Monsters with regeneration skills recover too much - V1.2.0.1

Monsters with regeneration skills recover too much.
On Elite difficulty, a level 70 hero seems to be recovering around 9000 health per second.
This is a reference video

you sure the dps issue isn’t because you’re running classless ? :no_mouth:


Although it is classless, I can defeat other monsters relatively quickly.
I think that recovering about 9000 per second is too large compared to before.

9k dps is not, should not, be a problem for non classless, up to the devs to decide,
but imo it’s unrelated/no issue/“we should not start balancing enemies based on class less” :sweat_smile:


This is another example of a battle scene.
Elite ACT3 Level 67

It doesn’t take much time to defeat monsters of the appropriate level, including heroes.
However, when there is a hero with the health regeneration skill, the health of surrounding monsters will recover at a tremendous rate.

as intended?
which would be a non issue or much lesser issue for a normal char that didnt’ go classless?

U know… u could always just ignore regen mobs and move on… :sweat_smile:

And I agree with Gnuffi here, that asking for things to be balanced around a self-imposed classless challenge is complete nonsense.

Sometimes I wonder what people are going to ask for next…
Be able to kill celestials naked with bare fists…?! :roll_eyes:

Before 1.2, it was possible to clear up to ACT 1 on Ultimate difficulty with various classless builds, and even hero monsters it didn’t take long. Additionally, Celestial and Nemesis regenerated around 2000-3000 health per second on Ultimate difficulty.

Even if it’s not classless, I think a heroic monster on Elite difficulty that heals 9000 health per second is too much.
As you said, I’ll leave it up to the developer’s discretion.

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On Classless and Ultimate difficulty, there is a hidden quest to talk to Indara in ACT7.
Even though it is a challenging and difficult quest, I think it is important to set the difficulty level so that you can complete it.

And until you clear that quest, there are several scenes where you have to defeat heroes with regeneration skills. For example, the first trial of ACT7.

enemies was buffed in the patch/hero abilities enhanced to be more impactful, this has then been largely able to be handled with regular non-classless builds, tho a few bad combos def has drawn notice/posts,
but could suggest the issue is indeed more for classless, thus perhaps not something the game needs balancing concerns about considering it’s extremely optional self challenge?


Thank you for your comment.
I understand that the abilities of hero monsters have been strengthened this time.
Let’s put aside the question of whether it is classless or not.

In Elite difficulty ACT 3, where the maximum health of small fry monsters is around 7000, is it appropriate to have the ability to spread around 9000 health regeneration per second to the surroundings?
Multiple hero monsters may appear at the same time.

I’m not saying that health regen should be reduced on all difficulties.
I don’t think it would be a problem to have the ability to regenerate health highly at the end of Ultimate difficulty or at high SR levels.

Would it be a big problem for you if the health regeneration skills of heroes on Normal and Elite difficulty regenerated less than they do now?
For most veteran players, they should only be a stepping stone.

On the other hand, for beginners who are not familiar with building and fighting methods, it may be fatal if this hero’s health regeneration amount is within the appropriate range or not.
I usually play Classless, which has a low performance limit, so I can notice changes in difficulty more sensitively than others.

This time, the change was so large that I reported it because I thought that the amount of recovery may have increased beyond the scope intended by the developer.

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personally i would prefer main campaign not get nerfed, least so because classless ( i know you said to leave it out but it is a factor here)
personally been of the opinion MC should been harder for a while so was happy about 1.2 changing some of that

there in lies the problem; a normal char should easily have enough dmg or dps to cancel out that regen.
either by 1shotting those small fry or 2 tapping them/basic out dps.
^this is why i keep using classless as a mention because for a normal char/most normal builds it should not be that big a hindrance

very true, but, for me, it would present a 2 fold moment, they can either ignore the hero and run past, or use it reassess their character to consider their dmg approach: as has been in the past with other similar theme enemies at the times (Milton, Aldric council etc).

totally understand that, is also why i said it’s up to devs, i personally feel like, even if it was a bug report, it still felt in the reasonable balancing category consideration
And as mentioned earlier, personally would dislike Campaign getting reduced much back again, since it overall (to me) seems much better for regular chars now, so classless def feels like the bigger factor
*i also did mention others had mentioned other regenerator instances, so it’s not like you’re totally alone, but also in those cases i thought there might be other things in play, like double healer spawn etc.

