. Let us know your thoughts. also i know there is like 3 different versions of the mod itself (increased monsters, iron bits and skill points, and just base drop rate increase. Personally i only use the base drop rate version of this mod. If you do up date it do you think you would be willing to do just the base version or maybe another as well? for those who want the other 2 versions.?

Any news jiaco?

Whenever you’re ready jiaco, moor said he’s more than fine with it. (hope I won’t lose my super duper collection of cosmetics ; hey, Warlocks look good in Red!)