Money transfer between Town and Trading Post

One more bug - and I think this happens when I’m transferring money between town & trading post, and then trade whilst the transfer is incomplete. Basically if I buy a lot of stuff from a trader.
What happens is that FF sets town centre target balance to 0 and trading post to have all money available (i.e. sum of town + trading post balance)
This doesn’t happen always, so I’m “estimating” conditions which trigger this.
(I either keep an eye on it, e.g. if I’m still doing stuff at trading post; other times I notice when I get the flashing arrow highlighting zero money balance in town centre)

Actually it gets triggered when you load the game in.
Similarly how the fishes are not loaded in when you load a save game, the traders will go and grab all the gold from the storage and deliver it to the the trading post, like they are not recognizing the storages.

I reloaded a save over and over and the trading post workers will have an instantly queued command to collect the gold from storage. If you give them any new command, the queue will be cleared and they wont touch the gold unless told to do so.

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