More errors (0.8.2b)

1.- An icon on a Forragers collect, indicated that a person is missing, however when I want to assign it in the professions/occupations box there is none missing (I made a screenshot) .

How to redo the error, I don’t know, but I was building at that time 2 new Forragers in another place.

2.- Trading Post, the icon of the new trader does not match the one who is really visiting the TP? After leaving a merchant icon remains on the TP and there is none.

3.- When moving or relocating a barracks the soldiers lose all the weapons and clothes, the same happens with the defenses (Towers).

Problems like 2, with Trader indicators where there are no traders, have been around for a while, but I thought they said they had fixed it with the last update. Apparently not completely.
3 is the way it has always been, as far as I know. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and appears to be designed mainly to keep you producing weapons and armor even after building 30 Towers, 10 Barracks, and filling all of them with completely equipped soldiers.
Incidentally, Hunter’s Cabins work the same way: move one, and you have to re-equup the hunter with bows and arrows.

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