Modular Modding System like Skyrim

Hey there,

I know that it would be crazy to request something like this for Grim Dawn because of engine limitations, so please just see it as an idea for Grim Dawn 2.

I love GD and I also love creating mods for it. Creating your own stories, quests and worlds is quite fun. However, what is not possible currently (at least as far as I know) is modifying the Main Campaign in a modular fashion without having to include all game files together with the mod. E.g. something like Skyrim’s mod system where every mod is a plugin that overwrites the game files.

Being able to extend the game (as a modder) by itself without loading screens or seperate characters (i.e. just add to the existing main world) would be more fun for modders and players alike.

If one day you start development on Grim Dawn 2 and you use a new engine (or update the current one, which I think is very likely), please keep this structure in mind so modding and playing mods becomes easier and more enjoyable, adding a lot to the longevity of the game.

Thank you for reading

Either I misunderstand what exactly you want, or the game already does what you propose. The mod only needs to include the new and changed files, not everything.

As far as I know it’s not possible to simply add or change zones in the main campaign (terrain, NPCs, quests, proxies, etc.) without including the whole game in your mod. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Never tried it, but would be surprised if you are correct.

Someone with actual experience in this around ?

What I was gathering from the OP was that he wanted to be able to activate multiple mods in a single play session… And I think this would be great.

Right now, to achieve that, you need to manually merge the several mods into a single one.

You’d need the whole map, but not the whole game. For the base game, this is only 6.667% (239MB) of the overall filesize of GD content (3.5GB).

Oh, that’s good to know. However, as Draug said, if multiple mods want to change or add something to the main game, it won’t really work like this. Also 260MB for base game + whatever the size of AoM and FG are, is not trivial.:undecided:

that is not at all what he was asking, but it would be nice to have :wink: