Monster Infrequents too rare

Last night I began the hunt for an incendiary casque, which was a required component of a legendary helm I wanted to craft. After 8 full runs of the entire arkovian area (including cronley’s hideout), I gave up. In these 8 runs, I only found one rare MI (a single affix rare incendiary shoulder armor). I did find about 3 legendary items though, which made me wonder about the purpose of MI items. If it takes this much effort to simply find a single MI regardless of affix, how much time would it take to actually find a worthwhile MI? The act of farming for MI’s will usually provide the player with an item which is better than the MI that the player was farming for in the first place, which defeats the purpose of MI’s even existing.

In order to compensate for this, base MI’s should be made much more frequent, especially since it will still require amazing luck to find an MI with good affixes. Some MI’s are easy to find (fleshwarped rifles and bloodsworn tomes), whereas I didn’t even know that others existed after reaching level 85 with 3 characters (incendiary casque and ascended casque). I think that the droprate of these (and other) rare MI’s should be increased

I totally agree. MIs role in crafting is just annoying, not fun at all. It would be nice at the very least if MIs had some sort of indicator so I didn’t have to keep a long list of things to watch for.

I was looking for a Fleshwarped Casque last night… found lots of fleshwarped shoulder armor, rifles and shields but no casques.

The outlaw MIs have always been too low, this does not surprise me in the least… :eek:

They’re not something you can realistically plan on using in a build unless you spend hundreds of hours farming specifically for them, or are the .1% that is lucky enough to have a decent one drop.

Enemies should have 100% chance to drop at least one of their MIs.

Way too high, maybe 20% or so

I’m talking about the base item, could be common/magical/rare. Not 100% rare.

I think that’s the problem that I was hinting at in my original post. Now that I think about it, I have only ever once found an MI worth using in my 400+ hours… an “Occultist’s Gazer eye of the Oracle”; this item was worth using for a bit but still eclipsed by legendaries. If finding MI’s for crafting is hard, finding one for practical use in a build requires sheer dumb luck and clinically insane persistence.

Buffing the base values of MI’s was a fantastic change that happened a few patches ago. Despite this, unless their droprate is significantly increased, the buffs serve little purpose since a player will find good rares, epics, and legendaries far before they’ll find a decent MI.

ok, was thinking you talk about the rare version, which would leave affixes

If it can be either the common or rare version, that probably is ok, at least with mobs that have 3 or for specific items (if there is only one, 100% chance still is too high imo). Then it should be like an 80/20 split between common and rare :wink:

meanwhile, ironically…

too bad they’re level 40ish

That chest is especially nice if you consider those are both common affixes!