more options for devotion spells

i would love to use Flame Torrent in combination with Olexra’s Flash Freeze. which would make a lot of sense since they are both surrounding spells.

i would like to have more spell combinations in general as such. any chance you could improve on that ?

+1 for this.

It makes no sense to me why some attacks can have devotions linked to them while others can’t. It just makes some skills better than others. I have even avoide some skills because of this reason.

Besides Olexra’s FF which skills can’t have devotions anymore?

And there is a very good reason not to let Olexra’s have a proc - bosses are 100% immune, which would cause complaints if it was “wasting” a proc…but making bosses be affected by Olexra’s would be ridiculous OP…hence allowing devotion procs there likely more trouble than it is worth

Everything is possible to be balanced. I don’t get why devs include cool skills and make them not working on bosses. Shorten the amount of time that the skill is affecting the boss, reduce the damage or something like this. But I don’t like the it that bosses immune to certain skills. It is a waste of a skill.

I did come to that conclusion after writting this post. but right now i’m short on spells and even if it procs 25% of the time. that would mean once every 24 seconds. it’s fine with me. otherwise i just leave the spell i spent points on hanging. it’s more about liberty of choice than making restrictions that make sense.

i was led to believe that Olexra’s resistance reduction still worked on bosses. but to have 100% damage and 100% freeze reduction, i have to admit it sucks. but i’m really in it for the resistance redux

I’m fairly sure the resistance reduction is only active while the enemy is frozen, which would make it just as ineffective against bosses as the rest of the skill.

Use some freeze resistance reduction guys.

…That’s a thing? Where can you get it from? I don’t recall ever seeing it…do things like blessed steel that just reduce resists in general work for that?

I think Blessed Steel only reduces damage resistances, not CC resistances. Don’t quote me on that!

The cold caster dagger “Shard of Asterkarn” grants an aura that reduces your enemies’ freeze resistance. :wink:

Thats literally the only thing that grants freeze resist reduction, and while its good, even with it bosses will break out of OFF in less than half a second easily enough if they DON’T have 500% freeze resistance, which if they do nothing will make them freeze, period.

Although my “100%” CDR spellbreaker build (More like 50%+ Nidallas) is quite fun, and the CC spam can actually stagger lock a lot of bosses to the point of really screwing up their DPS. Clears just about everything without an issue, short of getting really unlucky with a Chaos 1 shot that my Mirror was down for (My Chaos resistance sucks, having a hard time finding stuff to short it up as not getting any resistance items for Chaos at all), but even with that I often can kill everything before I take a smidge of damage due to OFF crowd lock + 21/26 Shadow Strike and super high CDR lets me just fly around like a bat out of hell, with my Shadow Strike often resetting it’s CD before it even reaches the target. Can run through most dungeons in about 1-2 minutes, despite having only +10% move speed tops.