Modifying vanilla skills - pet timers

I’m new to modding and am trying to figure out how to modify vanilla skills. From what I’ve loosely understood, I’ve been trying to use Asset Manager to pull up the DBR editor to pull up values that I would need to modify for pets, but I’m not finding anything about summon time limits.

In the DBR file for the pet under spawn config there should be a line that says “spawnObjectsTimeToLive”. You can assign a summon duration for every level of the skill. Leaving it blank makes it a permanent summon, unless it dies anyways. You can also open the file in a text editor and modify those values directly.

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I must be looking at the wrong DBR because I’m not finding that. I’m going to Grim Dawn\database\records\skills/playerclassXX/pets Could you tell me which DBR files have that?

You must be looking at the pet level files, not the summon skills. Spawn config which has pet duration, how many summoned, summon cap, etc are in the main class folder with the other skills. The pets folder, in my personal experience, typically holds the pet data for skill levels but not the summon skill.

Here is a file path example for the briarthorn:
F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass06\pets\thornedhorror_01.dbr

Levels 1-26 of the pet itself are in the /pets folder.

However the summon briarthorn skill that you activate is in the main skill folder:
F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass06\summon_briarthorn1.dbr

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You’re absolutely right, thanks for all the help.