More Characters Customization

Hello folks!
Are you planning to make some sort of character customization for Grim Dawn? I know that Grim Dawn is all about killing things mostly but it will be even more interesting if I can change my character’s appearence like I could do it in Bloodborne. For instance, I wanted to play as a strong burly black women warlord or I had an idea of playing as a more namby-pamby male character not a classical “strong Conan-like man”. Or maybe even make a possibility to make a character without a gender. Some sort of a genderless characters.
Please, don’t get me wrong. It is not a reproach of some sort. I am just curious and in my humble opinion it will make this rad game even more great.

The development of the game is done for the forseeable future so no, that isn’t likely. Also been suggested a few times over the years, but Crate haven’t added anything like that.


it’s possible there might be something you can pick up to learn in the mod section if you want/can alter your char model
just be careful about your char size or you might not squeeze through doors :joy:

We had already this feature in the past!

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