Modding Tools Scripting: Additional commands

Hello, everyone!

As a scripter, I feel like alot of vital functions are really missing in .lua scripts, and that heavily restricts modding capabilities.

Here are some of them. They are missing, or (atleast) are not listed in the script reference.

Give Devotion Point
Give Attribute Point
Get .dbr cell value (for example, value of ‘Spawn Effect’ cell value of the objectId)
Wait/Sleep command (classic .lua methods are not working)
Big Notify (like the one ‘Boss Killed!’ when you kill a boss) - UI.Notify is good, but not that cool.

Of course, they are alot more ones missing, but these are the first ones that came to my mind.

Crate, are you going to expand script functionality?

One more thing I am missing - ability to remove items from the ground. It will be nice to have such ability atleast in scripts.