More piercing damage on (cross)bows

Surely from a logical point of view damage caused by bows and crossbows (which shoots arrows and bolts) should be mostly pierce damage? Yet, pierce % is still low on most ranged weapons.

Some ranged weapons even have the ability to “pass through enemies”. To me that sounds like piercing the enemies, yet the damage is still more physical than piercing…

A skill like Fighting Form when used with range also increase the chance of “pass through enemies”. How about Deadly Momentum also increasing the % of weapon pierce damage or adding physical converted to pierce. By 12/12 I can have 100% change to pass through enemies and 100% pierce damage

A very valid point in my opinion. Most of damage dealt with crossbows should be piercing.

Let’s hope that the xpac will probably have a new item or a constellation that increases armor piercing for ranged weapons (pretty much like Blades of Nadaan for swords).

Yep, and also.

More piercing damage…:slight_smile:

%piercing component for 2H would be nice. Aslo, more %RR options for pierce >_>

…and a 2h MI pierce/phys sword…and a legendary one should really exist

A 2H legendary sword (or even just MI) with 50% base armor piercing so that we can have 100% armor piercing either through Blessed Whetstone or Blades of Nadaan is something i want the most from the expansion.

Mainly to try 100% pierce Forcewave Blademaster.

empowered piercing aura is huge for any pierce build, but for 2H you can only equip one(or none if you are forced to use whetstone for pierce conversion) while DW gets to stack up to 2 of them…

in terms of %RR, its about the same as physical atm. Both use assassin mark, while pierce builds use veil of shadow instead of break morale. options available for both are on the low side compared to other elements. however it seems that pierce resistance in enemies is much higher/prevalent than physical resistance. so pierce builds deserve more %RR options on par with the amount other elements get.

best green 2H sword is the lvl58 25% armor piercing Assault Greatsword. you have to pray 1 with a high roll lvl68 Sinister prefix drop or you can forget about doing a decent pierce build, and even then its no better than a regular physical build since the conversion is very high but not 100% even with swords of nadaan and you are forced to use a weak lvl weapon. (next alternative is lvl68 but has worst 22% armor piercing). So you have a really rare drop and go through conversion hoops, just to do worst than a average joe physical build. WOW

since in short…yeah 2H melee pierce needs a boost in itemization and passives