More basic component conversions, please?

I was wondering if we could add a conversion recipe for Serrated Spike to Chipped Claw, & vise versa (just like the Scavenged Plating & Bristly Fur). I’ve found there’s a LOT of recipes that require Serrated Spike (a lot more than Chipped Claw, at least for the Relic(s) I’m crafting), & since both are basic components found on beast enemies, I thought this would be a half decent basic smith trade.

Anyone else feel this would be a good quality of life improvement, while not being super broken or unbalanced?

If anyone could think of similar conversions, (like chipped claw & serrated spike, maybe roiling blood & mutagenic ichor, etc.), be sure to add on.

Cannot think of anything off-hand, but it makes sense to me that if something can be convered in one way that that conversion should be applicable in a similar way to the other components, save where there is a good reason for keeping one or other of the other components rare or something that you have to search for (as opposed to simply crafting).