More Detailed Statistics in Grim Dawn

Guys! Please make more detailed statistics in your great game. In my opinion it desperately needs it. What I mean:

  1. counter of secrets in each area so that you know exactly if you explored everything in the area. It was so disappointing to always guess if you found everything or not. Really dislike guessing game and it is so discouraging to not know if you found everything or not. Imo in Victor Vran they did it properly by telling your right away as to how many secrets area have and how many of them you found,

  2. explanations of character’s death reasons (type of damage and foe which killed your character). Last Epoch did it as far as I know and it is very good and allow you to more thoroughly plan your hardcore playthroughs,

  3. more detailed explanations of the damage you do. It is so confusing with all of this damage conversions and stuff like that.

And thank you for you great game folks!

I advise you to continue playing and learn about the mechanics of GD

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