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Thank you for reading.
I understand your thinking.

However, I still think that the ability of this health regeneration skill is too high. This is because it is always activated, has a wide range of effects, has moderate toughness, and has crowd control resistance.

Even if they are not classless, if multiple strong enemies or other heal skills appear at the same time, the only way to deal with them is to ignore them.
At least if it had weaknesses such as crowd control, I could deal with it…

To avoid such situations, recent updates should have lowered the enemy’s ability to heal.

In any case, I think it’s up to the developer to decide.
I feel that the current amount of health regeneration is not appropriate, so if the developers decide it’s better to leave things as they are, I become disappointed with the decision.

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Of course I just made my own post on this after searching and finding nothing…

“Regenerative” hero mobs are unkillable for me, and I’m melting bosses on Elite with that character. It’s not a player damage issue, the mobs were just severely out-healing everything.

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And I personally think the regenerator heroes heal too little. The hero has to cause regeneration effects as it literally is a “Regenerator”, and that is going to be based around the DPS of a normal player with 2 masteries chosen, not one that refused to pick even a single class.

There are some opinions saying, “Are we trying to adjust our standards to classless?”
If that’s the case, I think it’s also extreme to ``match all standards to a build that has been created with a good understanding of the game.‘’

Also, if you say, "If you can’t defeat the regenerated hero, just skip it.‘’ the logic also holds true: "If Elite is too easy, just skip it and go to Ultimate. There’s a way to do that, too.‘’

However, I do not want to take such an extreme view and say which is better or worse.

The balance should be adjusted so that both veteran players and beginners can enjoy it. It may be difficult, but I don’t think it’s impossible either.

For veteran players, I think the normal and elite difficulties are just a passing point. They have highly difficult content available.
If you’re not satisfied with the difficulty of the campaign, you can adjust it yourself by restricting equipment and skills.

In 1.2, not only the hero’s regeneration skill ability but also various enemy abilities have been enhanced.

Although there are differences in degree, I do not feel that these are extremely large, and I think that they are within the range that can be dealt with.

However, I felt that the hero’s regeneration skill ability has been strengthened far too much compared to what has been done in the past. Maybe it’s a configuration error or something? That’s what I thought and posted it here.

I hope that developers will make fair and wise decisions without falling into simple dualism.

Being able to deal more than ~15k dps to kill a regenerator hero at max level does not need a good understanding of the game whatsoever. That dps standard is pretty low even for an untwinked noob.


Lvl 80 Ulti, Warder total Ultos set, with about 103K dps, and regen beasts near Asterkarn, i cant make any dps (i kiiled before all other monsters) cos regen.
two times already in this aera.

It would be great if you share your build with us

I been playing a warlord tanky build lately, im lvl100 now and playing on ultimate, and for me the most annoying mobs to kill are idd the regen ones. They heal them selfs and other mobs alot and since im more tanky then dps and i think they hit me less then other regular mobs, i do way less retaliation damage, I need to spamm my keys way more to kill them and keep stunning and interrupting them, but still can takes ages to get them down, compared to other boss’s in the game. It feels like you need to energy drain them or something.

I havent played a full dps class on ultimate yet since patch so cant really comment but on my glass canon in elite they been no trouble so far and die quite quickly most the time.

Small edit just to say that now that i got a bit better gear and dps that dont relly just on retaliation… they are much easier to kill on my tanky warlord, so in a way this mobs are good gear/build check. This in open world questing… will have to keep playing and check later in higher lvl content. but so far soo good :wink: