Modding item stats to always be perfect

Is it possible to create a mod that makes all items drop with perfect stats? So, what I mean specifically is that the stat variance for all stats on all items is always at its maximum.

I’m especially interested in a tool that would allow me to easily create a mod that did that every update. Something like turning all the item files in .csv files or similar for easy editing, and then turning them back into their original format.

In theory yes, but it is a lot of effort. Basically you have to remove all variance and set the base values to what previously was the max of that variance…

What files handle that? I still want to take a look at it :slight_smile:

An alternative to modifying the item fles would be to mosify the part od the game that handled the variance to always create items with all max values. Is that part of the game in the .exe or is it in a script that we can mod?

The individual item files, so you have to change every single one, hence the lot of effort

Okay, so I’d need to create some script to mass edit all item files. What files are the ones I need to edit, and what does a gear stat with variance look like in those files?

Extract database.arz, look at the dbrs in records\items and you’ll figure out the rest… the tags are relatively self explanatory

So, I looked, but I couldn’t really figure out what was what. While I could find the stats, with gear occuring at multiple levels, and the variance seemingly not near the values in question, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Could you please give me an example in a file?

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defensiveLife,22.000000, (Vitality Resistance)

a range of 40% gives you 18 to 26%

So set the percent to 0 and the life to 26

Apply the same percentage and logic for almost any other value in the file, not e.g. defensiveProtection,1454.000000, itemLevel,94, etc, but most of the other defensive, offensive and retaliation entries

Thank you so much! That should be plenty to get me started :smile: