More Skillpoint and caracter point on other mods

Hey everyone, My name is IHaiKo and i’m new here. I’m still learning english so be gentle with me about my writing haha.

Yesterday i was looking to play dom ( dawn of mastery ) but with more skillpoint per level and caracter point. I try to look if anyone did that before but haven’t find yet. So after a long time looking for it, i decide to do it myself.

I learn everything i could on this forum and i thank all the people who has done all the tutorials about modding. Thank to them now i can create dom with more skillpoint and caracter point.

So my question is if anyone is interest on how i manage to do it and if so why not explain how i made it ?

It can help other people to do it in other mods if they want. Maybe share my version of dom with more skillpoint and caracter point if i’m allowed to do it.

PS: i’m still learning how modding work so i’m not a expert.

Look up Lightweight Mod for speeding up the leveling process. He has a version for DOM. Might try that.