More Noob questions: Blades of Nadaan

Hi all, beginning (lvl 30) Blademaster here. I’ll soon have access to the Blades of Nadaan constellation, and am wondering if it’s worth it. In particular, I have some questions regarding the mechanics which I do not understand completely.

  1. How does the “requires a sword” interact with Dual Wielding? Is a sword in one of the hands sufficient to get all benefits, or do you need two?

  2. What exactly does “Increases Armor Piercing by 100%” mean? Do you need a weapon which already has Armor Piercing, which is then doubled? Or does it immediately put you up to an Armor Piercing of 100%?

  1. You just need one sword equipped to gain the benefits of blades of nadaan. The other weapon can be whatever you want.

  2. It doubles the armor piercing value of the weapon.

Thanks much, good to know.

If you have Blades of Nadaan, +500% physical dmg and +500% pierce dmg, and you’re using dermapteran claws (base 55% piercing), let’s say with a base dmg of 100. How much dmg do you actually do?

It’s one of those devotions that will almost double your DPS. You won’t regret it.