Mogdrogen. First Encounter

So, seeing how nightblade was such a popular class i made a Witch Hunter. I thought the Life steal would benefit me.

Currently level 75 on this save

i have 1.4k DPS i know its very low.

I focused too much on health and resistances.

I don’t die easily on Ultimate thanks to all my resistances being 80%+

HP regen is at 250 per sec more or less.

When i noticed i wasn’t taking a lot of damage i decided to try out Mogdrogen on normal non-vet

I got there, naturally i had trouble dealing high amounts of damage. So i thought i could keep hitting him since i wasn’t even flinching when he was soloing for the first few seconds

But then my oh my. What the actually fuck

The guy’s summoning rate is insane.

I mean i tested myself against Elite Fabius on this and did fairly well.

But i couldn’t even make Mogdrogen’s health bar move. I used Maxed Curse of Frailty so much to slow him down and he did. But that’s no damage taken. I admit Elite Log was a big grind cause all i had was sigil, doom bolt and SS ,and i haven’t gotten far in Ultimate (close to warden)
But this is insane.

From my encounters so far, Fabius and Iron Maiden are the biggest pain. As for Alkamos (well let’s just leave SoT out of the picture)

He doesn’t do much damage to me but i can’t seem to make his health bar move.I quit when i saw i wasn’t doing any damage to him.
Is this a bug or is he actually this tough? If he is this tough then do we have numbers on this guy?

Wasn’t he nerfed once already? Or am I mixing things with what crate said they’ll do? I’ve beaten him with a battlemage ret blocker on Veteran and if you find it hard in the start of the fight you have no clue how far you are from downing him. :slight_smile: Based on how much health he is missing he will start to do more and more damage and it’s not something like 3-4 increases in his damage, but more. At the end of the fight I was using all of the potions that give buffs to health and health regeneration and resists. Re-arranged the whole bar for that fight. I am not sure but at around 50% hp he starts to regenerate even quicker. Took me more than 2 hours to compensate for that health regen of his.
But for your case - reach level 85 and get better items. Items to your build are the key.

Hmm…yeah i guess.

I don’t want him nerfed. For Christ’s sake if they start nerfing everything it won’t be fun.

I remember that there was this Unique Quilt rat near a Waypoint in Vanilla D2. And he was a pain in the butt for low levels. Don’t remember his name, but he always spawned near the inner/outer cloister.

They took him out and the game got less challenging.

The problem with increasing dps for me is that i get constellations with %damage increase but nothing that gives actual damage.

So, where do i get that? Items or something else?