Monster Infrequents and their drop rates

I know we might not be getting a patch for a while, or heck maybe ever. Tho this is a toppic i threw back and forth to some people and friends also playing the game. And i do believe certain MIs need their droprates increased.

Now which ones am I talking about here. In my opinion Monster Infrequents that are dropped only by a single named monster, should absolutely have a 100% droprate. Currently some go as low as 14%, what is the point of a (i know its called infrequent) item that has been given a name after a heroic monster that apparently does not carry that item with it in almost 1/9 cases. I am absolutely fine with a lot of infrequents beeing hard to get, especially ones that are scattered around on random monsters, since who knows you might destroy them while slaying those random monsters. But when you are in a showdown with a named monster specifically looking for that 1 item only he carries, and you do not drop it 9 times in a row? For people knowing the game rather well, its a slight frustration. But for new players, or people who don’t play trough the game a lot of times, that could turn into never knowing that the item exists. Even when playing trough all difficulties.

Thust i propose, or wish, that all named monster infrequents should be 100% drop rate. It is a thing with nemesis monsters, why not with these heroes that apparently carry enough power that they have had a name that we should remember.

In hindsight, to prevent confusion. I am talking only about the green MIs, not the legendary ones, those should be rare, and they should be an achievement to get. However items that have to not only drop, but then also have to roll decently, should not be that rare. And i do realize people might jest with monster commons, we already have monster commons frop Nemesis monsters.

But we would then have to change their names to Monster Certainties
which shortens to MC and this shortcut is reserved for the Main Campaign.
This would bring a lot of confusion. I’m farming MC

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I don’t farm. I only kill bosses once per difficulty. Therefore I surely never saw many MIs. Guess what? I make do with whatever I find. And if I don’t see all MIs in one playthrough - all the better! Leaves something to be discovered in the next.

Ah that is the best thing about my proposal. Many of those named monster carry more than just their named infrequent. So even if we would buff the rate to the point where we would guarantee an “infrequent” item from them, they might have 2 so 50% for one 50% for the other. And since we all know that the game is running on a desire sensor actively not dropping the items you want. They would be just as infrequent to anyone actually farming them.

Thus this would only be a buff for people casually playing trough the game (might have slight positive outcomes for people like me as well who might have spent a few thousand hours on the game)

Igorr medals have 100% chance to drop his medal, and then 50-50 depending on which kind

Ok good for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fine with common mobs drop rate, just a little unpleasant with boss green MI drop rate (eg Log/Theodin, Sunherald…) whats the point of 10-25 mins rushing to boss with no drop, pls make it 100% guarantee, because we still need to spend a lot of time to find a right affix one, not even a fabulous double rares.


My practice in GD and similar games shows that you most likely will not get desired item by target farming (with some exceptions, of course). I farmed Darkvale for gods know how long, and still ain’t got Zaria’s Pendant and Bloodsworn Repeater with affixes that would suffice. But got Houndmaster’s Bloodsworn Codex of Caged Souls in Blood Grove by accident.

Although I do agree that some bosses could use a slightly higher drop chance of their MI. Gollus for one.

Tell me another way to get Zaria amulet then?
Bloodsword repeater you can shop farm in BoC :slight_smile:

I meant the affixes. A lot of great MIs I got were from SR. Or the ones that I got “casually” with no intent of getting them. Like, for example, RagNadar’s rifle, while doing shrine of Mogdrogen quest. He dropped me his rifle with Demonic/of the Cabal affixes. And I would really appreciate if it was Bloodsworn Repeater instead.

yes crucibal and SR are very nice for getting mixed loot :slight_smile: however some MI can not drop there but only in main campaign game on certain boss

Yeah, that’s why I got a lot of terribly rolled Kaisan amulets. Although I admit that getting a great MI after hundreds of runs is very satisfying. Makes you feel content… for a short while =)

Oh yea, I also suggested this change because right now it seems to me that SR is a better way to obtain some of the MIs which by all right should be target farmable. I wish the droprates would be buffed for the named MIs making 3 categories for MI items.

1st category would be low % drop rate ones. This would be your monster MIs. The items who drop from monsters that spawn in larger quantities. Your ascendant hoods, Mutant Bludgeons, Yeti Horns etc. I dont think those need much of a change.

2nd category would be the now improved named MIs, if a boss has a MI with his name on it, it should have the drop rates adjusted so he would always drop one. In the case of zarthuzelan for example, always dropping one MI with the same odds of getting either of the versions. These would still have the same rarity rules applied as the ones from the 1st category.

3rd and last category, its the current nemesis MI rules. Where you are already guaranteed the MI drop, but they also always roll with a rare affix. I don’t think the second category rares need to be buffed to that extent, but at least having them drop with the same frequency would be a nice change of pace.

Btw, some rare affixes could use some minor buffs, eg: of Magestorm (some physique bonus), Maniacal (lack of res), Voidfire (proc mediocre), Menhirwall, Reptillan Resilence…

Some monsters are pretty darn rare, so it can be a great pain to farm some MIs. 100% drop chance would be going way too far. I always wanted the hero density/chance to be increased in the MC, for more interesting gameplay, but that indirectly helps as they typically have higher MI chances. Maybe hero could also have a bit higher drop chance for their greater difficulty.

The ones that suck most to farm are those where the boss doesn’t have 100% spawn rate, and even if it spawns the item has not 100% drop rate, and even when the item drops it’s not always the lvl 94 version.

Good Loxmere daggers are an absolute pain to farm for that reason, and on top of it daggers have tons of afixes so getting something useful is even worse, can’t count how many useless “soldier, shaman” or similar I’ve gotten.

So I think that for unique enemies that don’t always spawn, at least their MI should be a 100% drop rate when they do spawn.