Monsters with regeneration skills recover too much - V1.2.0.1

For a classless build, regen auras can be removed with Cleansing Waters. Mobs receiving frequent % healing can be dealt with individually using Brawler’s Distinction.

Yeh nvm xD im hiting a brick wall now lol

at the temple of the three, trying to do a totem alot of mobs spawned, i was only able to kill the adds after i got the regen one stuck on a diferent room xD, but i cant kill him, he is out healing my hits so quickly… and he energy drains me too :stuck_out_tongue:

ah well guess i will just leave him stuck there :stuck_out_tongue: sadly no totem loot MEH!!

Killing the sentinel after and even tho he was higher level was super easy and quite fast despite my crappy dps with my tanky build. so it does feel to me that some of thouse regen mobs are idd way too op / unbalanced…

tho i notice now, that my life leech ressist is negative and that might b why some of this mobs heal so much !?

some mobs doesn’t just have regen but also direct heals, and yes, also lifesteal (tho in most cases most enemies lifesteal attack are kinda negligible since they deal low dmg compared to hp, which is also why you never see builds worried about lifesteal resist)

Yeh idd i never really worryed about it until now xD and dont have how to check, i just wondering how much it would help atm, and dont got any decent gear with it…

Either way i dont think it would help much since i was barely taking damage and/or sustaining pretty well… i done a couple high hits 40k+ in total sequence and the mob insta healed it in a few mili secs, i think its quite visible in the picture if you look my damage and is hp :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my damage normaly higher so feels like this dude had way more fire ressistance too, and that ddnt help :frowning:

8 fire res :sweat_smile: Pazaguun ~ Regenerator - Grim Dawn Monster Database

it’s possible maybe you’re just on a very low dps build? :woozy_face:

yeh quite tanky low dps warlord build but normaly hits go bit higher and more crits and on that dude seems about 2-4k less on most hits and defenely alot less crits… also most my damage is retaliation damage, so my damage is prolly lower vs casters yeh.!? since they dont hit me as often with physical / melee

regular retal only applies to melee attacks
so you need rata/“retaliation added to attack” skills/effects to deal with casters or ranged enemies

suposed as much, i only hit 100 not too long ago and still clearing story on ultimate, not even wearing a set or anything just some decent random gears i found along the way or had in bank from other older chars i deleted.

i do have some retal haded to damage anyways both in the skills/devotions and some on gear even but i guess theres still alot of improvement i can make in terms of dps /survival balance and i what i want this char to be… More of a tank then dps, to play with my friend, that is going more full on dps…

so yeh im not even sure what set to go for since i havent played this game in a long time xD

and again another brick wall… i know my dps is lower then normal but stilll…

Im stuck in this chamber of souls… mobs keep spawning and theres 1 regen dude… i can one or two shot almost every mob in the room so long the regen one is not close to them, but as soon as he gets near i cant kill anyone and even tho i hit him for 40k+ damage he insta heals everything arround him in a mili sec… this is not fun at all, and its gona take me a whille tto get out of this room xD

10 minutes later, and with very sweaty hands…

Finaly able to kill most mobs after i spread them and kept them a bit more far from the mob now only him left… tho i toke is hp down 2 times already to 50%, i cant take is hp lower then that, its like he heals more after hiting that 50% hp and/or i get tired of spamming my skills and he heals back to 100% in no time…

So yeh waste of time, just gona alt f4, come back and avoid this room. move past it so i can complete my quest… i just think a mob healing more then 32k ( that hit on screen ) in less then a mili second is just silly… he actualy healing way more cause thats just a tiny number of many im doing per second too… again i know my damage is lower the a normal dps class but still i find it silly they healing so much… and on top on that in this area all mobs get 600%of theyre attack as leeching… ouch xD

ah well…
quest done, move on :wink:

oh, got couple decent upgrades and while i was upgrading them i noticed i could craft

so after some pimping up i went back and i got the regen dude down quite easy :wink:

UwU, that healt regen denial is superb!!

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