Modding in POE elements - just throwing it out there..

So one of the things I think POE does well, is their gem system. I wonder how hard it would be to add in components to Grim Dawn that have -

Chance to Throw Back

Chance to Freeze


Or maybe create a whole new class like components but call them something else so that you can have-

Faction Dust
…and gems (for lack of a better term)

all on one piece of gear. How cool would that be?

Knockback is going to be pretty hard, but you could have knockdown on components. Same with Freeze.

Creating an entirely new item type is well beyond the scope of the mod tools.

Just playing with the idea…I can vaguely see this being possible perhaps using the augment/component system. It would be interesting to find a way if possible to increase the maximum augments/components an item can have.
It would be limited to general or global affixes though because of the ‘specific’ skill nature Grim Dawn has. For example, PoE has gems that add projectiles etc to a ranged attack; Grim Dawn would need an actual skill modified which can only be done by other means.

We have scripting access, we can probably do any ideas similar to this, including animate the new effects. However it has been all of 2 days, and we simply don’t have the skill yet with the tools. We’re trying to help each other get the various programs to load, and I’m struggling with the DBR template files for some silly reason. I’ve been helping other people organize “where to look” for making modifications, and also getting some tools loaded with data. (Short version, follow the tutorial step 1.) My issue isn’t even referenced in the tutorial, it just says how great things are when you finish. I’ll try to make some shared “hello world” examples and tutorials, I’d love some help in this regard.

You need to extract the files using asset manager. Extract them to the game’s installation directory and ignore the warning that pop up when doing that.

  1. Changing the amount of relics / augments that can be put to an item is not possible using the toolset as it’s a game mechanic.

  2. You can, using workarounds, create invisible modifiers for skills and give them lvl 1 by default but make them not change anything at that level. Than you make your “gems” and given them +x to that modifier and the modifier than will change the skill at level 2.

Pull up the item editor, you can see what’s there. You can make an armor plate of 10k armor, 100% skill reduction, +20% immunity max, +200% immunity, knockdown immunity, stun duration -100% and attach it to any belt.

Use Asset Manager to Extract to YOURMODNAME.

Here’s a bunch of stuff:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\YOURMODNAME\database\records\items\enchants
And a bunch more:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\YOURMODNAME\database\records\items\materia

I suggest you start off by playing with the existing variables, and putting in values that you like. I do warn you that my first time hex editing was Master of Magic. I turned a sword +1 into a sword +255 (with the highest findable in the game about +6), +64 move, etc. I could kill an entire army before they could move, destroy a capital opponent every round, etc. Ruined the game. Was fun for a minute, but it took me years to resume playing that excellent game.