Modding devotion cap

Hi, I want to be able to get as many devotion points as I want in the normal game (I want to play this character in the campaign and crucible).

I’ve never touched the game files, so reading the Modding Beginner’s Guide (can’t post links apparently) I figured out the file I need is compressed, and that I needed to uncompress the files and recompress them with the archive tool. So I found my dbr file, edited the line, and used the build button to recompress it. I completely messed up, because it overwrote my original games compressed database.arz file as well as copying all the uncompressed dbr files over. Luckily my game still works but I don’t understand what happened.

I’m a little scared to try again, can someone help a poor noob with some baby steps about how to change the devotion cap?

edit: I should note, from what I understand I need to overwrite the originals to play the normal game. I just wasn’t planning on doing that yet and had thought I was copying things.