More keybinds, pretty pleeease!

So, title sorta says it all. We seriously need more keybinds, my current build ran out of binds even pre-85. Not asking for 70 binds like you might use in MMORPGs, but give it’d be sick if we could get the option of a modifier key so we could at leat double the current amount of binds.

Unfortunately, bar switching just doesn’t do it for anything else than keeping buffs on. It’s far too slow if you run a spammy build to worry about being on the wrong action bar.

I agree. There are some builds which definetely need more keybins.
Summoner is one of them, for example. Especially in HC.

regards Arkon

Ps. and off topic: legendary helmet blueprints is a bad idea. How does that fit into the story-line? Was there a little Leprechaun who collected all the legendary helmet and through into the Lava of Mount Doom (ah, sorry, other story-line)?

What summoner build uses more than 12 keybinds, I’m curious?

You can free up 9 and 0 because energy pots and health pots are preset to ‘e’ and ‘r’ respectively.

If you know how to run macros then it’s very easy to set up 10 extra, reliable keybinds for the hotbar.

Simply choose your 10 other keys and assign each one a basic 3 step macro of:-

  1. Press and release Y (switches to 2nd hotbar)
  2. Press and release 1-0 (activates selected skill off 2nd hotbar)
  3. Press and release Y (switches back to 1st hotbar)

Enjoy :smiley: