More loading screens


This ain’t an important issue, nor will it drastically change the game (if at all), but whatever.

The occultist from the original game’s loading screen was good. The aether lady from the expansion is as good. What “pains” me is that we only get to see the same single screen all the time. And between every character/rift/etc, we actually get to see that picture quite often :).

Could it be possible to randomize the screen we get while loading ? You could also add to the list all the artworks you did with the classes (demo, arcanist, etc). They look nice as well, shame we only see them in the skill menu.

You have some amazing artworks, Crate, don’t be shy to show them off !

Good evening.

I completely agree with this. All the Art work for the Classes that were done should be added to the loading screens and perhaps Concept art of the different regions in the game.

Been asked for several times and as usual comes down to where it’s best for Crate to use their resources - providing rotating loading screens or giving us more gameplay content. Much as I’d like to see different screens I’d prefer them to do the latter.

And all the mastery screens are available as wallpaper in the media section if you have a favourite you’d like to see more often.